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The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge


  • Sapphire268Sapphire268 Posts: 64 Member
    I just started this challenge, but the problem is my sims constantly go out after hours and nap. Does anyone have any solutions for this?
  • FennadevFennadev Posts: 172 Member
    I have a question, how can you have 8 chairs and yet only one nappable furniture?
    Should I just keep 8 chairs to sit on and whenever one sim is sleeping on one of them prevend others from sleeping on the remaining chairs?
  • simswithcheesesimswithcheese Posts: 74 Member
    @Fennadev I will be updating the rules as soon as I can.
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 4,274 Member
    Historically the Asylum Challenge has always been an enjoyable one to play. I love that @simswithcheese has created the Sims4 updated version. The key to this (or any) challenge is to have fun. Rules or guidelines provide goals and structure to gameplay. Odd things are going to happen. Just play along an keep it fun. :)
  • GobstoppedGobstopped Posts: 510 Member
    I'm going to be starting this challenge very soon, can't wait! I've decided I want people from the forums to subit their own crazy sims for my challenge, so if anyones interested follow this link for all the details!
  • BranrBranr Posts: 410 New Member
    edited May 2015
    I've been playing this challenge for the past couple days, and have some thoughts/questions.

    First, what is the reason for limiting the number of chairs? I've found there are no activities that are limited by a lack of sitting spots, including reading, eating or just plain socializing, I have seen my sims sit on beds to do these things, or even the edge of a pool. I understand the limit on napping-type items, and if you get the truly cheapest chairs, those with no comfort rating at all, your sims will not nap in them. I would suggest eliminating the limited chairs rule, and instead chairs and bar stools with no comfort rating be allowed in unlimited quantities. Also, limit the napping item to a loveseat, I have seen 2 sims nap on a couch at the same time, which kinda defeats the purpose of one napping item.

    Second, what is the ruling for crafted items, including paintings, anything made with the woodworking table, mounted fish, photos taken with the camera, and pictures received from using the microscope/observatory? When I play my game, I rule that no objects that have an environment rating can be placed in the asylum at the start, but that inmate-produced "arts and crafts" (the above listed) can be displayed. In the case of the woodworking bench, I ruled that any items created that end up in the player's inventory can be displayed, but objects that go to the house inventory must be sold. As for the inactive inmates, objects like the paintings from the observatory or microscope must stay in the inmate's inventory. Also, objects gained from parties/dates/jobs must be sold when gained.

    Third, how do you handle the new "active" careers, Scientist, Doctor, Salesperson, and Policeman? Are we allowed to actively go to the lots to interact with the job lots, or just treat them like other jobs, because otherwise all but Scientist are unable to progress. I play it as the sim leaves the lot to work no matter which job, so all should be allowed.

    Next, do planters count as skill objects, since a sim can just plant in the ground without them?

    Finally, to be clear, the skill items I have found are anything with a "+ XXXX skill" label, and we are limited to 5 of these, with the exception of mirrors (charisma) and cooking items. I would also note that skill books count as skill-building items. Are we allowed to buy new items if we have the cash earned and ADD the item, or do we REPLACE an old item , an easel, for example, with the new item, say, a guitar? I would also rule the MotionMonitor Gaming Mat as a skill-building item, since it raises the Video Gaming skill, although it isn't listed on the description, and the Got Game Table be treated the same way, I believe it raises Logic skill?

    Edit: The Got Game Table does not raise Logic, so no need to limit it to skill activities. Oh, and I would suggest limiting the traits picked for the inmates to one type per group, i.e., only one Evil, Bro, Geek, etc. It's more fun that way :).

    Edit 2: Oh, and I highly suggest you play in Long age mode.

