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Roomies: Rules for a new challenge/experience

CathyTeaCathyTea Posts: 20,422 Member
Here's a new challenge, a twist on ISBI (I'm Surrounded By plum) yet without the legacy aspect of the game.

1. Choose a Sim to be your First Person Narrator (FPN). This is the one Sim that you can directly control during the game.

2. Move this Sim to a big empty lot (any empty lot will do).

3. Before you begin building or buying a house, move in 7 roomies. These can be from the gallery or from "Manage Household." Move in singles, so that the household total is the equivalent of 160,000 Simoleans minus the cost of the lot.

4. Buy or build a house (preferably with room for all!).

5. Gameplay: The goal of the game is to keep your household Sims (including the FPN) happy, healthy, and as fulfilled as possible.

a. Set the lifespan to Long, in order to give you plenty of time to develop skills and relationships and other aspects of a fulfilled and happy life.

b. You can only directly control the FPN, with the following exceptions:
  • You can click on each household member to get that Sim a job.
  • You can assign a bed to each member by clicking on them to have them sleep in a specific bed.
  • You can give them make-overs and have them change clothes at will.
  • You can click on a household member to purchase any aspiration rewards which that Sim may have earned. The only aspiration rewards that are off-limits to any Sim in this game is the anti-aging potion.

c. You can click each household member to see what his or her whims, aspirations, and needs are. You cannot fulfill those by controlling the Sim. Household members' whims, aspirations, and needs can only be fulfilled autonomously or through the influence and persuasion of the FPN.

d. The house must be full at all times. If a household member dies, you must replace the member with another Sim.

e. If the FPN wants to move in a signficant other and have or adopt a child, you can move out household members to make room for the FPN's new family. This is the only time you can move out household members

6. The game is over when the FPN dies. The anti-aging potion isn't allowed in this game.

7. Prologue: If you want, you can play a prologue game in order to build the FPN's skill level and academic performance up to a realistic level. (It's always annoyed me that young adults come directly out of CAS with no skills--I mean, most young adults in real life will be at level 5 or above in several skills and may even be close to maxing out a few! So the prologue allows you to take a child or teen Sim and develop that Sim into the FPN you want to play. In playing the prologue, you may "motherlode" or "kaching" to bring the home-of-origin up to an appropriate socio-economic background for your Sim. In the prologue, you are still limited to controlling only the FPN, except in cases that threaten life, limb, and household functioning. (You can have an adult fix the toilet.) You can also control another household member if needed in order to fulfill the FPN's aspiration (such as reading to the child for 3 hours).

If playing a Sim-self in the prologue, aim at skill level and academic performance that match your own accomplishments as a child and teen.

You can age-up at your discretion in the prologue.


That covers all the rules/guidelines that I've thought of so far. What have I missed? Feel free to add suggestions, revisions, and additions. I haven't even touched upon scoring, so suggestions in that are welcome, too!
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