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The Life and Times of.... (Grand Finale Double Feature, Thank you for Reading :) )

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Meet Kaley Green


I bet you can't guess how she got her name :P

To be clear this isn't going to be a carefully written story like I have done in the past, this is just me screwing around and having fun. Here is the basic gist of how Kaley came to be and what my plans for her are.

Kaley is part of what I am dubbing the hands off sims 4 legacy.

Here is the basic set up (sorry it's a bit long, if you just want to get to the updates skip to the second post). First off I did not create Kaley, I randomized her appearance, her clothes, everything. The only involvement I allowed was to match colors which I did just so she didn't end up wearing pink and neon green or some other such ridiculousness. I chose to coordinate her clothes around the color green based on her hair which the game chose for me.

I also used a random number generator to select her traits (genius, art lover, goofball) and her aspiration (have a successful lineage).

Now I am going to start her on an empty lot. Now the rules.

1. I don't get to build her house myself, I am only allowed to use rooms/homes from the gallery. I can change the house over time but only as necessary or if I feel like it's something Kaley would do

2. I don't get to control her per se. Free will is on and I am only allowed to intervene in order to either A. Keep her from dying, B. assist her in following her own whims and wants, or C. assist her in doing something that she would reasonably do. For example if in a situation I feel she would be mad at someone I can make her yell at them but I can't just make her do something because I feel like having her do it. There has to be some underlying motivation from the character or scenario to warrant.

3. The only other control I allow myself is she is attracted to girls, anyone familiar with me should have known this was inevitable as I don't like playing male sims that much.

4. The lineage will continue through adoption for as long as possible or until I get bored.

5. I am deleting all pre made Sims so other Sims are randomly generated by the game

6. Anyone added to the family will be controlled in the same manner as Kaley.

7. I maintain the right to adjust the rules as I see fit, I am playing this for my own enjoyment not to follow strict guidelines.

and that's the main idea of it. I won't be writing any kind of story for this I will just occasionally post updates on what she's been doing. So as said this is basically just me screwing around.

That's about it. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and happy simming.

As you can see the rules are fairly loose to interpretation, they aren't designed as hard coded rules to be followed they are just guidelines I made for myself. I am just posting them here so that anyone reading understands the guidelines I am playing by. Sorry this was so long winded I am just trying to be clear so people aren't potentially confused by things I comment on in the posts and the way I am playing.

Last bit of info, I mainly post this on a topic in the sims 3 forums so you may occaisionally see references or comments towards other people from that topic. I also occaisionally reference other sims I have played. If this confuses you feel free to mention and I will explain. An example of this is that in the second update I reference a character named Steph. Steph is another sims 4 sim of mine I have posted about on the other topic. She is very outgoing and extremely frisky and I reference that personality in the update.

Okay and that should be all the info. Sorry again it was so long.

Lastly for anyone interested here is a family tree that I will update as a I go (warning spoilers obviously regarding eventual marriages and kids, it is a family tree after all).

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    Time for the first update on Kaley Green, first though a slight adjustment to the rules (I wrote the rules, I can change them if I want :P )

    I realized when I started that it takes a bit for things to get going and can sometimes get a touch slow so to spice things up a little I am allowing myself to additionally direct her when it is something I legitimately feel she should do. I will still mainly follow her desires but I will occaisionally throw in certain actions based on the scenario, and example of this will be in the update. It is all still based on her personality and her actions though I am just giving them a little nudge as appropriate.

    So with that out of the way.

    The Life of Kaley Green

    Day 1


    Meet Kaley Green. She was a straight A student (genius), she loves art though she has never painted any herself (art lover), and she's a bit of a goofball (goofball... I'm not sure that actually needed to be said :P ). Now she has moved out on her own to start her new life with the goal have eventually starting a family and seeing them be successful (aspiration, have a successful lineage)


    This is her new home, compliments of Ruthless KK via the gallery titled the "good start cottage." Pretty good start indeed. The only change I made was removing the trees and bushes because I am personally not big on that kind of stuff on my lots. Now for the first action for this hopefully crazy and amusing story, Kaley is going to!!!!


    I did mention it started out slow :P She literally read for like 3 hours, at that point I decided I was allowed to "motivate" her in certain directions for the sake of alleviating my own boredom at having to watch her read.


    Finally she got a whim to do something mischievous. So I sent her out to talk to the first sim I saw (Tina Wilkerson). they chatted for a little bit and Kaley started a preposterous rumor that there was a monster that lived in the river. Really, Kaley? I get it's supposed to be preposterous but really?

    It seemed Tina didn't fall for it either but she at least must have found it funny because the two seemed to get along well enough.... until Kaley got distracted.


    by a pretty girl and burgers. Can't say I disagree. The girl's name is Kamryn Jaramillo (hell of a name) and she and Kaley got along really well. Plus Kaley was happy and wanted to make a friend so I figured Kamryn would be a good start. Turned out she was a really good start. Kamryn turned out to be art lover like Kaley as well as being good and a bookworm. I am thinking we may have found Kaley's future girlfriend, that was quick. Though how if that works out still remains to be seen.


