2 times the FUN! A Randomacy ~ 7.9: Ending Things

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Better late than never!

Back in November 2014, Tanu and I decided to do the Random Legacy Challenge TOGETHER! That means we take the SAME Founders, place them in the SAME world and see what happens in our respective games. Sound fun, right?! It is!!!

EDIT: Sometime in February, 2016
Due to a number of game-related computer issues **crash! glitches! try to save! move family to another town & recover some of the lost game! more crashing! more glitches! game save becomes corrupted and unplayable!** tanubanue ended her portion of the co-play. :'(

What is a Random Legacy? Glad you asked.
Please go to Random Legacy Challenge and check it out!

After MUCH discussion (in a short amount of time!)...
We decided to play in Riverview.

Time to EDIT TOWN!
Game lots we are using - placed either automatically by the game or by us:
Aleister's Elixirs and Sundries (250 Cotton Branch Drive)
Barney's Salon and Tattoo (225 Cotton Branch Drive)
Community Fire Department (1060 Dogwood Lane)
Flying V's Coffeehouse (15 Hidden Grove Lane)
Grady's Junkstop (275 Cotton Branch Drive)
Landgraab Sell n' Swap (303 Cypress Lane)
Performance Park (10 Hidden Grove Lane)
Varg's Tavern (across the street from 45 Hidden Grove Lane), added a 40x40 lot via World Editor

Store venues we are using:
Business as Usual Bistro (1047 Dogwood Lane)
Deliciously Indulgent Bakery (1067 Dogwood Lane)
The Century Manor Then - the pretty one! (added a 40x40 lot via World Editor on Bounty Drive; next to lot containing Wonderland Amusement Park)

Exchange lots:
Please refer to Links for a listing and more information on each lot.

Tanu sent over (via email) a couple of Sims, Nichol Reiley and Zachary Snyder. Please peek at the Family Tree for pictures of these BEAUTIFUL Sims!!!

We are going to do our best to follow the rules/guidelines but want this to be a really fun adventure for both of us so if in doubt about any rule or something that comes up DURING game-play, we will discuss and make a "judgement call" together.

Founders found, check.
World decided upon, check.
Lots added, check.
Selected the starter house, check. We chose Tish Cottage at 27 Lost Willow Road.
Rolls for Founders (Generation 1) done, check.
Time to get going!
A little bit of play occurred and we would text or email stuff we just HAD to share :)

**brakes applied and tires slightly squeal in protest**
We then had to take a wee break due to co-hosting the Homemade Holiday Gift Exchange as well as enjoying the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

Now we are back playing/enjoying this co-adventure and think it is time to share some of it with all of you!
Please read and enjoy (hopefully!) :D
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    Please look at the previous post if you're interested in knowing how this ball of sheer FUN got started!

    Tanu's Welcome Message

    Addy's Game:
    Family Tree

    Founders (Generation 1)
    Rules & Guidelines
    The Wedding Album ~ Zach and Nichol
    MORE Memories
    And EVEN MORE Memories
    Measure Your Success

    Generation 2
    Rules & Guidelines
    The Wedding Album ~ Kayla and Jeremey
    The Birth of Reiley & Kayla Makes an Announcement
    Reiley's Birthday & Kayla Attends a Party
    Snowflake Day, part I
    Snowflake Day, part II
    Nichol Gets the Opportunity of a Lifetime!
    Shang Simla, Day ONE
    Shang Simla, Day TWO
    Shang Simla, Day THREE
    Rosie's Birthday & Bobby, too!
    Promotion Day & Nichol's Birthday, too!
    Zombies! LTWs! and Birthdays! Oh, My!!!
    Reiley's 1st Day of School
    We LOVE Love Day and Birthdays, too!
    Leisure Day & Summer Love
    Goodbye, Grandpa & Grandma
    Prom, Nightly Visitors and Graduation Day! Hip Hip Hooray!!!
    Measure Your Success

    Generation 3
    Rules & Guidelines
    The Wedding Bells are Ringing for Reiley and Alice
    More Presents! Plus a Very Special One!
    1st Moments & More
    Spring Endings & Summer Beginnings
    Festival Fun!
    Pool Party
    Goodbye, Grandpa Jeremey
    Hello, Egypt. Goodbye, Grandma Kayla.
    Story Progression Update
    Things are Starting to Heat Up
    Measure Your Success

    Generation 4
    Rules & Guidelines
    You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello
    Hi, Baby! Let's Go Home
    Birthdays and More - part 1
    Birthdays and More - part 2
    More Chaotic Fun
    Triple Things
    Birthdays Galore!
    A Fall Farewell

    Further chapters can be found at my blog:
    Have I Got A Story For You!

