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  • robinsonfamrobinsonfam Posts: 781 Member
    edited November 2014
    I love the caption for this:
    "I absolutely love the dress I wore. It’s as light as gossamer, and when I wear it, I feel like a fairy queen."

    And in this pic they look like they're doing the congo!

    Parties are always fun to play for me.
  • CathyTeaCathyTea Posts: 19,876 Member
    @RobinsonFam - thank you! I had fun writing that caption. That's my SimSelf who's journaling her life with her roomies, and she's a lot like me when I was young--only smarter, more accomplished, and way more confident and socially adept than I was then or now! Anyway, that dress is like something I would never wear, but I was imagining what it would feel like to wear! That's Tanisha with the red hair in the photo above. Tanisha! Wow! What a Sim! She's Maxis-made, and I think she's one of most beautiful and accomplished Maxis-made Sims I've had in a game. Of course, TS4, the Maxis-made Sims are really interesting and fascinating! Isn't the dancing in TS4 the best? Sometimes I can just sit and watch them dance forever, like you with watching LeSean play music, right?
  • aroseinbloomaroseinbloom Posts: 3,341 Member
    CathyTea wrote: »
    Isn't the dancing in TS4 the best? Sometimes I can just sit and watch them dance forever, like you with watching LeSean play music, right?

    Seriously. I love how people always come to parties ready to dance. My whole Skinner family is full of dancers who bop around to the music. Or sometimes get fully into it...I suppose it just depends. It truly is a unique experience.
  • aroseinbloomaroseinbloom Posts: 3,341 Member
    Also? New blog post. You'll get to truly meet the beautiful Peyton Skinner here. She's my new favorite Sim. Ever.

    I will Carry Forward the Legacy 5.6
  • robinsonfamrobinsonfam Posts: 781 Member
    CathyTea wrote: »
    Sometimes I can just sit and watch them dance forever, like you with watching LeSean play music, right?
    Oh I love watching them dance too!
    Before LeSean learned how to play he would express himself through The Dancing!

  • KingCobblerKingCobbler Posts: 176 Member
    New chapter and heir announcement from The Washington Legacy:

    Heir Announcement:
    New Chapter:

    @aroseinbloom Peyton is adorable!

    @everyone else I love it when Sims dance! Sadly, the Washington's are not a musically inclined family, so they do so horribly and with much protest.
  • CathyTeaCathyTea Posts: 19,876 Member
    @aroseinbloom - Peyton is fantastic! Aren't goofballs amazing? I feel like they combine the best of both cheerful and good! Their positive attitude is so cool! Astronaut's a great career--good decision, Peyton!
  • AkramAAkramA Posts: 2,542 Member
    CathyTea wrote: »
    @AkramA - I love the TS2 photo at the end! What a fun surprise!
    I'm glad you like the TS2 CAS photo surprise! I forgot how really long time it is to load my fully-expansion-ed TS2 and the CAS is just hard to use. I'm grateful for the no expansion TS4.
    CathyTea wrote: »
    It's neat that Rose has such good friends! So... she wants to be heir, huh? I guess she doesn't realize it's the spares that live the good life!
    I really like Dandre and Phillip. And for the heir thing, I didn't think she really know what being an heir had to do. And we'll see if she'll be able to know that.
    AkramA wrote: »
    My thread keep sinking in this forum! Bumping my thread seem to be a bad idea!
    Well, here's the new episode!
    Man, Rose and Philip are col' blooded! Ba haha ha ha !

    Psshh, how is that cold blooded? I mean she's just taking her brother to dance with her friend and leave the "boringness" of finger painting alone at home.

  • aroseinbloomaroseinbloom Posts: 3,341 Member
    @CathyTea I love the goofball trait! Honestly, she makes the best facial expressions AND she is generally in a good mood. Minus legacy chats with her father. Which are now banned. Forever. Heh.
  • hirondelle09hirondelle09 Posts: 175 Member
    Le Dynastie d’Angers: Chapter Seven: Musical Chairs
    Katelynn realizes she should have read the fine print before agreeing to take part in a Legacy household.