    The two had a long conversation, continuing well past when the other guest left. At that point Kaley got the desire to dance to music so I decided to once again "motivate" her into inviting her new friend to hang out at the Rattlesnake bar to listen to music dance and continue to chat.


    It seems Kamryn was all for the idea. They continued talking and dancing to the music for a bit (man I love the multi-tasking in this game) until they started to get tired and decided to sit at the bar.... that was when evil stuck.


    Patrice Rizzo... public enemy #1, or at least Kaley enemy #1

    Kamryn sat down at the bar and Kaley was going to sit next to her, maybe do some flirting, maybe got a little relationship going on I don't know what was going to happen.... we could have had full blown Kaley/Kamryn woohoo on the bar O.o ... you never know. But we will never get the chance to find out...


    ...because Patrice decided to steal the seat next to Kamryn and butt into the conversation *grumbles irritatedly* she even had the gall to try and flirt with Kamryn (which thankfully Kamryn didn't seem into)


    Luckily the evening went well and Kamryn left having had a good time.


    After Kamryn left though Kaley and Patrice had words, sorry I can't tell you what those words were I was to busy cheering Kaley on to pay attention to the thought bubbles. Afterwards Patrice left in a huff and Kaley went home in a bit of a bad mood.

    I don't have pictures for the rest of the evening because I went to fix dinner and my game didn't pause. By the time I realized it was already the getting close to the next morning. Luckily the free will seems to be pretty capable because she had eaten and was asleep in bed with max needs aside from energy (which she was sleeping so I wasn't worried :P ).

    And that's it for day 1 in the life of Kaley Green.

    What will happen next?

    Will Kaley and Kamryn fall in love?

    Will Patrice fall off a cliff (I certainly hope so)?


    Will Kaley ever stop reading that darn book (yes actually, she finally finished it after which I deleted it :P )?

    Find out next time on

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    It is time for more


    I swear every time I post that image it goes through my head in the over dramatic movie announcer voice :P

    So here we go Day 2

    When we last left our verdant haired heroine she had enjoyed an afternoon with her new friend Kamryn Jaramillo but had come home angry thanks to the evil and horrible Patrice Rizzo.


    So hoping to sleep off some of that stress she went to bed. But in the morning when she woke up she was still irritable from the night before, which meant it was time for drastic measures. The ultimate way to relieve stress....


    BUBBLES!!!!!!!! (also convenient censorship ftw :P )


    After her bath, Kaley enjoyed a quick bowl of yogurt while considering what to do for the day. She was feeling playful so I figured she should get out of the house and go somewhere in town. She also had a whim to go see the art museum and she wanted to chat with Tina Wilkerson (the older woman she'd chatted with by the river the day before). So I was thinking of having her call Tina on the phone and then hitting the art museum to try and meet some new people when...


    ....a familiar face shows up at the front door.


    Kaley was happy to see her friend, especially since they had a great time the previous afternoon hanging out. It also turned out that not only had Kamryn come over to visit...


    she was also feeling flirty.

    and if any of you have doubts about whether she is attracted to Kayley or not....


    .... I present exhibit A

    Talking about Kaley while feeling flirty.... I rest my case :P

    On a side note @ Colorist40 I mentioned to you yesterday that I was planning to keep to my rules and not start any romance until either Kaley or Kamryn showed some sign of romantic interest. I would say this is a big sign of romantic interest, a giant flashing neon arrow shaped sign pointing straight at Kamryn with the words "SHE LIKES YOU KALEY!" across it :P with a bunch of dancers tapping around it occasionally gesturing at it, and nasa reporting they can see it from space.... okay I'll stop.


    So, sorry to Tina Wilkerson but Kaley won't be calling you today. When a pretty girl shows up on your doorstep blatantly interested in you, it has tendency to change your plans just a touch. So since she wanted to go to the art museum anyway, and Kamryn is flirting with her, and Kamryn is also an art lover I had Kaley ask Kamryn on a date to the museum (I realize this seems ridiculously convenient but I swear I am not setting this up, this literally just happened by complete coincidence).


    So, they're off to see the museum... the wonderful museum of Willow Creek. Props to anyone who understands this likely poorly executed reference :P


    Once they got to the museum Kamryn was quick to make it clear that she was more interested in Kaley than the art. Seriously this girl is in the wrong save, just imagine how Steph would react in Kaley's position :P

    But despite Kamryn's forward attitude Kaley seemed to want to take things slow, more accurately she seemed to be acting adorably nervous the entire time.


    Kaley tried to sit down and admire the art in the museum but Kamryn was determined. Seriously Steph would be so jealous of Kaley right now.


    Kamryn finally got Kaley's attention completely focused on her but Kaley was still really nervous. To explain slightly, I wanted Kaley to flirt back a bit but I've been sticking mostly to interactions that appear in the games contextual list (when you click on another sim the game initially gives a set of interactions that contextually based on whims, emotions and the scenario that your sim might want to do right now, you can then select more choices and get the normal friendly/romance/etc menues) but despite the fact that Kaley was feeling flirty and was clearly attracted to Kamryn no romance options were appearing in the contextual wheel which made her come across as though she was nervous as she tried to keep looking at the art. I can't properly describe how hilariously cute it was :D


    And the nervousness continued. The date goals list had been filling fairly well thanks to Kamryn's flirts, and the continued socializing as Kaley kept talking nervously about other subjects and the art on display. A new goal appeared on the date list, kiss your date, but much to my annoyance Kaley's nervousness continued and the kiss option wouldn't appear on the context menu, and it was getting late so Kaley was running out of time to .