    Happy Reading!!!


    Tanu's Game:
    Family Tree

    Founders (Generation 1)
    Rules & Guidelines
    Love at First Sight
    How Did I Do?

    Generation 2
    Story of Rorie
    Rorie Sets her Sights on Shang Simla
    Rorie and Wei

    Generation 3
    Jasper's Arrival and a Departure
    A Founder's Passing
    Jasper's Childhood
    Jasper's Teen Years
    Jasper's Teen Years, continued
    Jasper Makes A Decision
    Jasper's University Years
    Jasper Finishes University
    Jasper's Surprise

    Generation 4
    One Plus One
    Way Too Fast
    A Visit from Aunt Hannah
    Changes Are Coming
    Be Careful What You Wish For
    The Snyder's Move
    New Home, New Life
    Jenna Sets Her Sights
    Jenna Enlists Help
    The Talk of a Lifetime
    Bits and Pieces and Growing Up
    Bits and Pieces and Growing Up Continued
    Growing Up
    A Sister's Decision
    And Jaci Makes Four
    The Family Grows
    Into Five
    A Party Missed
    Wanna Build a Snowman?

    Note: While posting these links, I immediately noticed that I show my heir, Kayla, moving over to "official" Generation 2 postings after she graduates from high school and Tanu has her heir, Rorie, listed as Generation 2 from the get-go and posted accordingly. I think it is just a personal matter of preference.
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    Both Tanu and Addy placed these builds in their respective games that take place in the town of Riverview.

    Please look
    rec <-- VERY important!
    and possibly download or add to favorites.

    I Do Do you by tanubanue
    Download HERE!
    Added a 40x40 lot via World Editor; next to 3 Ely Court & roughly across street/shifted a wee bit over from 200 Ely Road

    Old Farm Garden Centre by elanorbreton
    Download HERE!
    Placed at 750 Old Farm Road

    Paw Spaw by ADWilson
    Download HERE!
    Replaced 30 Hidden Grove Lane (40x30) with a 40x40 lot via World Editor

    Social Bunny Daycare by elanorbreton
    Download HERE!
    Placed at 451 Riverview Road

    The Gazebo by elanorbreton
    Download HERE!
    Replaced EA made, The Gazebo, at 1 Old Main Road

    Wonderland Amusement Park by Tiki5872
    Download HERE!
    Added a 64x64 lot via World Editor; next to 180 Bounty Drive

    Addy also added:
    Vicmore Manor by ciane
    Download HERE!
    So... after The Split ( a 40x 30 lot at 223 Cotton Branch Drive) became available, I knew the lot was the PERFECT size for this absolutely SIMTASTIC house! Called the local branch of S.plum. and asked if someone could assist with re-location of the entire house. They were kind enough to refer me to a company that could do the job & do it right. Every bit of The Split was carefully moved to its new home at 45 Hidden Grove Lane.

    Tanu also added:
    Addy & Tanu's Delight by cmbaker16
    Download HERE!

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    Addy's Game:

    FOUNDERS (Generation 1)

    Zachary Snyder (witch)
    Nichol Reiley (human)

    HEIR (Generation 2)

    Kayla Snyder (human)
    Jeremey Jones (human): born in-game to Aiden and Hannah Jones. One sibling, Monica Jones.

    HEIR (Generation 3)

    Reiley Snyder (human)
    Alice Logsdon (human): high school babysitter
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    Addy's Game:

    SIBLING (Generation 2)

    Nikki Reiley (human) is Nichol's daughter. Zach Snyder married Nichol and adopted Nikki thereby making her a Snyder.
    Johnnie Parrott (human)
    Child 1: son, Bobby Snyder-Parrott, was born on the same day as Rosaleen Snyder.
    Child 2: daughter, Lynda Snyder-Parrott.
    Child 3: son, Dorian Snyder-Parrott.

    Johnnie Snyder-Parrott passed on. Nikki marries again.


    Raheem Blackwell (human)
    No children.

    SIBLING (Generation 3)

    Rosaleen "Rosie" Snyder (human)
    Terrell Kuoadio (human)

    Rosie and Terrell divorce. No children.
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    Addy's Game:

    FOUNDERS (Generation 1)
    Using the App found on the Random Legacy Challenge website, my rolls are...

