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New Members Club - Come On In!

brandi22brandi22 Posts: 3,949 Member
Hello New Members! :)

What is a "New Member" of the Sims Forums?

Look under your avatar beside "Rank." Does it say "New Member?" If so, this means your activities within the forums can be quite restrictive. You may not be able to post signatures, pictures, etc.

How Will This Thread Help Me?

One way of gaining points toward becoming a full-fledged Member is to interact with others and have them react to your posts (ie. "Like," "Awesome," etc). This thread is a way of getting to Membership stat while having fun. You can introduce yourself, chat about the game, pose questions, or get to know others.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Please do not directly ask for point-based reactions (ie. "Press Like/Awesome on this post so I can become a member") per the forum rules.

Some Questions to Get You Started
1. What is your favorite EP/SP and why ?

2. What is your favorite thing about the game?

3. Do you play with cheats? If so, which ones?

4. Do you have any tips/tricks you'd like to share?

5. Do you have The Sims 4? If so, what are your favorite and least favorite things?

Helpful Links
Newbie FAQs
Blythelyre's "Hi, My Name Is..." thread offers tons of help and resources to new Simmers. You can access it at the top of the Gifting Forums.

Membership Levels
If you have questions about the way membership levels work, please see 06Bon06's helpful thread here.

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