    So the game was telling her to kiss Kamryn, I wanted her to kiss Kamryn, the timing was telling her to kiss Kamryn, Kamryn wanted her to kiss Kamryn, and you darn well know Steph would be yelling at her to kiss Kamryn.

    But Kaley's nervousness was winning out.



    I intervened....

    Yes, yes I know I shouldn't have but I couldn't take it any longer. I briefly added Kamryn to the household and made her take charge since Kaley was too nervous to make the move herself.


    After that, Kaley loosened up a little and the two officially became a couple.


    Easily my favorite sim picture I've ever taken. I realize I keep saying that but I absolutely love this picture.

    At that point it was getting late so Kaley headed home.


    A nice goodbye kiss (you know for someone who was so nervous about it, she certainly took to it fast :P )

    Or not, Kamryn didn't want to leave yet so since Kaley was hungry so I decided to have her make some salad for the two of them.


    But of course Kamryn had other ideas.


    Lot's of other ideas.

    You can probably guess where this is going.


    And the salad got left abandoned and forgotten.

    And that's it for Day 2.

    What will happen next?

    Will Kaley and Kamryn let me take the rest of the relationship slow or are they going to rush into marriage as well?

    Will the salad ever get eaten?

    Will Kamryn even let Kaley out of bed in the morning? (I really hope so because Kaley has her first day of work the next day :P )

    Find out next time on


    Hope everyone enjoyed the update, and happy simming.
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    And welcome back to the Kaley and Kamryn Lovefest.... *gets called off to the side* What? *whispering* so not the Kaley and Kamryn Lovefest? *whispering* are you sure? *angry whispering* fine fine you don't have to get all irritable, sheesh.

    *Ahem* Welcome back to...


    When we last left off, our verdant haired heroine's girlfriend Kamryn was showing just how little she knew of subtlety. And a salad failed to get eaten but that's a bit less important.


    After the previous night of "non-salad eating" (taking bets now how long can I keep a salad joke going :P ) Kaley woke up the next morning hungry. Since Kamryn had spent the night it seemed only appropriate that Kaley make breakfast for two. The salad had gone bad so it got thrown away.


    errr.... maybe appropriate isn't the right phrase since I think feeding someone... whatever the hell she's making, would count as some kind of war crime. But she eventually finishes the "eggs" and goes to let Kamryn know breakfast is ready.


    She finds Kamryn already dressed (possibly planning to make a run for it based on the smell of those "eggs" (taking bets how long can I keep the egg joke going :P ). But Kamryn gets to be the good supportive girlfriend and tough it out.

    And why exactly was the Kaley and Kamryn love fest wrong? Just look at those two, even the smell of burnt "eggs" can't stop them *angrier whispering* fine fine fine. I'm just saying.


    So two sat down to eat and it seems the "eggs" (no I will not refer to them properly) weren't that bad. So at least Kaley gets to keep her girlfriend around for at least one more day, though she may want to start considering take out in the future or Kamryn may start looking for a girlfriend that doesn't try to poison her with "eggs" *furious whispering* hey I won't tell me how to do my job and I won't tell you how to do yours, I like this running gag *gets hit in the head by a clipboard* owww, fine fine fine no more "egg" jokes *gets hit again* owwwwww


    After "breakfast" *gets hit again* ow ow, I'm sorry okay. After breakfast *glances to side* happy now... good.

    After breakfast Kaley quickly bathes and gets dressed to head to her first day of work as tech support. Kamryn sees her off and is told by Kaley that she is free to stay at the house as long as she wants.


    So while Kaley is at work Kamryn.... oh not again. Really game, I realize she's a bookworm but you're really going to make me sit and watch a sim read for hours again. Just really. Fine whatever.


    Fun thing to note, the book she was reading was a romance book called "How to Reel Her In," honestly Kamryn I don't think you have to worry about that, she' already in your boat no more reeling necessary. Then again maybe Kamryn's got some minor brain damage/memory loss due to eating the "eg..." *glances to the side* sorry, after eating breakfast.

    sore.pngKaley came home from work that afternoon sore from being stuck sitting in a chair at all day for her job.waiting.png

    luckily guess who was there waiting to welcome her home. Seriously the amount of times friends visit is a bit ridiculous. Kamryn left twice throughout the day and came back both times. It's not horrible but it is slightly irritating.


    You know what nevermind. Kamryn you can come around whenever you want. The fact that she autonomously realized Kaley was sore and offered to give her a massage is fantastic, and I'm sure Kaley was happy about it as well (but seriously Maxis, please fix the visitor tuning).


