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Two Masks (Chapter 4, Updated 1/21/15)

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Title: Two Masks

Chapter 1- The masks we wear


Scarlett squirmed in the chair uncomfortably. Straight ahead she could see the girl staring back at her. Bright red hair tied into a basic bun, or at least as close to one as the short hair length would allow. A fresh clean buttoned up shirt freshly washed and carefully chosen to hide the tattoos that lay underneath. A skirt lying lightly across legs squeezed into a pair of pantyhose. A faint touch of eye shadow, light red lipstick, some eye liner which accentuated the blue eyes it surrounded. Scarlett could scarcely believe it, it was so hard to comprehend that the girl staring back from the mirror was her.

Staring at the reflection that both was and wasn’t her she squirmed more drawing the ire of Marianne who was standing behind her still struggling to get Scarlett’s normally messy hair to stay in the bun she’d tied it in.


“Will you please sit still Scarlett, you’re making it very difficult to do this.”

Scarlett grimaced but obediently did her best to follow the brown haired girls request and tried to sit still. “Is this really necessary?” She replied. “This stuff is so uncomfortable. I feel like some kind of freakish doll.” Looking back into the mirror Scarlett really did feel like a doll, this was just so unlike her, like all of this was fake and not natural. She never wore make up, she found button up shirts to be uncomfortable and the last time she’d worn a skirt rather than jeans was….. in all honesty she couldn’t even remember the last time she’d worn a skirt.

Marianne sighed as she gave up on fighting with Scarlett’s hair deciding that it was good enough, wiping the gel she’d been liberally using on a towel so as not to get her similarly nice clothes dirty. Scarlett quickly was up and out of the chair moving around cautiously thrown off by the unfamiliar clothing. “Yes Scar, it’s necessary” Marianne said gently “I want you to make a good impression. Besides you look cute.”


Still moving around as though hoping that if she moved in it enough the clothing would somehow become more comfortable Scarlett glanced back at her girlfriend, she knew Marianne was lying they’d been together long enough for Scarlett to have learned all of Marianne’s tells, plus Marianne wasn’t that good at lying to begin with.

“It’s just dinner, I’m sure your mother can’t be that bad. Surely she wouldn’t mind if I at least wore some pants.”

Marianne stared at her determinedly “Believe me, she would mind, my mother is very proper about these things. Girls are supposed to dress a certain way, plus she’s already not big on you to begin with…..


Marianne’s voice trailed off from the end of the statement as her mouth drooped into a frown at what she’d just said. She’d kept it a secret from Scarlett for so long and even now she felt uncomfortable admitting it aloud, but she’d finally been forced to tell her the truth after her Mother had forced the issue of meeting her daughter’s “partner”, a term the older woman had used with disdain clearly not liking it but still preferring it to openly admit that her daughter had a girlfriend.

Marianne had actually been kind of surprised how well Scarlett had taken the news, how calm she’d been as she’d learned that her girlfriend’s mother hated her, blamed her for corrupting her sweet proper daughter into a relationship that in her eyes was…. inappropriate at best. But Scarlett had taken it all in stride, and now here they were getting ready for dinner this evening.


Back in the moment Scarlett was still grumbling exasperatedly at Marianne. “Exactly, She already doesn’t like me so why go through all this trouble. I get that she still wants to meet me so just let her meet me, not… this” she gestured irritatedly at the ensemble Marianne had covered her in.

Marianne shook her head as she tried to figure out what to say to convince Scarlett. She just had to get her to do this, because otherwise…. no the alternative wasn’t something she wanted to think about.

“Please just do this for me, I promise I’ll make it up to you at some point but for now just put up with this for one evening.”


Scarlett’s eyes lit up. “You’ll make it up to me?” She said mischievously risqué ideas already buzzing inside her head.
Marianne suddenly found Scarlett’s arms around her waist, found her lips pressed against hers. She knew that she had Scarlett, she’d known the ever flirty girl she’d been living with for the past year and a half wouldn’t be able to resist that kind of comment, knew that pushing that button would get Scarlett to cooperate. She hated using that kind of tactic against her but she just had to get her to cooperate. This was the only chance she had of getting through this situation without taking sides.


Taking sides…. that was what Marianne was most afraid of. She knew her mother disapproved of Scarlett no matter how much in love the two of them were. She knew that her mother wanted better for her than the small apartment she’d moved into shortly after the two had met, she knew her mother would never listen to Marianne’s attempts at reasoning…. that’s why this was so important. She needed Scarlett to make a good impression so that her mother would, hopefully and at least grudgingly, accept the two of them being together. So that she wouldn’t have to choose.