    Family Structure: Step Children
    Zachary (witch) will marry Nichol Reiley (human) and adopt her toddler Nikki Reiley.
    Nikki was created in CAS.

    Number of Children: 2
    Nikki counts as one. So time for them to get together and have a baby!

    "House Rules":
    Tanu & I decided that only a biological child would be heir.
    Added Jan 10, 2015 - We agreed that the firstborn will be heir. Makes it easy when there are several children!
    Our reasoning ~ We want to compare the genetics of each generation when they start from the same original couple. Obviously we are playing our game differently due to individual random rolls and are selecting different mates, but we're still curious to see if certain genes carry over. I'm hoping that Nichol's pretty pointy ears do!

    Addy adds additional "House Rules" to her game:
    With Perfect Children (see below), birth results in random traits and then traits are picked at each life stage. I decided to keep this momentum going with ALL of my Heirs and their resulting children.

    Applicable Friends/Helpers/Partners/Spouses who move in with the heir will keep whatever traits they arrive with. LTW and favorites can be changed by purchasing them via LTR.

    Zach - Alchemist
    Nichol - Politician

    "House Rules":
    Tanu & I will not be repeating careers. That means no more alchemists or politicians for any of my future Sims, yay!

    Generational Goal: Perfect Children
    Yikes! Right off the bat, I get a challenge.

    At birth, random traits. Choose from then onward.
    Max toddler & child toys -> peg box, xylophone, toy oven & play table.
    Read all 9 toddler skill books.

    With Generations, children enroll in After School Activity & max it.
    Teens enroll in After School Class OR get a PT Job and max it.
    Teens learn to drive.

    NO Boarding School!

    Miscellaneous Fun: Hands Off
    Can't use mouse to move inventory items, clean up laundry/dishes, put newspaper in trash, etc.
    Career items must be sold in the Consignment Store or at the appropriate rabbit-hole.

    Additional "House Rules" in my game:
    Since playing with Aging On is not what I typically do, I gave myself more time with my Sims than Tanu did (she is a pro at living SimLife to its fullest!). Baby - 2 days; Toddler - 6 days; Child - 7 days; Teen - 9 days; YA & Adult - 23 days each; Elder 5 days. A total of 75 SimDays, compared to her 77 SimDays. I might regret this as my game drags on and on LOL

    We both said we want a family graveyard on our individual properties. I plan to keep the ghost of any Sim who is living IN the house (via the results of the random rolls) in the family plot.
    Gen 1: Founder & Spouse; Gen 2: Heir & Spouse; and so on based on the rolls I get.
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    Addy's Game:
    The time is right! The time is now!
    Zach had been setting a few simoleons aside here & there in order to buy an engagement ring and wedding bands. Since they were still fairly new to Riverview and didn’t know a lot of people, he thought a private wedding would be best. All that mattered was that he had his two favorite girls by his side.

    While Nichol was at work, he would put Nikki in her stroller and check out various places to find the perfect location. And… he found it!


    It is LOVE DAY and Zach has a very special outing planned...

    Time for a proposal at sunset...

    "Will you please make me the happiest man in Riverview and marry me?"


    She said...

    He then took Nichol by her hand & brought her under the wedding arch, explaining his request for a private wedding.
    Nichol smiled & nodded…

    Their flower girl is adorable!

    "With this ring, I thee wed..."


    "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your lovely bride..."


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    Pictures do indeed tell a story/capture a moment of time and some of them are quite lengthy in their telling LOL


    Their 1st House!
    Tish Cottage is an affordable 2 bedroom/1 bath located at 27 Lost Willow Road

    From the moment Zach met Nichol and her sweet daughter, Nikki, he felt like he had always had them around as part of his life. It was as if they were destined to be together.

    No matter how stressful his day was, reading to Nikki always calmed him down and made him smile.

    Even though Zach and Nichol worked hard in their respective careers, money was tight for quite some time. Zach grew vegetables and Nichol got creative with what they had on hand for their meals. Neither complained about what they lacked as they were too busy enjoying being together. Nichol felt blessed that she met Zach because he truly adored Nikki and made raising her all that much easier. Even though he would concern her with his need to check the stove, Nichol knows Zach has a good heart. He takes Nikki to the library and spends hours reading to her, he helps with toilet-training and for such a messy guy spends a lot of time washing the dishes... although that one time she caught him licking the plate clean... **shudders** All in all, each day they are together seems like a festival day filled with wonder and joy.

