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Rosebud Challenge - Can you become a Sim-Millionaire? - EuphorialQueen

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Rosebud Challenge - Can you become a Sim-Millionaire? - EuphorialQueen
Rosebud Challenge - Can you become a Sim-Millionaire?
In Sims 4 is an achievement called Rosebud with the following goal:
'Gain 1,000,000 Simoleons in a single household'
That is the idea behind this challenge.
Using the basic guidelines from RIMS (Rain In My Shoes) the challenge begins with a Sims with no visible means of support.
The Sim(s):
Fresh household with Zero skills.
Life span on Normal.
No more than two per household. *Edit: More can be added later. See below.
Preferably Young Adult.
Can be your own or from the gallery.
Please give credit when using the creations of someone else.
Aspirations and traits are up to you.
Choose wisely as they will be fending for themselves for a while.
:star: Update 26 November 2017 :star:
Cats & Dogs EP
Start with either one cat or one dog with your single Sim.
Must have the appropriate items to keep your pet happy.
Food dish, pet toy and small bed (cat must have a litter box).
IF you start with a pet you can purchase the necessary supplies.
You may fill the pet dish once before reducing funds to Zero.
*Remember §§ are required to feed your pet or to give them treats.
Start as usual with a single Sim and Zero §§ on an empty lot with only a mailbox and trashcan.
You must earn enough §§ to buy pet supplies before adopting a stray.

The Lot:
Nothing but a mailbox and maybe a trashcan (which will have to be bought).
*Edit: 30 September 2014 - You may buy an Outdoor trashcan before reducing funds to Zero.
Indoor trashcans cannot be emptied without an outdoor one.
Size is up to you but I am starting on my favorite 30x20 size.
* Clarification/Starting Funds:
Once moved into Empty lot must set starting funds to Zero.
This can be achieved by using the money cheat described below.
Cheats to reduce funds:
Money ###”–Set’s funds to exact number
Sims.modify_funds +/-###” –Adds or subtracts value from current funds
Example: “Money 25000″ or “Sims.modify_funds +500”
This would be the only cheat allowed with exception of glitches.
Glitches = can use TestingCheats True in the event of a true glitch.

Improving the Lot:
Build your own or use one from the gallery.
*Must be Empty to start!
Note: This is your home thru the challenge.
Warning: the more 'stuff' the higher the bills.
Go slow at first so your Sim will not have to starve or go without power/ water.
Earning Money:
You can Collect, Fish, Smooze, Garden or play for tips (if skill is high enough).
Get to 500s §500 (Five hundred Simoleons) before getting a job. Consider it like an application fee.
Housing and spouse/move in another Sim:
Requires walls, a door and a window. Plumbing of at least one toilet and a sink. Fridge for quick meals. Sleep spot for each Sim. Would you move in with a person living on an empty lot?
Adding a Roommate or Spouse:
Must have enclosed space as described above. Only the bathroom would require full enclosure.
Must add Roommate via 'Ask to Move In' action. If you really have your eye on a special Sim in the Gallery they can be added to your population but NOT directly to your lot. You can add them to either an existing household, an empty lot (they can fend for themselves) or to the 'Not in this World (homeless) population. This Sim cannot be played to add funds etc until added to your household.
Must add Spouse to your current lot. You may want to add as a Roommate via 'Ask to Move In' action first.
You can decide if they will stay or go at that point.

Potential amendments
Added 30Sept2014
Known Issue Rambunctious Scamp (Child Aspiration) with action 'Play on Jungle Gym While Playful' is not met.
Issue was added to Sims 4 Official Bug List.
Temporary work around: Open cheat panel using control shift C and type in the command:
This will complete that level of the aspiration.

***Thread at EA Answer HQ - Just saw another possible solution.
Go to park while playful and play on the Shipinstead of the Jungle Gym.
Clarification in answer to question asked:
Q. Do you purchase a trashcan before setting funds to zero or after? (Great question LadyGee)
A. Since mailbox and trashcan are standard issue (Sims 3 they are included with each lot) you can buy one before reducing funds if you want.
Be sure it is one of the outdoor ones.

@ImaginingMystic suggested some variations to the #RosebudChallenge in her Let's Play on YouTube.
Added 25 October 2015
Rosebud Extreme: Suggested by @ImaginingMystic
No household member can have a job.
All funds must be earned by collecting or creating.
Painting, Writing Books, Writing Songs or Crafting Items are allowed.
Sims added to household must bring in Zero Simoleons.
If the added Sim has a job they must quit immediately.
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