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What was the last film you saw?


  • Bad ArkaneBad Arkane Posts: 6,290 Member

    It was great . Thoroughly enjoyed it
  • kailayykailayy Posts: 304 Member
    liked it :)
  • Poekie03Poekie03 Posts: 957 Member
  • AshtontoAshton22AshtontoAshton22 Posts: 567 Member
    MOANA! It was so plumming gorgeous, with the music and the animation and the story!
  • JjsimsxoxoJjsimsxoxo Posts: 67 Member
  • Kaylee36Kaylee36 Posts: 32 Member
    I saw Zootopia for the second time. Still enjoyed it!
  • February11February11 Posts: 4,251 Member
    Fence - awful!
  • Poekie03Poekie03 Posts: 957 Member
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 1,940 Member
    Enemy (by Denis Villeneuve). It was ... weird. In the end, once you sort of get it & accept it's more a thriller of "the mind" than a .. normal one, it's definitely an interesting story (and very well acted) too, but I still thought many times throughout the film: what the plum is going on??? And what are those spiders doing in the film? And WTH just happened in this last scene? But yeah ... apart from that lol.
  • Skcaga6Skcaga6 Posts: 191 Member
    Allegiant. NO. I should not have read the book first. They changed the movie so much from the book. Especially the ending.
  • Poekie03Poekie03 Posts: 957 Member
    The Impossible
  • SonschiSonschi Posts: 1,578 Member
    Olympus has fallen
  • Poekie03Poekie03 Posts: 957 Member
  • Poekie03Poekie03 Posts: 957 Member
  • neeneeninjaneeneeninja Posts: 16 New Member
    Pixels :P

    Was pretty good to be honest, don't watch too many movies
  • Klept0maniac94Klept0maniac94 Posts: 642 Member

    That ending though. <3
  • SophieSims92SophieSims92 Posts: 90 Member
    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story :)
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 1,940 Member
    Jodorowsky's Dune, very fun and interesting documentary :)
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 192 Member
    Planet 51
    it wasn't bad but I expected little more
  • UnrealRootUnrealRoot Posts: 199 Member
  • Poekie03Poekie03 Posts: 957 Member
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 1,940 Member
    Another movie by Denis Villeneuve: Arrival. It's sooooooooooo incredibly, insanely good science fiction, I can't stop thinking about it <3 <3 <3
  • kailayykailayy Posts: 304 Member
    Re watched Monsters University. Still love it.
  • SimmChoolySimmChooly Posts: 92 Member
    Arrival >:) Loved it! anyway with aliens and space!
    Bad Arkane wrote: »

    It was great . Thoroughly enjoyed it

    I really want to see that one!
  • WagonFruitWagonFruit Posts: 151 Member
    "What the Health"

    Unless documentaries don't count...in which case; Jurassic Park III >:)
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