    Life was busy, but never boring.

    Zach saw some mysterious lights and simply "had" to investigate...
    (Narrator Addy got concerned as Zach was slated to have one more child and they hadn't gotten engaged/married/pregnant yet. Tanu can tell you all about my texts where I "freaked out" worrying that the game would mess up our plan of a biological heir! Whew! Zach didn't experience an unexpected weight gain. Time to turn up the heat in the romance department!)

    **fast forward button**

    (Narrator Addy points to the previous post, The Wedding Album, in case anyone is interested in knowing more details on this VERY special Love Day)

    Apparently their Wedding Night gave them a wonderful souvenir...

    Zach is more than okay with this. Two children, Nikki and either a younger brother or sister for her, seems like the right number for their family.

    It wasn't long before it was time to welcome their little one into the family...
    (Narrator Addy notices that from this moment forward, Nichol always has a certain smile whenever she needs to check the mail, but tends to stand there daydreaming/walking down memory lane a bit too much so Zach limits her time out at the box. The wishes for "have another child" MUST be ignored!)

    Zach was almost late as he saw a doctor leaving the hospital and was going to "assist" the good doctor in returning to the hospital as his wife was having their baby! Fortunately, he saw the id tag with the department of Geriatrics and knew well enough to smile a quick greeting and quickly did the walk/run to where Nichol was being wheeled into the delivery room.

    Welcome to the Snyder family, baby Kayla!
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    As soon as Kayla grew into toddlerhood, the family spent an afternoon at the Winter Festival to celebrate this wonderful moment when Zach can once again spend hours in the children's section at their local library and have similar memories such as those lovely afternoons of bonding with Nikki over a book.

    Zach and Nichol are kept very busy as there is still a lot to do with raising BOTH of their girls! Nikki might be a teen now with a part-time job at the Sunflower Spa, but there is still homework and learning to drive and prom and... **Zach runs off to check the stove** then there is Kayla with needing to learn to talk, walk and be toilet-trained as well as providing her access to books and educational toys... **Zach goes into full Freak Out stance, but that actually seems to call him down so he can stay focused on helping out, whew!**

    Kayla follows in her sister's footsteps and attends Ballet class after school. Looking back, Nikki liked the class well enough but for some unknown reason any picture from this time has vanished so there is only one Recital Day picture (Narrator Addy apologizes profusely as she tended to be too busy watching/enjoying the family and often forgot to document their moments)

    Prom Day! Nikki didn't have a date or a crush to attempt to dance with, she was busy with homework and a part-time job so she didn't have time for a lot of outings with friends and therefore was totally surprised when she was crowned Prom Queen. Whether her classmates did it as a joke or were serious, we'll never know.

    Prom Day took place on a chilly Spring day so a lot of parents were surprised and teens were disappointed with the resulting pictures
    (**shakes fist at Seasons EP** Nikki had actually saved her earnings and purchased a prom dress from the consignment store when they had their once-a-year sale, but no.. prom picture is of her in her OUTERWEAR!)

    Graduation Day!
    Nikki is voted Most Artistic by her classmates and graduates with highest honors.

    Nikki finds a roommate and starts packing. One chapter ends and another one begins in her life.
    Standard Poodle is a 2 bedroom/2 bath located at 1034 Cypress Lane

    Nrass Story Progression is a wonder! So GLAD this Legacy asked for it to be put in our game!!!
    Monday - Nikki graduates and then moves out
    Tuesday - Nikki gets a job at City Hall (she is in the political career, just like her mom!); she also begins dating a guy named Melvin.

    Meanwhile, back at the Snyder house...
    Nichol arrived home from work and was heading into the kitchen to start preparing dinner when the words SKIPPING SCHOOL caught her attention and she quickly did an about face. Kayla introduced her classmate, Jeremey Jones, and let her concerned mom know that they had to write about their thoughts regarding skipping school. “Skipping school is bad. I would NEVER skip school! I plan to graduate at the top of my class and get a good job when I grow up,” boasted Kayla. When Nichol asked Jeremey what he thought, he eagerly responded that he wouldn’t want to skip either. Sounds like he was easily impressed by his new classmate. **spoilers**

    Time advances to Wednesday
    Zach received a phone call that shook him to the core. Nikki is in tears. It has only been a couple of days since she moved out and her future seemed bright… a new house, new job and a guy, Melvin. “It’s Melvin,” she sobbed.