    After the massage Kaley decided to cook.... dinner... oh no here we go again. Seriously Kamryn, now would be a great time to suggest take out. I mean she is feeling sore and all and it would be a nice gesture both to her and your stomach.... but nope Kaley is stubborn and is going to make dinner sore or not... joy.


    So the two settled down to eat their "grilled che...." *angry shouting* A. that was my ear and B. you have no respect for a good running gag.

    They sat down to eat their dinner and Kamryn listened as Kaley grumbled about work.


    Of course after dinner Kamryn had some ideas with how to cheer Kaley up and deal with her remaining soreness with a little "non-salad eating" (you thought I'd forgotten that joke didn't you :D *gets hit* :( owww )

    But by that point Kaley was too exhausted so the two just went to bed.

    And that's it for day 3 of


    okay now that that's done I will be back in just a sec

    *load noises and the sound of a clipboard being wrestled out of someones hands*

    HA HA HA who has the clipboard now.

    *sounds of fighting and repeated shouting of "eggs" *

    Okay, that settles that. Just to inform you there has been a change in management. Also we need a new clipboard I kind of accidentally, intentionally, violently broke over that guys head.

    So I hope you enjoyed the update everyone. And as always happy simming.

    Deep movie announcer voice:

    We would like to maintain no directors were hurt in this update... much... some eggs however were harmed.
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    If I could like this more times than 1, I would.
    I like the running gag jokes ("eggs" xD).
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    If I could like this more times than 1, I would. <br />
    I like the running gag jokes ("eggs" xD).

    Thanks, and are you implying there are people who don't enjoy a good running gag :o :p
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    And now it is time for another sickeningly sweet chapter of...


    seriously I feel like we need some drama in this story to break up all this lovey dovey... ness between these two.

    Yes doveyness is a word

    *new director whispers in ear*

    well the dictionary is wrong.

    When we last left off our verdant haired heroine had gone to bed after a stressful day of work and some perfectly timed massages from Kamryn.

    The next morning Kamryn was still sound asleep so Kaley just proceeded with her morning without disturbing her.


    Okay multitasking, I officially love you. Screw breakfast in bed we can have breakfast in bath :D


    Upon finishing breakfast in bath (if I keep saying it it's bound to catch on) Kamryn was still sound asleep so I figured it best for Kaley to just head to work and let her sleep.


    But before that Kaley made breakfast for when Kamryn wakes up... you know Kaley when I said we needed drama I didn't mean to try to kill her with your cooking :\


    Though admittedly Kaley does seem to be improving and the dish turned out quite well.


    With breakfast made Kaley headed off to work.

    Upon waking an hour or so later Kamryn enjoyed the breakfast Kaley made for her (I'm really glad she did because I was worried briefly that the AI would just leave without eating which would have been awkward when Kaley got home and found the breakfast she made uneaten)


    Afterward Kamryn left and went for a walk alongside the nearby river. She had a thought bubble about a picnic which may be a good idea next time Kaley has a day off.


    That evening when Kaley got home she was a touch stressed from work so she chatted with Kamryn while watching the cooking channel (darn if she keeps this up I'm going to have to find a new running joke :p)


    She also ate in while watching tv

    have I mentioned how much I love multitasking

    *new director whispers in ear*

    Well a million times might be a bit excessive, I haven't said it that much.

    *director holds up sheet*

    oh, you actually kept track, well this just got awkward


    and exhausted from work and with Kamryn not coming over to keep her company Kaley just dozed off on the couch.

    Which backfired come morning. Since she was on the couch rather than in her room where she would have an alarm I just let her sleep until her energy was full... at which point she was late for work.

    So when she woke up with full energy she immediately rushed out the door to get to work.


    Right by Kamryn who had come by to visit without even a good morning or a hello....

    Well there is no way this could possibly come back to haunt us (*psst* it's going to come back to haunt us)

    While at work Kaley had a rough day. A customer called and was complaining about the product not working, Kaley tried to be nice and help the woman but she just got yelled at and then the customer asked to speak to the manager and Kaley got in trouble, seriously what the hell. Kaley tries to help and she is the one who gets in trouble? Telemarketing plums

    After a long day of stress and getting in trouble for trying to help Kaley got home....


    And Kamryn was there... and she wasn't in a good mood... uh oh (just to clarify Kamryn didn't actually wait there all day, she left but then came back and by a tremendous stroke of bad luck had been assigned an angry mood by the game... )

    Kamryn was clearly upset most likely about being completely ignored that morning by Kaley and she proceeded to complain about it.


    Kaley already stressed from work responded in kind by yelling at Kamryn (she also autonomously insulted Kamryn's woohoo ability)

    And that progressed into the two arguing with each other for several minutes.


    And as it was getting late Kaley told Kamryn to leave. Kamryn left still very angry with Kaley....

    You know girls, when I commented that we needed more drama I was joking, this is seriously not what I meant O.O


    And still feeling angry Kaley just skipped dinner and just went to bed.

    And that's it for this update

    What will happen next time?

    Will Kaley and Kamryn stop yelling at each other long enough to make up?

    Or is this it for our once cute couple?

    Will I ever learn to just keep my fat trap shut? (seriously, I was joking about needing more drama)

    Find out next time on...