That was why she’d kept it a secret so long from Scarlett, why it had taken so long to finally give in to letting this dinner happen. Marianne’s mother was stubborn, so was Scarlett, and Marianne was terrified that if this went poorly she’d have to choose between the woman she loved and the only parent she had left.

Her dad had died when she was little and she’d never known the rest of her family, she couldn’t lose her mother as well…. but at the same time she wanted to be with Scarlett. She’d fallen head over heels for the fiery redhead from the moment they’d met. It had been a whirlwind romance from the very start. She’d moved in with her after less than a month of dating (secretly of course at the time), she’d known she wanted to marry Scarlett after 5 months…. but her mother was the sole obstacle that stood in the way and at the same time couldn’t be removed. The one piece of the puzzle that needed to fall into place before they could go through with the wedding they both desired.

So here they were, finally about to go have dinner. The meal that would change the rest of their lives…. It just had to go well. Marianne didn’t expect her mother to like it but if this went as Marianne hoped maybe she would at least accept it.

Marianne was brought back from her worries as Scarlett’s lips separated from hers, a tear gently rolled down the dark haired girl’s cheek.


“Hey now, I’m not that bad a kisser am I” Scarlett smirked as she lightly brushed away the tear. “I’m just scared” replied Marianne.

“I don’t want to lose you”

“You won’t” laughed Scarlett.

“If this doesn’t go well I might”

“You won’t” repeated Scarlett.

Marianne wanted to trust in Scarlett’s words. Wanted to truly believe that this would all work out but…. as much as she wanted this to work she couldn’t help but worry what if it didn’t and before she knew it she was admitting her fears.

“What if this doesn’t go well? What if my mother still doesn’t like you? What if she wants me to choose? I love you but… I love her too…. I can’t lose her.... but I can’t lose you…. I don’t want to choose….. I just can’t choose…..”

The words had flown out of her mouth, Scarlett stared at her surprised at the sudden wave of words that had crashed over her and then she pulled Marianne into an embrace. “Then we’ll figure things out then. But I promise you that I’m not going to make you choose and no matter what your mother says I’m still going to be here with you.”


Marianne leaned into the hug trying to relax and just stand there in her lovers arms for a moment but her worries just wouldn’t stop. It was so easy for Scarlett to say that but how well could she back that up if the worst was to happen? Even if Scarlett said she wouldn’t force the issue Marianne’s mother still might, and that choice would rip one of those relationships apart no matter how Scarlett tried to assure her things would work out. If she chose her Mom she’d lose Scarlett, if she chose Scarlett her she’d lose her Mom, and if her Mom pushed her to make a choice and she tried to dodge it she might lose her Mother anyway.

Scarlett could tell that Marianne was still nervous so she took the pretty girls hands in hers as she continued to try and calm her fears. “Look, I’m telling you things will be fine. If she forces the issue we’ll just stand our ground. Your Mother does love you and she doesn’t want to lose you anymore than you want to lose her.”

Scarlett brushed the hair out of Marianne’s face as she used her other hand to help wipe away the tears that were still dripping down her girlfriend’s face.


“If she didn’t love you she wouldn’t be trying to protect you, as misguided as her attempt to protect may be. If she tries to force you to choose just stand your ground and don’t make that choice. She’ll just have to learn to accept it eventually and until then I’ll be with you no matter what.

Marianne smiled slightly as she leaned in for another kiss. “You’re always so optimistic and confident; I don’t know how you do it.”

Scarlett laughed as she whirled her girlfriend around in a circle, an action that never failed to catch Marianne off guard and make her laugh. “I have to be to counter balance you little miss grumpy tush.” She pulled the girl in close and whispered in her ear. “But I still love you, and someday your mother will realize that and we can have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.”

Marianne laughed as she smiled coyly, “You know that wedding originally was to a man, so it’s not the one of always dreamed of.”

Scarlett laughed knowing the comment was only in jest “Well things change, besides I kind of look boyish and if it means marrying you I’ll even wear a suit”

Marianne rolled her eyes “You were planning on wearing a suit anyway, there is no way I’d ever get you in a wedding dress.”

“True” Scarlett replied. “Now shouldn’t we get going soon?”


Marianne glanced at her watch realizing they were running late. But as she started towards the door Scarlett stopped her briefly. “Can I at least lose the make up?”

Marianne smiled, still nervous but feeling wholly better than she had earlier. “Fine” she said handing the redhead a handkerchief. “What about the skirt?” Scarlett pressed. The glare from Marianne told her that piece wasn’t negotiable. Scarlett just laughed.

“Well you can’t blame a girl for trying.” She pulled Marianne in for one more kiss before the two headed off.