    It turns out that Melvin, her roommate... her boyfriend was an ELDER named Melvin Taft... who has his girl crying.
    "Say no more, Nikki. I'll be right there!"
    Dad to the rescue…

    Zach had no idea what to expect when he arrived and waited for Nikki to answer the door. Certainly not this! Nikki was still wearing her graduation robes and sobbing her heart out. "It's Melvin," she wailed as she burst into tears again. Zach pulled her in for a big hug and told her to breathe and relax, tell him what the problem is and maybe together they can come up with a solution. "Oh, Daaaaaad. Melvin died last night. What am I going to do?"

    "Nikki, my dear dear girl. You are young and just started a new journey on your life's path. Yes, your heart hurts and my own hurts to see you in such pain **Zach's own eyes tear up as he speaks** but I am sure Melvin would not want you to stop enjoying your life. He must have been attracted to you because of your youth and zest for life. Take all the time that you need to grieve and let those tears out. Then when you are ready, and only if you are ready, you might find yourself enjoying life again and possibly meet someone new. This someone will never replace what you had with Melvin, but could help remind you that you are beautiful and full of life and worth loving." He pulls her in for another hug and they spend some time together with her telling him all about Melvin, her job, anything and everything that she could think of.

    All too soon their visit finishes and Zach heads home with a heavy heart. Arriving home, he pulls Nichol in for a big hug and then takes her by the hand to their bedroom and shares all the burdens currently weighing on their girl's tender heart. They comfort each other and make plans to call and visit her as often as she wants them to.

    Story Progression is at it again!
    Wednesday (the day Zach visited a grieving Nikki) - Nikki finds time to meet and begin showing interest in Johnnie Prescott
    Thursday - Their relationship develops & soon they are dating and getting more romantically involved
    Friday - EARLY! We're talking 1:39 A.M. SimTime. The message pops up that they have married!

    Say What?! Zach and Nichol were denied the opportunity to meet the guy BEFORE this happens. No chance to go see the happy bride-to-be or meet her intended. I know the game doesn't do bachelor/bachelorette parties for townies <== THAT would be a wonderful addition to their own party menu and what a neat thing to have one kick off after an engagement happens so you could attend one such event hosted by another Sim. Anyway, I digress.

    Here is a picture of Nikki and Johnnie Snyder-Parrott's house.
    Cyprus Villa is a 1bedroom/1bath located at 520 Pumpkin Valley Road
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    And even more

    Johnnie and Nikki seem to be quite happy together. No messages popping up regarding public arguments or worse. Whew! Waiting to see the one about them adding a bundle of joy to their household...

    They adopt a dog and name her Ladybug. And we are still waiting...


    TODAY is Kayla's Birthday!!! Let's have a family party :)

    Yay! Johnnie finally came inside the house and was able to be a part of this special occasion

    And here is Kayla as a TEEN!!!

    Pretty girl!

    Still no word on a Snyder-Parrott offspring...

    Kayla gets and keeps an A grade at school, works part-time at the Divasidero Budget Books, and decides she wants to have a boyfriend, too **coughoverachievercough**

    The first boy she shows interest in is Ronald Lessen (son of Constance Shelley and Jon Lesson, married), but he is romantically interested in another - STRIKE ONE for Kayla. Then she meets Earl Dean (son of Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes and George Dean, married), but he too is romantically interested in another - STRIKE TWO for Kayla. Oh no! Is Kayla going to have a hard time finding someone because of Story Progression?

    So Kayla flips through the high school yearbook and sees... Jeremey Jones. Jeremey Jones?! Could it be? That boy from elementary school? So she calls him up and after talking to him for a while, she takes the plunge and invites him over.

    As soon as he arrived, interest between the two was quite obvious to anyone looking at them.

    Once Kayla learned that he IS single, she decided to be daring and invited him out on a date. Go Kayla!
    Hmmm... let's hope Jeremey was talking about a book or movie and wasn't actually wanting to see a ghost.
    **light bulb goes on** Oh! Wait a second. Kayla is a safe driver! No tickets. Never out after curfew.
    **thinks a bit more** Uh hunh... their used car HAS seen better days. Perhaps he is concerned about that.

    Not sure where they went or what they talked about, but both seemed to truly enjoy being together.

    And by the end of the date, Kayla found herself romantically involved. Pretty soon afterwards, he was often seen at their house and they began dating!