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    And now it is time for another round of....


    When we last left off....

    In the right corner wearing the green mini skirt, we have our verdant haired heroine weighing in at... something the game doesn't tell me, Kaaaleeey Greeeeen!!!!!!!

    In the left corner wearing the blue t-shirt and white... jacket thing whatever it's called, we have her dark haired lover, Kaamryyyyn Jaramilloooooo!!!!

    Now remember you two, no biting, no scratching, and no hitting below the belt. You can start when the bell dings (though I think it's a bit late for that :p ) annnd LLLLLets get ready to Rumblllllle!!!!!! *ding ding ding*

    I just couldn't resist :p

    Now with all seriousness (or at least as close as I ever get to being serious)


    It's been two long days since the start of World War Green, Kaley has been mostly just working her way through her job as usual, not really enjoying it that much but at least she's making money.

    Meanwhile on the relationship front she and Kamryn haven't been talking to each other at all.

    So between those two fronts Kaley has been constantly tense.


    Kaleys first day off (Sunday) came along giving a good chance for her to try and relieve some of the stress from the week. To start off she had breakfast while watching the romance channel. This is a great cue to call up Kamryn for a.... oh yeah right not really an option at the moment :(


    Kaley tried to take her mind off her relationship troubles by dealing with some household chores like cleaning the bathtub.


    and fixing the toilet which broke at some point without me noticing, yay for observation skills... I wish I had them :p

    By the time she finished she still was really tense, not helped by the fact that she managed to catch her finger while fixing the toilet. But she had a whim to go to the art museum so I figured that would probably help.


    This is art.


    Please stare at the art.

    (Portal reference FTW)


    The museum though didn't do much for Kaley's mood as she ended up reminiscing about Kamryn and their first date here which just made her sad.


    Feeling sad and wanting to see Kamryn she called her and asked Kamryn if she would meet her. Kamryn agreed and they decided to meet at the nearby park.


    And so they met for the final battle of World War Green, will it end in tragedy or peace?


    All I know is this is one of the tensest and awkward sim conversations I've sat through (I was literally just praying that Kamryn would forgive her).



    1940's newsboy: Extra extra read all about it, World War Green is over, truce found. I repeat the war is over as a truce is found!!!

    Not wanting any more problems like this Kaley asked Kamryn to move in with her.


    But wait, there's more!


    Kaley decided that making up wasn't enough so she asked Kamryn to marry her.


    Kamryn said yes, also the cuteness level on this picture is off the charts :p

    Also wow for Kaley, I wouldn't think she could hold Kamryn like that considering how thin a frame she has. Then again dropping her probably wouldn't be a good idea at the moment, especially since they just made up.


    The two then retreated to a quiet and scenic corner of the park to make up for lost time.

    The fun thing is I didn't even tell them to go there, I don't know if it was a glitch or something but Kamryn just ran off to that little corner of the park and I just had Kaley go with her :)


    Also since they were now engaged Kaley celebrated by returning the favor from that date at the museum.


    After that Kaley used the grill to make them some lunch.


    The lovebirds are finally back together :D

    1940's newsboy: Extra extra read all about it, World War Green ends in wedding proposal.... and lots of kissing.... lots and lots of kissing.... will you two just get a room already.... oh god not here not here!!! O.O

    So that's it for this chapter, what will happen next time?

    Will Kamryn and Kaley ever stop kissing (well they have to breathe sometime right?)

    How will the wedding go, and who will they even invite since I don't think they know more than a couple people between them?

    Will that poor little 1940's newsboy ever get over what he has seen?

    1940's newsboy: Please sir, can I have some bleach (a Portal reference and an Oliver Twist reference in one update, that's like getting a scrabble word with the letter Q in it, bonus points :D )

    *hands over bottle of mind bleach* Just be careful around the cerebellum, that stuff can really smart.

    okay where were we... oh right

    Find out next time on


    Happy simming everyone :)
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    And now, presenting, with no commercial interruption...


    When we last left our verdant haired heroine she had finally made up with Kamryn and had taken it a step further by proposing. Honestly just an apology and a kiss probably would have worked but hey, to each their own.


    The next morning after Kamryn decided to make pancakes for breakfast and it turns out she is a much better cook than Kaley, she even performed some fancy moves in the process which caught me by surprise and as such I sadly didn't get a picture of.

    By the way Kamryn, where was this amazing cooking ability back when Kaley was making "eggs" (the joke will never die >:) mwahahaha)


    After the two finished breakfast I felt it was necessary for Kamryn to get a wardrobe overhaul (seriously if you saw some of the outfits she the game had given her you'd be doing the same plum thing (seriously EA this censorship is annoying)

    While Kamryn was admiring her new outfits in the mirror a visitor showed up.


    Okay two things.

    1. This feels weird, I've gotten so used to Kamryn visiting Kaley that seeing someone else come by is just... odd :\

    2. Who the hell is she? Kaley only knows Kamryn, Tina Wikerson (who she should really get around to calling since she's been meaning to do that since day 1 :p ), and Patrice Rizzo (who better not ever show up at Kaley's door)


    It turned out the visitor was Traci Jaramillo, Kamryn's sister.