Off to the dinner that could change their lives, though after Scarlett’s words Marianne felt that things might just work out. She couldn’t say she was completely confident, but feeling her lovers arms wrapped around her she knew that whatever happened things would work out in the end. Though Scarlett still had to wear the skirt.


Nigel: And Cut.

The feeling in the room instantly relaxed as Nigel turned the camera off signaling the finishing of the day’s shooting. Back on set though the two girls were still entwined in each other’s arms, passionately holding each other close as their personal little kiss scene continued.

Eddie: *laughs* HEY! Sis, Jess, the scene’s over, break it up you two.


Jessica reluctantly pulled away, though Genesis stubbornly leaned in attempting to maintain the kiss she had been so enjoying as her partner pulled away. As their lips finally separated she glanced over at Nigel imploringly

Genesis: Are you sure, we’re done. We can do another take if you want. I’m not sure there was enough passion in that kiss.

Eddie: Sis, if you two put any more passion in that kissing we are gonna need to get you guys a room.

Genesis: *smirks* I’m okay with that idea, what do you think Jess, up for another round?

Jessica: Well I’m okay with doing another take if it’s necessary but if Nigel has what he needs we shouldn’t trouble him.

Nigel: No worries Jess, that last take was great and will work perfectly.


Genesis: *pouts* Aww, you all are no fun, is it so wrong to want an excuse to have some fun with my beautiful girlfriend.

Bailey: *hmmph* and just when I thought you couldn’t stoop any lower. This is acting you should treat it with more respect.

The young women who until now had been peeling off the slight age details pasted onto her face marched up as she spoke turning her glare from Genesis to Nigel.


Bailey: And why is she performing again anyway? I could have easily played the role yet you just handed it to her leaving me the bit part.

Nigel balked as Bailey poked him in the chest punctuating her words, the irritation on her face clearly evident.

Nigel: I… I just chose the performers based on the role. I felt Genesis was more suited to this particular role especially performing opposite of Jess.

Eddie sighed realizing the argument that was about to break out.


Eddie: Come on Nia, the performance is over so let’s go have lunch while everyone else finishes up.

Nia: Okay daddy, can big sis join us?

Eddie: No sweetie, I think Sis is going to be a bit busy for a bit.

He scooped up the young girl into his arms and carried her out of the room with the continued argument raging in the background.


Bailey: Suited? More like you practically wrote the part for her something you seem to do quite often. You might want to let us have a turn to perform every now and then rather than handing so many lead roles to this untalented hack.

Genesis: *glared* Maybe it was because it was a relationship scene and Jess and I are actually in a relationship. So it makes sense for us to play the roles in this case.

Bailey: Yeah and based on how many roles you get despite your inability to properly portray even the most basic emotions I’m guessing your co-star isn’t the only one you’re sleeping with.

Genesis flew forward fists already clenched and ready to pummel the other women, and she would have if Jess hadn’t caught hold of her first.

Jessica: Relax Gen, don’t pay attention to her she’s just frustrated.

Genesis struggled against Jessica’s grip determined to beat Bailey’s face in.


Genesis: Say that again and I’ll shove my foot so far up your *** the only thing you’ll be able to portray is pain, I would never cheat on Jess, NEVER!

Bailey just stood there watching smugly.

Bailey: What a deplorable and brutish outburst, Just more evidence why you don’t belong here. Why Nigel allows such a vulgar woman such as yourself in this group I don’t understand.

Nigel: *stammering* Okay can you guys calm down a bit.

Nigel could tell that they weren’t paying attention to him. But quickly order came as the blonde man who until now had been quietly packing up the equipment stepped in.


Dimitri: Come now, the director said stop, so you two should stop. If you consider yourselves to be true thespians then you at least should know to follow directions.

Bailey pulled back in response to Dimitri’s chiding.

Bailey: Well what do you expect when we’re forced to endure a common thug in our midst?

Genesis lunged at her again though still held back by Jess’s stubborn hold.

Dimitri: Dimitri doesn’t care about your reasons. A good thespian does their job, and that means following the director’s orders whether you agree or not. If you don’t like it then you are free to leave. Now stop this irritating bickering, you are giving Dimitri a headache.

And with that the argument was at an end. Bailey wasn’t about to push the matter any further, especially given Dimitri’s words about how a proper actor should behave, though that didn’t stop her from glaring at Genesis one last time before walking out.


Nigel: Thank you Dimitri.

Dimitri: No problem director, Dimitri was happy to assist.

Dimitri patted Nigel on the shoulder before heading back to packing up the equipment. Nigel turned towards the two girls Genesis now calming down a bit with Bailey out of the room.

Nigel: You really shouldn’t let her get under your skin like that Sis.

Genesis: I know but how can you expect me to remain calm when she says stuff like that. I would never cheat on Jessica, especially not with you. Sorry, no offense.


