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The Amazon Challenge (Updated For Sims 4) (NEW WARRIOR RANK)

lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 2,955 Member
Note: Original creator Isaria (mod the sims) all original content was created by her so the original idea is not by me.

Amazon Challange
You start as a young brave amazon women who builds her tribe over the course of time.

The Beginning
-Begin with a YA Female
-She needs to be beautiful
-She needs to be Athletic and a Genius
-You need to start in a empty lot (Preferably the biggest)

-Because its an amazon tribe only women. Men are allowed but only Male Slaves, Breeding Males and Tribal Sons
-Men have their own quarters (must be small). They should not mix with females but only for breeding purposes.
-Men should only be used for breeding and slaves.
-Men for breeding have to be discarded (It's your choice on what to do.)
-You may recruit a women every four weeks (You can add one though after two weeks at the start).
-You can also add a male slave but only a maximum of two
-Males born in the tribe are to be used as slaves until their YA birthday. Then they have to be killed. Before killing a tribe son, a non related woman can use him for breeding purposes, once. A tribe-born male is cleaner than other males and if you wish, they can be buried in a special cemetery on the lot (this cemetery can NOT be mixed with deceased females, since male corpses will contaminate the female ones).
-Men cannot leave the lot or get a job
-Boys still go to school (There really isn't any other choice)
-Newcomers shall not bring in any money. To get rid there money do this:
Enter: Testingcheats true Then Money x (x is amount)
-A women who gets engaged or married is to be punished by death.
-The heiress is the first born female of the creator she will take over in the event of the creators death (As long as she has the right traits if not it will be given to the next female)
-The creator can not be married but other amazons can marry each other.
- To get to a certain rank they need to at least have some skill-points in most of the specializations. They also need to have a fitting job (if possible). This is if nothing else is mentioned. Upon raising in rank, they can change to a more fitting career.

Tribe rankings

The Creator
She is the first of the amazons and the highest ranking amazon. She is in charge of the whole tribe and is the most respected.
Traits:Genius, Athletic
Skills: Mechanical, Fitness, Charisma

The Heiress
She is the next in line to the throne and this rank is only given to the descendants of the creator.
Skills: Mechanical, Fitness

The Gatherer
She is in charge of collecting food and gardening. She is not allowed to get a job she has to spend her days collecting and gardening.
Skills: Gardening, Fishing

There job is to seek knowledge with reading and painting they may also collect valuables. She has to write books of past creators.
Skills: Charisma, Logic, Painting, Writing

They cook and tend to the children and babies. They are also in charge of learning instruments and playing for the tribe.
Skills: Cooking, Charisma, Guitar, Violin

Newcomers and Tribe Family
These are girls born from the creators and heiresses. And the ones added in without a field yet.
Skills: Added when ranking chosen

They are the aged amazons and the ones you go to for wisdom. They will be given a well respected funeral. They cannot take on any career

Sons of the tribe
Will be used as slaves until the age of YA, there after they can be used once for breeding, before being killed.

A maximum of two can be in the tribe at the same time. These need to have a small place to live, since they shouldn’t mix with the females too much. They take care of things like cleaning, repairing and such. If a slave interacts with a female without permission, he will be punished. Can’t work, or even leave the lot. If they try to escape, they’re to be punished.


*Different ranks should wear different colours and clothing.
*Here are some face paints that would look great on your amazons. (http://tinyurl.com/hqoa8ly)

!!Outdoor Retreat Update!!

Your amazons can now venture further than ever before here are some of the new things added for Outdoor retreat.