    "Our little girl is growing up, Zach" began Nichol. "This place has been a challenge for us to raise Nikki and Kayla. One bathroom, honey, is NOT enough."

    "I know, I know. I tried to figure out how we could renovate and expand our size, but even with us extending the main floor and eventually adding on a 2nd floor it still would be a challenge because then there wouldn't be enough yard to do anything. No garden. No real room for my alchemy station. We would lose our single parking spot, too." Zach replied. They looked at one another and almost said in unison, "We will need to move!" Both smiled.

    It wasn't long before they knew WHICH house they wanted, they just needed to find the perfect lot for it. Once they did, things were set into motion and soon the house was available for them! YAY!!!

    (Narrator Addy: Tanu & I discussed moving from our starter home and we each agreed to be allowed to take out a reasonable loan. I placed Vicmore Manor built by ciane in-game ==> information found in Links <== and had them take out a $65,000 loan (10%, 60 payments of $1,500 and the final one at $1,000). My goal is to have my Sims pay it off as quickly as they can while still affording living expenses like the bills, etc.

    As you can probably guess, we aren't 100% following the challenge. We are trying to follow the majority of the rules and continually look over them, then discuss/decide how we are handling new things as they happen. Trying to keep things fairly even between our two games without totally forgoing the challenge and most importantly... continuing to have a ton of FUN while we do it!)

    Here is their BEAUTIFUL new home!
    Vicmore Manor is located at 45 Hidden Grove Lane
    (Narrator Addy: Was so busy playing and making progress with the Legacy that Winter arrived and I suddenly realized that there wasn't a picture of the house on move-in day. Silly, forgetful Addy!)

    Prom Day!

    Kayla asks Jeremey to be her date and... he said, YES!!! It is a lovely Fall day so... **fingers crossed**
    Goodness! They really hammed it up for the camera. Who knew they would be so daring in their pose?

    Zach shook his head. "Nikki doing something like this, yes I can see it. But Kayla...
    **shakes his head with a smile that seems to be having a tough time keeping itself from turning into lots of laughter**

    Nichol peers closely at the picture, "I think we are seeing the love between our girl and her "the one", Zach. Thank goodness we found the perfect family home!"

    (Narrator Addy adds: Kayla followed in her big sister's footsteps and was crowned Prom Queen also.)

    Kayla is a day away from aging and Story Progression is at it again!
    Jeremey Jones aged up to Young Adult. Time to get that young man over and ask him to move in.

    No pictures, but you would have laughed to see Narrator Addy following all of this...

    The next morning or was it the one after that, right BEFORE school, Kayla invites him over then talked and talked with Jeremey but no "Ask Sim to Move In" option appeared. Hmm, perhaps a teen isn't allowed to make such a momentous decision. Enter Nichol. She started conversing with him... only to have to go to work. And off to school with Kayla. LOL Okay, Zach. YOUR turn. Don't mess this up.

    Whew! Success!!! He moved in and waited for Kayla to arrive home from school. The game had placed him in the Professional Sports career, but we all know that THAT isn't in the cards for him. A quick phone call and he quit work before his 1st day started. Don't like his LTW so will definitely need to earn points to fix that asap and will ignore accepting any wishes asking to do stuff related to it unless it benefits in another way. Going to be a long trek for Mister Jeremey. Yes, a long trek indeed.

    Looking around in Jeremey's personal stuff, we discover that he has been given the Naughty Reputation. Say what?! Besides dating Kayla, he has TWO romantic interests - Latisha Blackwell (teen) who IS with someone else & Kay Lin (young adult) who IS also with someone else. Ruh roh. Did Kayla's pursuit cause this reputation "shifty shifty shift"? Thinking back I do recall that Story Progression has young and not-so-young Sims in and out of romantic interest faster than you can blink. Why the stories I could tell you about Ruby Broke WOULD have your eyes widening and your mouth dropping open in surprise. **Ahem** Way to get off track, Narrator Addy.