Nigel: *laughs* don’t worry, I get what you mean. Wrong equipment and all that, right.

Genesis laughed at Nigel’s comment the mood in the room relaxing again.

Genesis: Right, plus even if you were my type you would be hard pressed to hold a candle to this beautiful women right here.

Jessica: Well next time can you at least try to resist. I understand that her words upset you but you didn’t need to try to attack her.

Genesis’ tough personality waned in response to Jess’ words.

Genesis: Sorry Jess, I just don’t like being accused of that sort of thing.

Jessica: I know, but at least try, for me?


Genesis’ face quickly shifted from the look of a guilty child caught red handed to the flirtatious smirk that Jess was used to and that was reminiscent of the character she’d just played.

Genesis: Is there a reward for good behavior.

Jessica: *laughs* Trust you to turn my words in that direction.

Genesis: Well you can’t blame me.

Nigel laughed as everything fully settled back to normal.

Nigel: Just go on you two, shootings done for the day and it’s clear where this conversation’s headed and I don’t have any desire to have to listen to you two make kissy faces and suggestive comments at each other.


Genesis again laughed at Nigel’s words as she grabbed ahold of Jess’ hand leading her out the door and making a beeline towards the house with countless inappropriate thoughts rushing through her head of what to do once she and Jess got to their bedroom. Jess just shook her head and followed along, unable to say no to her ever brazen girlfriend. Meanwhile Nigel just shook his head as he went to help Dimitri finish cleaning up from the day’s shoot and another finished production from the Two Masks Acting Troupe.

And that's it for the first update.

Now a quick who is who of the Two Masks Acting Troupe


First off playing Marianne we had Jessica St. Clair. A former rich girl who ran away to pursue her career as an actress.


Next up playing Scarlett this is Genesis Mills. Marianne's tatted up girlfriend who ended up in the Troupe completely by chance. And just a side note people like Nigel, Eddie, and Nia refer to her as Sis as a nickname. There is no actual relation.


Playing Marianne's mother we have Bailey Carletti. Born into a long running acting family (and don't you forget it) and all around pain in the ***


Hanging out behind the scenes we have Eddie Emmons, a regular and cheerful guy who became an actor in the troupe simply to support his daughter.


His daughter Nia Emmons, a part time member of the troupe who wants to be an actor like her dad and helps out with the troupe when they need a kid for a role.


Nigel Willoughby the co founder, writer, director, and manager of the troup. And a general nice guy.


And last but not least we have Dimitri Oliver, the other co founder of the troupe. Yes he likes to refer to himself in third person :p

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    Just an update, I forgot to mention this but unlike my previous Green Family story which I updated daily I am only intending to update this around once or twice a week on average since it takes a bit longer to get each chapter put together.
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    Here is the second chapter for my Two Masks story. If you missed the previous chapter I would recommend reading it first, you can find it by clicking on my banner image.

    Chapter 2- Choice and Change


    The snoring echoed across the quiet room accompanied only by the sound of typing as Jessica tapped away at the computer. She’d hoped to get a couple pages of her script done this morning but it was becoming more and more apparent that nothing was going to get accomplished due to the sound emanating from behind her which was making it impossible for her to focus.


    Glancing back at Genesis lying there on the bed though, with the sheets hanging off of her as she snored away, Jessica couldn’t help but smile. Normally Jessica preferred to be able to work in quiet but there was something about Genesis’ gentle snoring that she just couldn’t be annoyed about, but that didn’t change the fact that she couldn’t focus on her writing with the noise in the background so she just saved her script and shut the computer off before curling up on the bed next to Genesis.


    As she settled onto the bed she reached over and brushed the hair out of Genesis’ face, her hand lingering for a moment as she stared at her lovers beautiful face. It was hard to believe how different her life had become these past couple years.


    Growing up hadn’t been easy for Jessica, though most would probably have assumed it was. She was born Jessica St. Clair, the only daughter of the St. Clair family who owned a large manufacturing and shipping company. As such she’d had one of those blessed lives, living in a large house, waited on by servants, the lap of luxury pure and simple the envy of most of the people around her. But they didn’t know the cost that came with that life.

    Her father was a stern man, her mother a proper upper-class business woman. Together they had built St. Clair Industries from the ground up and as their daughter Jessica was expected to follow in their footsteps. She was expected to bring home straight A’s, she was going to behave like a properly befitting her family’s status, she would go to college to get a business degree, and one day she would take over her father’s business when he retired. That was her life…. and over time she grew to hate it.