Tribe Rankings

The shaman is the amazon that connects with the spirits and sees the live giving nature of this world. She will be the one to seek for ailments and advice from the spirits. She will need the herbalsim skill which is gained through gardening she will also have to prepare herbal remedies. She must also once in her life journey to the hermits house to gain knowledge.
Traits: Loner, Loves Outdoors
Note: Elders are allowed to be shaman's

She must go on quests for creator and travel to far worlds to seek new objects and creatures she will either go alone but she can take the shaman and the scholar if she chooses.
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Outgoing

Things to do

Grand High Meeting Of the Amazons
The amazons every week shall meet around the fire pit to discuss further plans for the tribe (it's also a good time for you to think about the future). During this the creator must talk to the shaman about what the spirits sees and her judgment of the spirits (Read next text). This can also be a time to introduce newborns to the rest of the tribe.

Judgement of the spirits
With this the creator must talk to the shaman during the amazon meeting where the shaman will give her a quest to complete in the holy lands of granite falls. She must go alone and complete the tasks that she was presented with by the shaman.

!!Spa Day Update!!

Tribe Rankings

Sisters of The Moon (Priestess)
Sisters of The Moon connects with the goddess's on a whole other level. She is wise and connects to the nature around her. She must master the wellness skill as taking on a seclusive life connecting with everything around her. Sisters are not allowed to be in any romantic relationships with other amazons or procreate with slaves so only amazons that have never slept with anyone else are allowed to take this role. Sisters of the moon must be chosen as soon as they are a child if it is decided that the girl will join the sisterhood she must go live with the other sister's who have there own hut (the sisters hut can be placed with the other amazons). Slaves are allowed NO interaction with the sisters with the consequence of death. They will need to take on a life of meditation and yoga and will perform ceremonies for the goddess (these ceremonies are entirely up to you).
Note: You can have a specific goddess for your tribe so you may want the goddess of fire if so the sisters will dress in bright robes with similar colours to fire. The moon goddess is just the generic choice.
Traits: Loves Outdoors (Can change depending on your goddess)
Skill: Wellness

Things To Do

Sister Ceremonies
With the introduction of the sisters you will host ceremonies to please the goddess's. These will run entirely up to you but some idea's are a sisters ceremonial mediation circle, slave sacrifice and food offerings. Although the moon goddess is the main goddess you are allowed to make your own up for your tribe.

!!Get Together Update!!

Amazons will now be closer than ever with this new addition.

Tribe Rankings


This amazon is out to entertain the tribe gaining new skills set out to impress the rest of the amazons with her dancing. She must master the dance skill and under a full moon the Amazons will gather together to witness her beauty and elegance. She will use the bonfire to her full advantage and learn to dance with the fire. She also has to master all the instruments available to your amazons.
Traits: Creative, Music Lover, Dance Machine
Skills: Dance & Music

Things to Do

Amazon Club
The amazons with a set ranking (no slaves, newcomers, elders or tribe family) will form the grand high council of the amazons (name is up to you) in this group they will come together to do the set out tasks chosen by you. You need to cater these tasks to your own amazon tribe (e.g. A nature tribe will do gardening and spend time outdoors). There are tasks that will be forbidden and they are any romantic interactions, slave activities, games, drinking or excessive eating as well as anything that will spoil the amazons. They must discuss the future of the tribe and strengthen their bond you can choose the place to meet but I recommend the natural pools and the ruins. If you have outer tribes they can form a club with you but you must create a separate club.

New Place To Live

The expansion added Windenburg which has great new areas to live. I recommend you demolish all lots on the island and move your amazons to the 64x64 lot there. Not only is it massive but it is very stranded and can be used for strong immersion purposes. It is close to the ocean which allows for alot of fishing and it is surrounded by ruins which would go very well with your tribe.

!!Vampire Game Pack Update!!

All Vampire Amazons
This is an option if you want to try something new. All roles would stay the same even the gatherer since you still need to make money. Slaves would not be allowed to be turned since they would be more usefull as walking plasma packs and would still need to work in the daytime. The Creator is the only Amazon to be made into a vampire with CAS and if you want to turn an existing Creator then you'll have to cheat with cas.fulleditmode since The Creator holds the highest rank and can have no master. The Creator must turn all the amazons herself if an amazon is to be punished or executed eating garlic or trapping her in broad daylight works.