    Time to get his relationship conundrum resolved BEFORE taking things to the next romantic level with Kayla. He invites Kay over and they immediately jump into the on-a-date status. No! No! No! So when he "Asks to Just Be Friends", the date immediately ends and she tells him that it was the worst date ever before leaving. Bad Date moodlet. Okay. Next. He calls Latisha over as soon as school has ended and they start off in the on-an-outing/grouped status. His "Asks to Just Be Friends" immediately ends the outing and it was rated as bad, really bad or something along those lines. Bad Time Out moodlet. Sorry, Jeremey. That's what happens when you try to juggle several balls at once instead of selecting an activity that only has one ball and working on your skills in a more evenly paced manner. LOL

    While Jeremey is taking care of things from his past, Kayla arrives home and GUESS WHAT?! Narrator Addy had briefly forgotten in all the focus on the moving in business and sorting our Jeremey's personal affairs, but it is her Birthday today!!! Talk about timing. No time for a birthday party, just a small cake and let's get going to the next level.

    Sorry. Narrator Addy is anxious to get a move on with things and apologizes again for lack of pictures.

    The next day is...
    Graduation Day!!!

    Hmm.... there isn't a diploma in Jeremey's inventory so he didn't graduate on his own. And... he didn't get a message to go to City Hall after I had him all moved in. Hmm... indeed.

    Kayla goes to graduate. Then Jeremey takes a look at City Hall and YES! The option is there for him, too. So time for both to go...

    Kayla graduated with Highest Honor, was Class Valedictorian and voted Most Likely to Write a Best-Seller.
    Jeremey graduated with Merit and voted Most Likely to Get Married.
    Congrats Grads!

    And at this point I shall officially shift from Founders to Generation 2.

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    It is time! Time to...

    Founders (Generation 1)
    Family Structure: Step Children ~ yes
    Number of Children: 2 ~ yes
    Careers: Alchemist and Politician
    At the time Kayla ages into YA,
    1) Zach (Alchemist) is an Alchemy Artisan - L10
    2) Nichol (Politician) is the Governor - L8 (and well on her way to obtaining L9, Vice President)
    Generational Goal: Perfect Children ~ yes
    Miscellaneous Fun: Hands Off ~ yes

    I consider Generation 1 to be a success!

    Edit to add: By the time Zach and Nichol died, BOTH had achieved L10 in their respective careers and achieved their LTW.
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    Tanu's Game:

    Does this look familiar?
    FOUNDERS (Generation 1)
    Zachary Snyder (human)
    Nichol Reiley (witch)

    Generation 2
    Rorie Snyder (witch)
    Wei Pei (human): native of Shang Simla; son of Ai and Gao Pei. One sibling, Liu Pei.

    Generation 3
    Jasper Snyder (witch)

    Generation 4
    Jenna Snyder
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    Tanu's Game:

    Generation 2
    None, Rorie is an only child.

    Generation 3
    Hannah, younger sister of Jasper.

    Generation 4
    Jase, twin brother of Jenna.

    Jaci, alien sibling of Jenna and Jase.

    Jamila, well child and sibling of Jenna, Jase and Jaci.
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    Hi everyone! :) I've tried several times to do a legacy before and tried to stick to it. (Really I have!) But somehow I haven't always kept them going after a few generations. So when Addy also expressed an interest in doing one I thought it was the perfect opportunity for us to do it together and keep each other motivated and keep it fun!

    Doing the legacy in the same town with the same founders started us out at the same spot and also gave us the added fun of seeing how each set of founders families evolved and won't it be cool to see if our generation 10's look at all similar?

    Thanks Addy for starting this thread and giving us a fun spot to tell our stories both apart and together. This is going to be a lot of fun!!!
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    My Founders (Generation 1) Roll was ~

    One Child
    Private Investigator
    Professional Sports Career
    Perfect Careers

    Now may also be a good time to say that I have also talked to Addy and she and I have 'adopted' a few of our own rules. Like she said above we want this to be fun and enjoyable for us to play. Addy's may differ slightly.

    We will keep the last name of Snyder throughout the Legacy.
    I will keep the ghost of Zach, who is the founder, and all heirs on the property.
    Ages in this game are set as follows ~ baby 2 days, child 4 days, teen 6 days, teen 6 days, young adult 28 days, adult 21 days, and elder 10 days.
    Traits ~ I will choose if I need them for certain rolls but others must be random. I can change traits with a mod only if they need to be for a roll to be fulfilled.
    Rerolling ~ No rerolls for rolls one or two at all ever. No job will ever be repeated.
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    My game with Zach and Nichol started as follows ~

    For Zach and Nichol it was pretty much Love at first sight!


    and of course there was a Sim Goddess out there somewhere who kept throwing them together in awkward situations until they finally figured out that they would belong together because that is just the way it would be! :p

    To tell you a bit about them Zach is a neurotic slob who is very disciplined, loves music, and is a genius. Nichol is a witch (no, no an actual witch! lol ) Zach says she's a great kisser. She is also athletic, nurturing, artistic, and has a super high IQ.