    So the three chatted for a bit, Kamryn introduced Kaley to Traci and the two got to know each other a bit. Considering Kaley and Traci they probably discussed hair dyes :p


    And it seems that meeting the family went well. Good after that last drama we don't need more right away.

    After they'd talked for a bit Kamryn got the want to dance to music so I figured that was as good a reason as any for a group outing so Kaley can spend some time wither her soon to be sister in law.


    So off they went to the Rattlesnake bar

    I wonder if they'll run into Scarlett :p

    *whispering from the side* what, oh did I say no advertisements *more whispering from side* are you sure, it was more a reference, it's not like I said

    "I wonder if they'll run into Scarlett whose story you can see here >>>Opposites Attract<<< or by following the banner in my signature" (just to be clear I cancelled my Opposites Attract story because while I liked the set up I did not enjoy actually playing it)

    It's not like I said that (shameless self promotion FTW :D )

    *director just face palms and walks away*


    While Kamryn immeadiately headed to dance to some music Kaley and Traci sat down to chat some more. It turns out they have some similar traits (both are geniuses).

    Wow Kamryn, your lucky you met Kaley first or your sister might have gotten her instead :p


    Kamryn finished dancing and came over to join the conversation which had spread to a couple other sims as well (my one problem with multitasking, I wish there was a way to block random sims from joining conversations with yours :\ )


    Then Traci decided to head to the bar so Kamryn and Kaley got to chat among themselves for a bit. Kamryn seemed really happy that Kaley and her sister were getting along and by the look on Kaley's face I don't think Kamryn has to worry about anyone taking her away :)

    After that Traci had to leave but since it was early I decided to let Kamryn and Kaley hang out a bit longer. They left the bar to go sit on a bench by the lake.


    Kaley started some deep conversation about how nice it was to meet Traci and how great she and Kamryn's future was going to be together but Kamryn quickly lightened the mood tickling Kaley for being so serious all of a sudden. Clearly Kamryn likes fun Kaley more than serious Kaley.


    hmmm :\ I didn't notice the grill when I took this picture, it kind of takes away from it. Still a cute picture though, at least in my opinion.

    and that's it for this update.

    What will happen next?

    Will Kamryn and Kaley finally get married? (no Kaley has work)

    Will Kamryn and Kaley actually meet Scarlett (whose story can be found here >>>Opposites Attract<<< or by following the banner in my signature )

    *gets whacked over head by director*

    Oww, okay okay no more self promoting. Seriously what is with directors and hitting me with clipboards :(

    *Ahem* Will I ever get tired of this running gag of asking questions at the end of updates? (if you've paid any attention at all so far to these updates you no the chances of me letting go of a joke are slim to none, oh and "eggs" :p *glares at director* if you even think of hitting me with that clipboard again you'll meet the same fate as your predecessor)

    Find out next time on....


    Hope everyone enjoyed and happy simming :)
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    Awww yay so glad Kaley and Kamryn worked through their little skirmish. Yay! can't wait to see their wedding, they are super adorable!
  • CeliriaCeliria Posts: 3,488 Member
    berrypie27 wrote: »
    Awww yay so glad Kaley and Kamryn worked through their little skirmish. Yay! can't wait to see their wedding, they are super adorable!

    Thanks glad to see your enjoying :)

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    And presenting....


    Warning, the surgeon general has advised that the level of sweetness in this story is the number one cause of cavities, if you experience any mouth pain as a result of Kaley and Kamryn being ridiculously lovey dovey please consult your dentist.

    Last time on the Life and Times of Kaley Green or verdant haired heorine met her step sister to be and the loving couple moved one step closer to their upcoming wedding, but your going to have to wait a bit longer still since Kaley's job isn't giving any immediate time for them to have the ceremony.


    Once again the day started with Kamryn handling breakfast, she made eggs..... yes normal eggs, sheesh not everything with me is a joke.... okay okay "eggs" there are you happy :p


    And after a delicious breakfast Kaley is yet again off to work, Kamryn will get a job as well eventually but I'm holding off since working a wedding around one work schedule is annoying enough and the two can't afford for Kaley to be taking time off at the moment.

    Kamryn looking forward to her upcoming wedding day spent the morning considering what kind of dress to wear (Jealous ladies? I bet a lot of people wish dress shopping was as simple as going to your bedroom dresser)

    She has three ideas in mind.


    First is the fancy wedding dress.


    Then there is the sleek look.


    Or she could go for a more simple dress.

    But while looking at the dresses Kamryn couldn't help but be a little indecisive since she wanted to look her best on her wedding day.


    Unable to decide and now feeling worried about her weight Kamryn decided to go visit her sister her sisters opinion.


    But as Traci invited in Kamryn discovered her sister wearing a tight dress showing off her sisters thinner figure.

    The two talked for a bit and Traci tried to calm Kamryn down but Kamryn's worries persisted especially as she compared herself to her sister.


    Returning home and looking at herself in the mirror Kamryn couldn't help but feel even more self-conscious about her wider figure.

    So Kamryn decided to try and lose some weight before the wedding by working out at the gym.