    She hated how her entire life was dictated to her. Her past, her present, her future, none of it was hers to decide. Nobody ever seemed to care what she wanted or how she felt…. but she loved her family and she knew that they cared about her. She knew that they were striving to give her a good life so she tolerated it through year after year of school pushing her dissatisfaction out of her thoughts and telling herself that her parents plan would turn out to be right in the end, and that someday she would be happy with the life they were building for her, but then she discovered theater.


    Her first year of high school she stumbled upon the drama program and with her families blessing she joined, provided of course that she maintained her grades, but her parents didn’t see theater the way she did. For her it was the thing she’d been looking for, the answer to the question of what she wanted to do with her life, and with that the demise of any ability to believe that she could be happy in the life her parents wanted for her…. but to her parents theater was frivolous. It was a hobby to do in school, not a legitimate career, at least not for their daughter. So when she approached them telling them that she wanted to be an actress the idea was shot down before she could get the entire sentence out.


    As high school continued on she tried again and again to convince her parents. Pleading, begging, showing them every aspect of theater she could to try and make them see it as she did…. but to no avail. In their minds they had her life planned for the better and as far as they were concerned she would follow that plan, and as her senior year was coming to an end she was forced to realize that they weren’t going to change their minds.

    So she made her choice.

    As high school graduation finished with the help of the theater group she ran. While her parents were distracted by her friends disguised as other parents she snuck out the back, from there she caught a bus and took off leaving only a note behind telling them that she loved them but that while she knew they were trying to do what they felt was best it wasn't what she wanted and as such she had chosen to leave to pursue her own dreams. Lastly she urged them to not try and bring her back and to at least understand that this was what she wanted.


    For the next year and a half she struggled to make a living as an actress. She auditioned for role after role hoping to get her big break, but while she got a few small gigs nothing ever really panned out and she ended up just getting by off side jobs in the meantime. Then by complete chance she met Nigel and was offered a spot in the Two Masks Acting Troupe. A big break it wasn’t but it was regular paying work and came with room and board, and a short time later it had brought Genesis into her life.


    Romance had never been something Jessica had thought a lot about, theater had been her high school love and had plum up any free time that wasn’t consumed by keeping up with her school work. But she became taken with the tough redhead the second they met. Unkempt hair that constantly drifted over her face, torn jeans, tattoos covering her upper body, an attitude that screamed that she did what she wanted and didn’t care what anyone else thought…. Genesis was the complete opposite of everything Jessica’s life had represented, and Jessica loved that about her.

    That had been two months ago, since then the two had become inseparable. The type of whirlwind romance that Jessica had thought only existed in fiction and now as she sat there tracing her fingers unconsciously along Genesis’ tattoos she wouldn’t change a thing. Her life had changed so much since she made the decision to run away from her parents, and it had been hard. But now knowing that she was doing what she loved and was able to enjoy moments like this, just being happy in the presence of someone who made her look forward to waking up each morning, she wouldn’t change a thing.


    Genesis woke with a giggle as Jessica’s still tracing finger caught a sensitive spot in the crook of her arm.

    Genesis: That tickles.

    Jessica just smiled down at the beautiful girl, again brushing the hair out of the redhead’s face.

    Genesis: It won’t stay you know.
    Jessica: I know but I like doing it anyway so just humor me.

    Genesis stretched as she maneuvered across the bed into a sitting position next to Jess, her hair true to her word naturally falling back across her face.

    Genesis: Been watching me sleep I take it, that’s a touch creepy Jess.
    Jessica: Well there wasn’t much else to do, I can’t write with you snoring away so I take what fun I can get.


    Genesis: *smirks* Well if your want fun you should have just woken me, I have a few ideas I’m sure you’d enjoy.
    Jessica: *laughs* Of course you do, you and your one track mind.

    Genesis batted her eye lashes flirtatiously.

    Genesis: You got a problem with that?

    Jessica smiled as she allowed herself to be pushed backwards onto the bed as Genesis pulled the sheets over them.

    Jessica: With you, not at all.


    and that's it for this chapter. As always I hope everyone enjoyed the update and happy simming :)
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    Just a fun fact I learned today relating in part to my Two Masks story.

    The comedy tragedy masks which often represent theater (and were part of the inspiration for the title of my story) are linked to ancient Greece and Rome, in particular they are sometimes referred to as Janus masks after the Roman god Janus who was a two faced (I mean that literally as in he is often represented as having two faces, not as in he was conniving and catty, or that he was a batman villian or anything like that :p ) god of beginnings and transitions. And as can be deduced by the name and what he represents Janus was the influence for the name of the month January, which I find kind of funny seeing as my first two chapters have ended up straddling the end of December and the start of January.