    Read through your blog recently, and I love your style of writing/narration :)
  • BilmonaghanBilmonaghan Posts: 1,552 Member
    Le Dynastie d’Angers: Chapter Eight — This Old Outhouse
    Not sure what your would-be boyfriend will say about your remodeling plans? Lock him in the bathroom 'til your done.
  • aroseinbloomaroseinbloom Posts: 3,341 Member
    @KingCobbler Peyton is amazing. She's a handful, though. I really love her style. She's just so different from the previous heirs. If you can't tell already, I'm super excited to see what her YA life will bring.
  • aroseinbloomaroseinbloom Posts: 3,341 Member
    @bilmonaghan Loved the update! Too funny. Katelynn's insanity displays itself in some of the most random ways! And where are those darn legacy kids?!?
  • BilmonaghanBilmonaghan Posts: 1,552 Member
    edited November 2014
    ... Katelynn's insanity displays itself in some of the most random ways!
    I know! That might be my fault. I'm kinda having a hard time reading her.

    Post edited by Bilmonaghan on
  • Jes2GJes2G Posts: 11,953 Member
    WHOA!! I didn't even know this group was here. I've been missing out. Here's my info:

    Story Title: Pruett Family Legacy
    Author Name: Jes2G
    Story URL:
    Brief Description: A fun, drama-filled story about the life and times of the Pruett family in Willow Creek.
    Story Avatar: avatar.png

  • CathyTeaCathyTea Posts: 19,876 Member
    @bilmonaghan - I got a weird deja vu when I saw that photo of Dimenche stepping out "looking particularly crabby." With that expression, he looks an awful lot like this guy I work with in Technology Services!

    And I love the way Oakenstead Outhouse is developing!

    Really great photos in this chapter--I love the moody lighting you captured.
  • aroseinbloomaroseinbloom Posts: 3,341 Member
    How silly of me to not include my info?!? I get sidetracked. I made an avatar days ago. Heh.

    Story Title: The Skinner Saga
    Author: ARoseInBloom
    Description: The life stories of the heirs of the family Skinner.

  • Silvereyes83Silvereyes83 Posts: 244 Member
    Lots of great stories on here. This is one of the first stories I've written, (the second actually) but I thought I might share it on here as well.

    Story Title: O'Malley Tales
    Author Name: Silvereyes83
    Story URL:
    Brief Description: The ups and downs Rachael O'Malley faces after losing her mother and becoming Head of the Family.
    Story Avatar: n6X4Y2EBNBA7Y.png
  • BilmonaghanBilmonaghan Posts: 1,552 Member
    CathyTea wrote: »
    . . . photos in this chapter..
    Akrama set me hep to how to get back into Camera mode a few days back! I about peed! You can get all kinds of great angles and close-in better without foreground objects disappearing, Only now I spend way more time 'paused' and playing with the camera and end up with about 20 times more art to sift through to try to figure out what's going on!

    But I am starting to get into the shots taken after I started using camera mode again. That's cool you picked up on it.

    (Tab. BTW.It's just the tab key! Then the mouse and key controls for moving the camera are all different.)

  • aroseinbloomaroseinbloom Posts: 3,341 Member

    (Tab. BTW.It's just the tab key! Then the mouse and key controls for moving the camera are all different.)

    OMG I followed that conversation and have started taking photos like this now. I, too, spend so much time paused, taking photos. Well...when something worthwhile is happening, which it isn't at the moment. But anyways! key=game changer!

  • hirondelle09hirondelle09 Posts: 175 Member
    Btw guys I updated my Disney Legacy!~ (finally)

    You can find the latest chapter here or the content page here if you're new to the blog/legacy :)
  • KingCobblerKingCobbler Posts: 176 Member
    @hirondelle09 Just read the latest chapter! I don't want to give it away for everyone else, so I won't mention anything specific, but I really enjoyed myself. Cinderella is adorable (especially when she's frustrated), as is Snow, and the whole family, really. You did a lot better with a house full of children than I did. So, kudos! :D
  • Silvereyes83Silvereyes83 Posts: 244 Member
    @hirondelle09 Super cute story. I really enjoyed reading it, and to answer one of your questions during your story: I know I for one get really attached with my favorite sims.

  • SimpleIntoxicationSimpleIntoxication Posts: 267 Member
    'Ello Everyone!


    Story Title: Steele Family Legacy
    Author Name: SimpleIntoxication
    Story URL:
    Brief Description: Lacy Steele has moved out away from her snob of a father, and now she's trying to make a name for herself and for her family, starting from the ground up with nothing but a name...
  • BilmonaghanBilmonaghan Posts: 1,552 Member
    There's something plummed up about the link above. (too many http's or something) Go here:
    It's way worth it.
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