    So anyway. They moved in together and at first things didn't go so well ~


    But after some hard work and some promotions on both of their parts ~


    They had saved up enough money to buy him a suit at the second hand store and to buy her a simple white dress. They went to the Church in their community to quietly say their vows, while Zach silently vowed to work harder to give her a wonderful life ~




    Some of the local townspeople stopped to wish them a Happy life together ~


    At least they thought they wanted them to be happy although most of them were crying! Oh well time to kiss the bride and start this legacy!


    Even though Zach and Nichol worked very hard most of their young adult lives ~


    They also found time to have a lot of fun with each other!!

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    I would like to keep this spot for Posting how I did at the end of each Generation as far as whether or not each roll was satisfied.

    1. Roll Number One ~ Founding Generation ~ Zach and Nichol

    Couple ~ Zach and Nichol
    One Child ~ A daughter, Rorie
    Private Investigator ~ Level 10
    Professional Sports ~ Level 10
    Perfect Careers ~ Achieved
    Joker ~ Chose Not to Use

    2. Roll Number Two ~ Second Generation ~ Rorie and Wei

    Couple ~ Rorie and Wei
    Two Children ~ Jasper and Hannah
    Vocalist ~ Level 10
    Freelance Scientist ~ Wei Passed Away Early On
    Perfectionist ~ Rorie level 10 singer
    Hidden Heritage ~ Asian Heritage Trait

    3. Roll Number Three ~ Third Generation ~ Jasper

    Single Parent ~ Jasper
    Three Children ~ Jenna (Jase), Jaci, and Jamila (all half siblings accept for Jenna and Jase who are twins
    Culinary Career ~ Level 10
    No Secondary Career
    Opportunist ~ I fulfilled all but one opportunity Jasper had and that involved traveling when the family didn't have funds
    Half Siblings ~ Jenna and Jase were twins born to the first Mom , second child Jaci was born due to an abduction, third half sibling was Jamila who was an evil well child. Therefore at least three children are half siblings with no mother living in the household.

    4. Roll Number Four ~ Fourth Generation ~ Jenna

    Couple ~ Jenna and Owen
    Two Children ~ Ava
    Rock Star
    A Party to Remember
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    :) Last one
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 4,766 Member
    Whew! A LOT of work has been done thus far but I am a long ways from being done. Please feel free to continue peeking (if you want!), but kindly refrain from posting at this time.

    It is 11 PM and I have been up since 6 AM, so it has been a really long day for me. Have to get up at 6 again tomorrow... time to call it a night.
    Plan to get more done tomorrow.


    Remember, until told otherwise...
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 4,766 Member
    Made a bit more progress today, still loads more to do. However I shall declare this to be an...
  • cianeciane Posts: 14,366 Member
    Open thread means we can post now, right?

    I LOVE it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. I look forward to stopping in and seeing what's happening.

    You've set it up great, of course!
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 4,766 Member
    ciane wrote: »
    Open thread means we can post now, right?

    Right! YAY for being our 1st post!!!
    ciane wrote: »
    I LOVE it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. I look forward to stopping in and seeing what's happening.

    You've set it up great, of course!

    Thank YOU for your kind words. I'm smiling right now.
    None of this would have been possible without Tanu. I'm also looking forward to seeing what's happening because nothing is truly planned in our game. LOVE that!

  • tanubanuetanubanue Posts: 4,051 Member
    ciane wrote: »
    Open thread means we can post now, right?

    I LOVE it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. I look forward to stopping in and seeing what's happening.

    You've set it up great, of course!

    We look forward to seeing you too!! So far our games have been a lot of fun! So hopefully there will be some fun and surprising moments to share! :)
  • cianeciane Posts: 14,366 Member
    Well, I did enjoy the "surprise" of boxer shorts on the guest at the wedding with the suit jacket on! :smiley:
  • tanubanuetanubanue Posts: 4,051 Member
    ciane wrote: »
    Well, I did enjoy the "surprise" of boxer shorts on the guest at the wedding with the suit jacket on! :smiley:

    LOL!! I'm so happy you noticed that! If you liked that wedding you will just love the next one! :D
  • christinebremnerchristinebremner Posts: 3,513 Member
    Ohhh awesome I am really looking forward to both legacies Addy and Tanu and seeing your stories! :D
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