    Pretty much completely useless information but I found it interesting and kind of funny so I thought I would mention.
  • CeliriaCeliria Posts: 3,488 Member
    And here is chapter 3 of Two Masks

    Chapter 3- Babysitting


    Nia: Jess, where’s big sis? You said the three of us were going to the park.
    Jessica: She’s just dealing with something quickly, she’ll be here soon.

    Nia pouted as she impatiently paced around while frequently glancing out the window at the beautiful sunny day outside that left her itching to just get out of the house and run around.

    Nia: Well what’s taking her so long? I want to get there before it gets dark.
    Jess: *laughed* Don’t worry Nia, it’s still early and we have plenty of time to make it to the park before that happens.

    The young girl continued to pace around still unconvinced. Suddenly the two heard the sounds of yelling shortly followed by Bailey storming out of the kitchen with Genesis at her heels as the two argued.


    Genesis: Hey, come back here. I’m not done with you yet.
    Bailey: Well I have no desire to speak further with such an uncouth hooligan like yourself. It’s beneath someone of my status.

    Genesis glared at Baily as the woman stomped up stairs clearly furious about whatever the two had been arguing about.

    As Baily walked out of sight Genesis turned away from the steps towards the two waiting girls one of which was rudely sticking her tongue out in the direction Bailey had left from.

    Jessica: Nia, stop that. How would your dad feel if he saw you behaving that way.

    Nia: I don’t care, she was being mean to big sis.


    Genesis smiled as she knelt down giving Nia a hug.

    Genesis: I’m with Nia on this one. Bailey’s a pain in the butt.

    Jessica glared at her girlfriend.

    Jessica: Whether or not that’s true it’s no excuse for Nia to behave that way, that goes for you as well, you really don’t need to antagonize her every time you two are in the same room.
    Genesis: Hey, she started it. I was just…..


    Her sentence was cut off however as Nia stubbornly tugged at their arms.

    Nia: Come on, big sis is here which means we can head to the park now.

    As annoyed as Jessica was at the apparent events in the kitchen she couldn’t help but laugh as the young girl determinedly tried to pull them towards the door.

    Jessica: Okay Nia, we’re going


    As they arrived at the park several minutes later Nia shot off towards the playground joyfully heading for the monkey bars and completely ignoring Jess’ called out words about being careful.

    Jessica: *sigh* How that small body can hold that much energy I will never understand. I honestly don’t know how Eddie keeps up with her.
    Genesis: *laughs* Probably because Eddie’s practically a big kid himself.

    Jessica took the opportunity to glare at Genesis again.

    still-annoyed.png[img]Jessica: On the subject of adults acting like kids…. Genesis: *groan* I swear she started it. I was just standing up for myself. You can’t seriously hold that against me. Jessica: But that doesn’t mean you have to respond to her, you could just walk away. Jessica’s expression softened as she and Genesis settled onto a bench where they could keep an eye on Nia from.[/img]why-argue.png

    Jessica: So what were you to arguing about this time.

    Genesis’ eyes widened as she remember what she’d been meaning to tell you and reached for a folded piece of paper in her pocket.

    Genesis: The critic reviews for “Caught Between” are in. Nigel stopped me in the kitchen and asked me to pass the news along.
    Jessica: And that started an argument between you and Bailey.
    Genesis: As I’ve said, she started it. The reviews are good and they especially praised our chemistry on camera. One said that he could really feel the passion between us which helped enhance the conflict in Marianne’s mind giving it a deeper feeling or some artsy **** like that.

    Jessica scanned over the critique Genesis had handed her as she responded.


    Jessica: And this started an argument between you and Bailey?
    Genesis: Yeah, she was there as well so she heard the critique at the same time. Then she went off about how the critic must have been an amateur who couldn’t recognize how bad my acting had been and how I’m a hooligan and Nigel shouldn’t give me any roles and she’s so much better blahdy blahdy blah. You know her usual ranting.
    Jessica: So again, why did you need to respond instead of just ignoring her?
    Genesis: *grimace* Well she followed it up with how I must be up to something shady for Nigel to give me as many roles as he does and she claimed again that he and I are sleeping together. At that point I decided enough was enough and gave her a piece of my mind.

    not-true.png[img]Jessica sighed as she leaned up against Genesis. Jessica: Does it matter what she says? You know it’s not true, I know it’s not true, Nigel and the others know it’s not true. So knowing that it really shouldn’t bother you so much? Genesis: Well it does bother me, I’m so lucky to have you in my life to begin with and I can’t stand that she would claim I would ever do anything like that. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I wouldn't do anything to screw that up.[/img]holding-hands.png

    Jessica couldn’t help but smile as she wrapped her fingers around Genesis hand.