She is the strong and fierce amazon in charge of protecting The Creator and tribe. She will be in charge of conducting punishments and executions and is just below the heiress in the hierarchy. She must train in fitness and will not be able to have children but can take partners. If she is human she will make sure that no Vampires will come near the tribe so she must study cures and garlic items to protect the tribe. She is fierce and is allowed to sentence amazons and slaves to death or punishment (unless they are a priestess, shaman or a heiress then they are judged by the creator).
Traits:Active, Ambitious
Skills: Fitness

More to come...

Note: The grand high meeting can be done without outdoor retreat. The warrior can be done without the Vampire GP.

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  • LovelyMelodyLovelyMelody Posts: 896 Member
    -A women who gets engaged or married is to be punished by death.
    -The creator can not be married but other amazons can marry each other.

    I LOVE the challenge but these rules conflict? unless I'm not understanding them right?
  • KamioKamio Posts: 1,806 Member
    @lovelymelody I think that op meant if the women get engaged to or marry men. The amazons can marry each other (girl/ girl) ;)
  • LovelyMelodyLovelyMelody Posts: 896 Member
    Kamio wrote: »
    @lovelymelody I think that op meant if the women get engaged to or marry men. The amazons can marry each other (girl/ girl) ;)

    Oh okay!^^
  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 2,955 Member
    A new idea is to show the amazons rank with tattoos
    and to do the same with the slaves
  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 2,955 Member
    Bring it back from the grave with a BUMP
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 12,204 Member
    This kind of challenge is really hard without the locking doors option, isn't it?
  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 2,955 Member
    fullspiral wrote: »
    This kind of challenge is really hard without the locking doors option, isn't it?

    Not really I make the homes like small huts so they usually don't. It would be helpful but can be played without it.
  • KingCobblerKingCobbler Posts: 176 Member
    I just posted my own challenge inspired by this one here at: forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/800004/the-amazon-prime-how-to-build-a-cult-challenge#latest I hope you don't mind, but I saw this one and the creative juices started to flow. I gave you and Isaria credit, since I used a lot of the same rules. I hope you enjoy it, too! :D
  • KingCobblerKingCobbler Posts: 176 Member
    I just started writing on my challenge that was inspired by this one. I thought I'd link here in case anyone's interested: simschallenges.com/amazon-prime-build-cult-sims-4-challenge/
  • FallenclawsFallenclaws Posts: 17 New Member
    Love this challenge! So far I have a creator, no heiress, no gatherer (the gatherer became an elder), 1 scholar, 1 provider (the other one became an elder as well, 2 slaves, and 1 child! Thanks so much for creating this!
  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 2,955 Member
    Love this challenge! So far I have a creator, no heiress, no gatherer (the gatherer became an elder), 1 scholar, 1 provider (the other one became an elder as well, 2 slaves, and 1 child! Thanks so much for creating this!
    Thanks its awesome to hear your enjoying the challenge.
  • tuckeme99tuckeme99 Posts: 31 New Member
    Going to give this one a try. I might upload my tribe's camp to the gallery in a bit as well if people are interested in that.
  • tuckeme99tuckeme99 Posts: 31 New Member
    Anything I upload is under #AmazonChallenge
  • tuckeme99tuckeme99 Posts: 31 New Member
    A question to the OP. Are woman who move in and are already married punished to death?
  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 2,955 Member
    tuckeme99 wrote: »
    A question to the OP. Are woman who move in and are already married punished to death?
    When moving in a new female you are normally suppose to create her yourself but females who are married would not be allowed to join the tribe. (Unless they are married to another women)
  • aspires001aspires001 Posts: 345 Member
    Is anyone doing a story with this challenge? I love the idea of it but really have no idea where to start. I like to gather inspiration from other like minded simmers.
  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    I thought I would give this challenge a try! It sounded so interesting and totally different. In all my simming years I've never tried a challenge before, so it's kind of a big deal for me. ;)

    This is my creator, Freya North.