    Edit 3: Oh, and what are your opinion of the emotion books in the asylum? If they are left around for inmates to read, it could be a lot of fun.
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  • Letty91Letty91 Posts: 432 Member
    edited May 2015
    I just discovered this challenge today, I am so excited to get started!! I am just in the process of building my asylum now, following the Kirkbride style of course, and I was wondering what qualifies at the "cheapest bed". The one that has the lowest price and says that is it "uncomfortable for adults" I'm just wondering if that is the one I should use or if the young adults actually won't be able to use it?? Thanks, can't wait!!

    also .... I just realized that by building my massive asylum, the crazies might not be able to afford the bills ... oops
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  • simswithcheesesimswithcheese Posts: 74 Member
    @Branr I highly appreciate your detailed feedback! :)
    1. I added in the chairs option as it was in the rules for The Sims 3 and The Sims 2. I am considering on removing the chair and napping objects limitations since we have smarter Sims in this game.
    2. You can sell the items your sim has crafted or hang them around the asylum for emotional buffs. I believe that the fishing aspiration requires mounted fish in the house, so in that case you have to do it.
    3. I will explain active careers when I update the post (which is soon!). They will most likely be banned, but I'm thinking of spanning out from just completing aspirations ;)
    4. No, planters don't count as skill objects.
    5. Again more info about it will be in the next update. :)
    6. Any type of books can be brought.

    @Letty91 I was just thinking that today actually, use the cheapest bed that adults can use.
  • BranrBranr Posts: 410 New Member
    I'd stick with the napping limits, limiting it to one love seat, but as many chairs as you like, as long as you get the $40 chairs.

    I just finished the challenge a little while ago, didn't keep score, but only had 2 fires, one on the stove and one on the grill. I must say, adding the campfire to the lot is a good idea, because sims on fire are hilarious!

    I only had one death (embarrassment), and I have no idea how it happened. The first time the ghost appeared, I friended him up enough to re-add him to the household. Strange place, a ghost and an alien were inmates.

    I would say the scientist career could be kept, since it requires breakthroughs, and those can be done at home, then send the sim to work with the inactive option.

    Upon success (completed Master Chef, Renaissance Sim, Soulmate and the Painting one on medium) I moved my sim and his wife out to a new house, I've become too attached to them :smiley:
  • DrnSimmerDrnSimmer Posts: 458 Member
    I'm working on starting this challenge. I'm pretty excited
    Here are my residents.

    And here's the asylum (still working on it)
  • VihishaVihisha Posts: 2,655 Member
    edited May 2015
    I just restarted this challenge because my tiny human deleted A BUNCH of my game files & unfortunately my save of this challenge was caught in the crossfire =(
    This time around, I an doing a Sreenshots/Story/Let's Play type of thing

    Here is my intro episode where I go over what I'm doing exactly...meet the residents...& c their asylum
    & Episode 1....if you're interested in watching =)
    Intro Episode
    Episode 1
  • Letty91Letty91 Posts: 432 Member
    almost finished building my asylum, just need some stairs and a few minor adjustments :smiley:



  • simswithcheesesimswithcheese Posts: 74 Member
    So I'm trying to update the post with a few changes to the rules and an updated look with bolded words and bullet points, but the bold words and bullet point won't show up. Until I figure out why I can't update the rules.
  • KausawolfKausawolf Posts: 45 Member
    edited May 2015
    Just started this today.
    Going to post pictures once I'm not a "new member" D:

    I added some things of my own to mine though.
    Its all women, called "Mayfield's home for criminally insane women".
    No make up, accessories, or shoes and everyone wears the same uniform. Formal and party are exempt from these rules.
    Everything is white or steel/chrome to give it that asylum feel.
    Backstory wise everyone got here by, obviously, being an insane criminal. :smile:
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  • KausawolfKausawolf Posts: 45 Member
    I cant add images to my old post, so sorry if double posting is against he rules!

    My main sim is the lovely lady with the tattoos in front. Backstory wise, she was framed for manslaughter and her terrible lawyer convinced her pleading insanity was a good idea. Shes an author by trade.

    The "get me out of here" sigh.