    However the gym wasn't exactly the best place for her self-esteem once Kamryn noticed the other girls who were working out as well.


    But determined to look her best for her big day Kamryn began running on the treadmill.

    Sadly it seems like the game was determined to attack her self esteem as much as possible.


    First Kamryn was face with this guy. He started flirting with her which while innapropriate would have been a good boost to her esteem except for the fact that while flirting his thought bubble showed a tank :\

    Just saying dude, even if Kamryn wasn't playing for the other team comparing her to a tank isn't the way to make her like you.

    But Kamryn stayed focused and ignored the guys pathetic excuses for advances and kept working out. However the game wasn't done.


    This guy showed up next and began yelling and insulting her while she tried to focus on her workout. At one point his thought bubble showed the other girl who had been using the treadmill as he, I assume, compared Kamryn's figure to the other gym goers. Seriously this game was just intent on being a jerk today.

    First Traci happens to be wearing a revealing dress, then the tank guy, now this guy. The game seriously wouldn't let up.

    It also turned out the second guy was evil so that did even less for Kamryn's mood since she's a good sim.

    Feeling sad and exhausted from her work out since she has no athletic skill Kamryn decided to just go home.


    But as she arrived home she was still feeling sad after the terrible day she has been having.


    Poor Kamryn :(


    When Kaley got home she found Kamryn still in a funk.

    After some prodding Kamryn confessed her insecurities about her weight to Kaley.

    Kaley attempted to cheer her girlfriend up but kept failing since Kamryn wasn't in a bad mood and kept rejecting Kaley's attempts.

    But Kaley unwilling to let up with Kamryn feeling so blue (plus a little meddling on my part since there is no way I'm going to let them go through more drama this close to finally getting married :p ) kept persisting despite Kamryn pitching a perfect game of self sorrow.

    and eventually Kaley started to build up some momentum and....


    She shoots, she scores, Kaley wins the game!!!!


    Kaley made it clear to Kamryn that she loves her the way she is and thinks she is beautiful the way she is. And of course finished with the endlessly cheesy line that any extra weight Kamryn may have just gives Kaley more to love.

    Owww, darn it I think I just got a cavity, the surgeon general wasn't joking :p


    Speaking of cheese Kaley made grilled cheese for supper though the two were such a hurry to get to "desert" that they just ate dinner standing at the counter while flirting with each other. :s and there's another cavity.


    However dinner ended up taking a back seat as the two just couldn't wait any longer.


    Seriously, this pairs sex life causes more food to go to waste than any sim I've ever had :p

    Seriously you two, there are children starving out there and you two are letting food spoil on the counter.... oh why do I bother they aren't listening.

    So since clearly these two are occupied for the rest of the night this is the end of this update.

    What will happen next?

    Will our lovely couple finally tie the knot?

    Will Kamryn ever decide on a dress?

    Will the game stop spawning mean or evil sims in this world? (seriously Patrice Rizzo and now the two guys at the gym it seems like every other sim Kaley and Kamryn run into is mean or evil, give it a rest EA, though I am pretty sure this is just a coincidence since my other saves don't seem to have this issue)

    Find out on the next episode of....


    Hope everyone enjoyed and as always happy simming :)

    Now for a fun bonus, I was still unable to decide on which dress to give Kamryn for the wedding so I will let the readers decide.

    Once again here are the choices:


    The fancy wedding dress.


    The sleek look.


    or the simple wedding dress.

    So which dress do you think she should wear? Please vote using the poll below.
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    I'm kinda feelin the simple look for her. I voted for 3 :)
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    And now for.... THE BIGGEST EPISODE OF.....



    *glances over at irritable director* What? To much?

    When we last left our verdant haired heroine she had just helped her lovely girlfriend cheer up from a hard day, and if any sour feelings from the gym remain they will soon be gone because. The big day is finally here :D *starts joyously ringing wedding bells but the ringing gradually slows as I realize the director is glaring at me again*..... sorry, jumped the gun *blushes*

    The day for our lovely couple started off fairly normally. They had breakfast together but Kamryn already knowing the wedding day had finally arrived was feeling flirty. Then again when isn't Kamryn seems to be flirty most of the time anyway. But no matter today is special :)


    While Kaley got things ready for the wedding Kamryn set to baking the cake (I would have hired a caterer but it's like $250 for a caterer and about $20 for Kamryn to just do it herself. Plus considering the wedding is already costing around $1500 for the ceremony, mixologist, and musician I figured it was best to just do it this way rather than have their married life start out with them completely broke.


    The wedding will take place at the art museum (I thought it was quite a fitting location for a pair of art lovers) with some slight modifications to turn the side garden area into a wedding space.


    The two don't know that many people so their wedding guest were Tina Wikerson


    and of course Kamryn's sister Traci.


    ... you ....

    Of all the people that could possibly randomly show up it just had to be that stupid, dared to try and flirt with Kamryn in front of Kaley, smug, obnoxious, irritating, two face little..... *glances at glaring director* ..... It just had to be Patrice Rizzo *mumbles obscenities under breath*

    But then she was suddenly gone.... What me, I'm offended you would even think I had something to do with this.... so what if I'm sitting here doing a victory dance next to the delete button.... I'm honestly offended by your accusations.... okay yes I deleted her and I don't regret a thing.... so there....