    Jessica: You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me as well, but you still should let it go. Or at least try to look at it from her point of view. It’s not entirely her fault, she’s just frustrated and you just happen to be on the receiving end.
    Genesis: And just because she’s plum off I should sit back and let her run her mouth?
    Jessica: You just don’t see where she’s coming from. She’s a lot like me you know. Rich family, expectations…..
    Genesis: Yeah except you turned out alright and she just turned into a total *****.

    Jessica glared at Genesis

    Jessica: It’s not that simple. I ran away while she’s still stuck in that life. You know about her family don’t you?
    Genesis: How could I not? She never shuts up about it.


    Jessica: The daughter of the Carletti family, a family of famous actors and actresses going back six generations. You don’t know the pressure that creates. It was bad enough for me just having pressure from Mom and Dad about what to do with my life, I can’t even imagine pressure from an entire family legacy.
    Genesis: So what? She could have run like you. She didn’t have to turn out the way she did.
    Jessica: Except she’s different from me in that respect, unlike me she wants to follow her family legacy she’s proud of it….. but despite that things haven’t worked out. If they had she probably wouldn’t even be in the Troupe.
    Genesis: Ah to think we could have been so lucky.

    Genesis groaned again this time from Jess’ elbow catching her in the ribs.

    Jessica: It’s not funny. This is why she’s so frustrated. She has all this pressure along with the desire to follow it but things haven’t worked out, and then you show up the epitome of everything she’s been raised to not be and you’re having the success she wants. She’s jealous.


    Genesis’ eyebrow shot up in disbelief.

    Genesis: Bailey? Jealous of me? Yeah right.
    Jessica: But she is. I can tell because the two of us come from similar places, and if I was in her position I would probably be jealous as well.
    Genesis: What makes you believe all of this? Why are you so sure she isn’t just obnoxious?
    Jessica: You have to remember, I was in the troupe for a couple months with her and the others before you showed up, but it wasn’t until you got here and started to get a lot of the limelight that she became this irritable. And that, combined with the fact that I know what it feels like to be under that kind of pressure, made it easy to put two and two together.
    Genesis: I’m sticking with the idea that she’s just a *****.
    Jessica: Fine, be that way, but at least try to go a little bit easier on her. I can’t help but feel bad for her knowing what she’s going through and you two butting heads all the time can’t be helping.
    Genesis: *sigh* okay I’ll try, just promise you won’t hate me if I don’t manage, that girl really gets under my skin.
    Jessica: I could never hate you, just try and I will be happy.


    The two smiled at each other as they leaned in for a kiss…..

    Eddie: *smirks* I thought you two were supposed to be babysitting.

    Genesis: *sigh* You know, Eddie you have the worst timing.
    Eddie: *laughs* I know right.
    Jessica: So why are you here? I thought you had a date, hence us babysitting for you.


    Eddie: Yeah, that didn’t go so well. It was going well but then she leaned I had a daughter and things went south from there so I thought I would come see how the babysitting was going only to find out the three of you had gone to the park for the day. I don’t remember you mentioning a park trip *smirks*

    Jessica: What? Gen, you said that this trip was Eddie’s idea?

    Genesis feigned innocence as she pointed towards the pirate ship jungle gym where Nia was playing.

    Genesis: It was all her idea, you’d be amazed how persuasive she can be.
    Nia: Tattletale, no fair.
    Eddie: *laughs* Don’t worry it’s fine. Just let me know in the future so I don’t worry when I get back to the mansion and can’t find Nia anywhere.
    Jessica: Don’t worry Eddie, I’ll make sure to let you know in the future.

    Meanwhile Nia felt the adults conversation had gone on long enough.


    Nia: Come on Daddy. You and big sis should come play with me.
    Genesis: Hey what about Aunt Jess we can’t leave her out of all the fun.
    Jessica: Don’t worry, I’m fine here. You two go and play with her I don’t make that good a sea monster anyway.
    Genesis: I don’t know, I’ve seen your hair in the morning. That’s pretty scary.

    Jessica playfully shoved Genesis as the redhead climbed off the bench and headed over towards the jungle gym with Eddie.


    And as she watched the two wave their arms around playing the sea monsters to Nia’s pirate Jess couldn’t help but laugh, the melancholy feelings from her earlier conversation with Genesis quickly melting away.
  • CeliriaCeliria Posts: 3,488 Member
    Just to let people know I am working on an update though I may not get it posted this week. I know in my head where I want to go with the story but I'm trying to sort out how and get that written up. Sorry for the delay.
  • CeliriaCeliria Posts: 3,488 Member
    And after my obnoxious slowness here is chapter 4 for Two Masks


    Nigel sat nervously as he watched Eddie read through the script, meanwhile Dimitri stood off to the side calm as ever. Nigel wasn’t sure how Dimitri always seemed to be so composed but thinking back to their childhood he couldn’t recall ever seeing his friend mad, but right now those thoughts were secondary as Nigel shifted back and forth in his seat waiting to hear Eddie’s response.