    The stove caught on fire, the sink broke, both toilets broke, everything is a mess and someone is doing crunches in the kitchen.
    Its been two days.
  • TetsuoShimaTetsuoShima Posts: 848 Member
    This whole challenge is practically already what I have going with my main sim.
  • FennadevFennadev Posts: 172 Member
    My sims adjusted well to their 6 beds, they take turns in taking naps...
    And one decided to nap in a chair, which is allowed, but it only means others arent allowed to nap in a chair.
  • TetsuoShimaTetsuoShima Posts: 848 Member
    I decided to start over and actually consciously give this challenge a try.
    Roses are red.
    Experiments fail.
    Maybe one day, I will get out of jail.
    Violets are blue.
    Everyone died.
    These pills may very well make me brave... enough to commit suicide.
    Blood stains are red.
    I hate humanity.
    The world's an asylum.
    It's full of insanity.
    Chaos is red.
    Justice is blue.
    I despise you.
  • FennadevFennadev Posts: 172 Member
    edited May 2015
    I have got a question, can I actually upgrade my stuff with the upgrading items?
    I do check my other sims their needs whenever they feel bad and I also guide them to right bed (my locks don't work) because I got a male sleeping room and a female, so when they lay in the wrong bed I tell them to lay in the other bed.
    I discovered that they won't go sleep together in one bed, which makes it even more interesting because now only 5 can sleep at once. I also had a fire and next to the sim I am controlling, two other inmates decided to put the fire out.
  • MocaJavaMocaJava Posts: 1,366 Member
    Fennadev wrote: »
    I have got a question, can I actually upgrade my stuff with the upgrading items?
    I do check my other sims their needs whenever they feel bad and I also guide them to right bed (my locks don't work) because I got a male sleeping room and a female, so when they lay in the wrong bed I tell them to lay in the other bed.
    I discovered that they won't go sleep together in one bed, which makes it even more interesting because now only 5 can sleep at once. I also had a fire and next to the sim I am controlling, two other inmates decided to put the fire out.

    I hope we can upgrade, I no sooner fix something than my housemates break it again. It makes it hard to find time to work on my aspiration.

    I've noticed that unless your Sims are spouses or siblings they won't sleep in the same bed together so I made sure to have six separate beds.

  • FennadevFennadev Posts: 172 Member
    edited May 2015
    Oh, I love that I have double beds, it actually makes more of my inmates pass out and it's fun watching that.
    Here's a list of them:
    Fenna de Vries(crazy version of me): insane, loner, creative and muser.
    Lana Hendriks: insane, mean, bookworm and quick learner
    Han Lee (off course, always need to add in a Korean male): insane, attractive, noncommital, music lover
    Maarten Thomassen: insane, glutton, slob, the one of the food aspiration
    Sophie van Bommel:insane, evil, snob, trait of criminal aspiration
    Lana Schipper: insane, childish, neat, the social trait aspiration
    Jesse Timmermans: insane, hot headed, goofball, same as Lana
    Florian Sanders: insane, lazy, clumsy, same as Sophie

    I dunno how some traits are called in English since I play in Dutch, I use my own adjusted rules:
    If one person sleeps in the wrong sleeping room, I can redirect them to the right room and I am allowed to check in on them any time as long as I am not changing their wills. I also am allowed to prevend the inmates from taking naps on a chair if one is already napping on them. This way I always have 3 sims awake at the moment, but things will still change as they get to know each other better. They now still refuse to sleep together in one bed.
    I will do some pics soon, my Asylum is kinda like almost completely basement. I only keep the sleeping rooms and the bathrooms upstairs. I know I am a horrible builder, but some of my inmates like the place I made of the basement.

    Another question: Am I allowed to replace items instead of repairing? My fridge broke and I don't want my main sim to be electricuted.
  • MocaJavaMocaJava Posts: 1,366 Member
    question, does the total number of seats you're allowed include chairs typically put at a computer desk/chess table?
  • TetsuoShimaTetsuoShima Posts: 848 Member
    My main sim who I control is named Krimzon Karnage. He is insane, evil, and ambitious and is trying to be a public enemy. He is also schizophrenic, autistic, and bipolar.

    And, he is thinks there is something suspicious about Azathoth the unicorn.

    It can't just be a coincidence that the unicorn is located in the same room where Nyarlathotep died.
  • SpookshowSpookshow Posts: 1,204 Member
    I'm totally gunna try this! So the challenge ends when you're free from the Asylum?
  • TetsuoShimaTetsuoShima Posts: 848 Member
    LemmyLouch wrote: »
    I'm totally gunna try this! So the challenge ends when you're free from the Asylum?

    It ends when you complete the amount of aspirations you need depending on the difficulty. I suggest you start off on easy because you only need to complete 2 aspirations.
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