    I imagined her as a sort of living Norse goddess, hence the name. I think she'll make a good leader!

    I've made a cute little wooden home, and I've used only black furniture for her. I had a thought that the creator should wear all black, so I thought I would carry that through into the décor.

    I have to admit, I've kinda broken the rules already :confused: Sorry! I added Zoe Patel as a fellow Amazonian, and then I 'recruited' J Huntingdon III before realising that both of these actions break the rules... I think it's going to be fun though. J has absolutely no idea what he's doing, and Zoe is too friendly and keeps trying to talk to him. No Zoe! Bad.

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting this challenge @lovejess2! I have this thread starred :star:
  • aspires001aspires001 Posts: 345 Member
    @megandthemoon I hope you continue the story. Your leader is gorgeous. I am curious how your story line will work.
  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    @aspires001 Thank you! I've just started this challenge (literally just an hour ago!). Let me know if you decide to try it too and we can compare notes! :)
  • SiddsysSiddsys Posts: 2 New Member
    At first I was like... Why is there and amazon(The online store) Challenge?! Then I clicked on it and I understood! I'm Starting this challenge RIGHT NOW! I'll post a picture of my creator after I move her in <3 Also... Are we allowed to age our sims (preferably The Creator) back?

    , Siddsys
  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    Yay! I can't wait to see your creator!
  • SiddsysSiddsys Posts: 2 New Member
    I posted her on my Tumblr blog (EAGaming (BTW ITS NEW X'D)) I think she is so beautiful I'll be adding tattoos and makeup, but I just wanted to show her general look!

    If you can't see her name is Alkaia Chippewa (Thats a Native North American Tribe) And she is Genius, Athletic (DUH), and She Loves the outdoors!
  • PurplebutterflyPurplebutterfly Posts: 142 Member
    This sounds interesting, I might try this since I cannot enjoy my current rotation challenge.
  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    @Siddsys wrote: »
    I posted her on my Tumblr blog (EAGaming (BTW ITS NEW X'D)) I think she is so beautiful I'll be adding tattoos and makeup, but I just wanted to show her general look! <br />
    <br />
    If you can't see her name is Alkaia Chippewa (Thats a Native North American Tribe) And she is Genius, Athletic (DUH), and She Loves the outdoors!

    I can't seem to find your blog - can you post a link? I'd love to see your Sim :)

    @Purplebutterfly that's great, if you start it I'd love to follow your story!
  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    Here's a little update on my game so far!

    As I mentioned earlier, I added Zoe Patel and J Huntingdon III to my household before realising this was breaking the rules (woops). J got off to a shaky start, as he marched straight up to my creator Freya and tried to flirt with her. Bad J. To 'punish' him for speaking to her I moved him to his little hut and removed the door for 24 Sim hours, until he got the lonely moodlet. I actually felt quite bad, though, because he cried himself to sleep! :cry: However, I think it's been good for him, as the only entertainment he has in his hut is a bookshelf. I don't think J has ever read so much!


    I've decided to make Zoe a gatherer, so she has been busy collecting fruits/vegetables and fishing in the nearby river. She has also been cooking the meals for everyone using the produce she's collected, but she has a bit of learning to do. Freya got the uncomfortable moodlet because of 'poorly made food'.


    And finally, my creator Freya has been busy learning. She has big plans for her little tribe. She has been developing her handiness skills and hopes they can soon afford a crafting table so that she can make furniture and decorations for the tribe. She can also sell anything they don't want to use. She also loves going out and jogging around their neighbourhood, as they live in a very beautiful area. She tends to go for runs to clear her mind and help her plan for the future of her tribe.


    This is Freya's little hut. I plan to build more little huts for each new member. I've built Zoe a little one, but I couldn't afford to furnish it yet, and J has a tiny little hut towards the back of the lot which eventually he will share... :grin: I'm really enjoying this challenge so far!


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