    Eddie glared as he lowered the script staring over at the two other men.

    Eddie: No, I am completely against this.

    Nigel: Is it not a good script?

    Nigel balked as Eddie responded, the anger in the man’s voice clearly noticeable.

    Eddie: That’s not the issue and you know it. Did you honestly expect I would agree to let my daughter be in this kind of storyline?

    Nigel: Well I just thought that....

    Eddie: No clearly you weren’t thinking otherwise you wouldn’t even bother to ask for my approval on this.


    Dimitiri: Dimitri believes you are overreacting a touch Eddie, there is no reason to turn this into a shouting competition. Of course, as per our arrangement you are allowed a say in any script that would involve your daughter but....

    Eddie again cut in his temper starting to flair though he did his best to stay seated and not to outright yell at the two men in front of him.

    Eddie: Yes, that was the deal, and this kind of thing is the reason for that which is why I am telling you there is no chance that I am going to let Nia participate in this.

    Eddie noticed the uncomfortable look on Nigel’s face in response to his gradually rising tone and quickly started trying to tone back his anger.

    Eddie: Look, it’s a good script, I’m not denying that but you’ve got to see this from my side of things. I’ve spent the last 8 years avoiding this kind of subject with Nia for obvious reasons. So it should be understandable why seeing this script upsets me.


    Nigel glanced down disappointedly.

    Nigel: Okay so I will scrap the script and try to come up with a new one?

    Dimitiri: Not so quick Nigel, Dimitri does not wish to see your hard work get discarded so easily. Maybe there is some compromise we can come up with.

    Eddie: Compromise? Look, I get that you work hard on these but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s my job to do what I feel is best for my daughter and there is no way I’m letting her be in this.

    Nigel sat back still squirming about in the chair uncomfortable in the face of Eddie’s anger. He hadn’t thought much about the context when he was writing the script, he never did. He always just got an idea and ran with it until it was finished. Having thought about it afterwards though, he had expected that Eddie might be uncomfortable with the script but at the same time Nigel couldn’t help but feel attached to his work. As one of his creations he hated the idea of just throwing it out, but he also had promised Eddie final say on any script that involved Nia and he wasn’t about to break that promise, meaning that ditching the script was the only option.


    Suddenly Dimitri chimed in.

    Dimitri: Dimitri has an idea that will both protect your daughter and allow Nigel to use his script. How about rather than discarding your work Nigel, you rewrite it so that we can shoot the scenes with Nia separate from the rest. This way we can do the piece without her having to be involved in the context of the rest of the performance. Would that be okay with you Eddie.


    Eddie glanced skeptically at Dimitri. He knew how Nigel felt about the stories he wrote and hadn’t wanted to make him get rid of one but since his daughter had to come first in his mind his primary goal was to protect her as he felt was necessary and worry about others thoughts and feelings afterwards.

    Eddie: I’m still not sure, I guess that would be okay but would it even be possible to rework the story that way Nigel.... Nigel.... ?


    But Nigel at this point wasn’t paying attention. His nervousness had vanished at Dimitri’s suggestion and he was already typing away furiously at his tablet working on the necessary adjustments.

    Dimitri: *laughs* Dimitiri thinks that would be a yes. We should leave him for now. I can vouch from our childhood that Nigel is impossible to talk to when he gets like this.

    Eddie’s mood lightened as well as he watched Nigel typing away.

    Eddie: Well I guess that settles that. So long as Nia isn’t involved in any of the context of the storyline then it's okay by me.

    Dimitiri laughed again.

    Dimitri: Dimitiri guarantees you can have faith in Nigel. He is a good guy and respects your concerns. He will do what it takes so that you will be happy with the result.

    With that the two headed out the door leaving Nigel behind lost in his own little world.

    and that's it for this update. I hope everyone enjoyed it and as always happy simming.
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    Thanks for posting the update, I loved it! Can't wait to see what all the drama was about.
    Find me at Sims3.com. Username: Nesoiancitizen
    I'm also on Duolingo as carlaquest
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    Note for future reference. Never use Dell support.

    I was having trouble with my mouse where it keeps detecting the left mouse click as the right mouse. So I used the support today and gave them access to my computer. The guy then managed to somehow reset my whole laptop meaning all my sims saves along with everything I had on my laptop is know completely gone :angry:

    Due to this I can't continue any of my sims stories and am forced to cancel them.

    I will eventually start fresh with a new story but for now I'm just in a foul mood from all of this and am going to go play something on my xbox that is extremely violent to take out my frustration.

    I hope everyone else at least is having a good day.
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