    Back on track


    Sadly she who no longer exists in my world wasn't the only wedding crasher but she was the only one who warranted deleting.

    So I mostly ignored the crashers and went on with the ceremony.... uh Kamryn...

    traci1.png might want to keep an eye on your sister. She seems to have discovered the bar and has taken to it quite exuberantly. Seriously Traci you couldn't wait until after the ceremony? And to be clear she wasn't bringing the drink to someone she just grabbed two drinks and headed to sit down.


    But whatever, once Traci (drinks in hand) was seated the ceremony began. As you can see Kamryn is sporting the fancy dress which was the winner as of the time I started playing this update.

    Kaley per her usual style and name is wearing a nice green jacket with a black shirt and pants. Sure it's not traditional clothing for a bride but in all honesty we all know there is no purity between these two so I figured it would be fine :p


    Both seem very happy to finally be tieing the knot.


    The two exchange their vows.

    *tears up* It's so beautiful, I always cry at weddings (in reality I try to stay as far away from them as possible due to my utter hatred of having to wear any kind of formal wear :p )


    and Rings, though I'm honestly wondering how Kaley managed to afford a diamond that size O.O


    And with that I am proud to present, Mrs and Mrs Kaley Green :D

    *glances at director* now can I? *director apprehensively nods*


    *Starts ringing wedding bells joyously*

    "Ding plum, the witch is dead, which old witch, the wicked witch, Ding don Patrice Rizzo is dead"

    *director glares*

    What? That was my wedding present to them :p


    Besides I don't think those two are paying enough attention to us at the moment to care what I'm singing :p

    After the two finally came up for air it was time to cut the cake.


    Really Maxis... just really.... no cake cutting animation :\ how hard is it to animate pushing a knife into a cake?


    You know what... nevermind... while I wish they had a cake cutting animation that is absolutely adorable....


    Traci then came over and congratulated the newlyweds.


    A hug for her sister.


    And a welcome to the family for Kaley...


    ....along with some advice

    Considering her thought bubble was of Kamryn along with the animation Traci was doing while saying it and the fact that I'm pretty sure she was at least partially hammered I think her advice was vaguely suggestive and probably the type of statement that would make Kamryn blush had she heard it. You know something along the lines of "make sure to keep her up late tonight" or something like that :p


    Then Kaley and Kamryn enjoyed their first dance as wife and wife (sadly not actually an option, at least not that I could find. In reality they are just holding hands but close enough for story telling).


    Meanwhile a wedding crasher helped herself to some of their cake :angry: where's my delete button...


    After their dance Kaley and Kamryn started getting flirty, probably a sign that I may need to end the party soon and send them home before they do something in the museum that the curators would get mad at them for.


    and it seems they weren't the only flirty ones. Though Traci's actions may be slightly influenced by those drinks from earlier.

    Also Traci you can do better than him. First off he's a wedding crasher, second I saw him flirting earlier with Patrice Rizzo before her unfortunate accident. Anyone who would try to flirt with... it.... isn't worthy of you. Third most of these wedding crashers are likely to be deleted before the day is done since they've been getting on my nerves throughout the entire ceremony.


    And with that the wedding came to a close as the sun started to set.


    After that the new Mrs. and Mrs. Green returned home and wasted no time.

    Seriously those two made the fastest beeline to the bedroom I've ever seen a pair of sims make.


    Then again knowing these two did anyone really expect less :p


    And with that, the two drift off to sleep no longer as just Kaley and Kamryn but as the new Mrs. and Mrs. Green (I don't know why but I just love saying that :p )

    And thats it for this update, what will happen next.

    Will Kamryn finally get a job?

    Will the other wedding crashers make it through the night? (not a chance, gleefully grabs the delete button)

    Will there be a surprise pregnancy in store? (errr I really don't think so as it doesn't really work that way, plus I don't have that particular mod installed)

    Find out next time on...


    Hope everyone enjoyed the update and as always happy simming :)
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    Welcome back everyone to another episode of...


    When we last left our verdant haired heroine she and Kamryn had finally gotten married and were headed joyously into the bliss of married life, and the bedroom, they never forget the bedroom.

    However come the next morning bliss wasn't the first thing on Kaley's mind.


    Waking up at 2 am (who the hell ever wakes up at 2 am O.o I don't think my brain would even function at that hour) Kaley had to make a trip to the bathroom and managed in the process to break the toilet and therefore got to spent the beginning of her first day of married life on her knees (yes I will stoop that low for the sake of a laugh, and I know it's a bad joke but we all have a little 12 year old in our heads that still giggled at it :p ) trying to stop the bathroom from flooding.


    By the time time she finished it was to late to go back to bed so she went through her morning routine and got caught up a bit on work ( a good thing to since she technically skipped work for her wedding the day before).


    After that Kaley fixed breakfast for her and Kamryn so that at least Kamryn could start the first day of married life on a good note.... however


    Kamryn instead got to start the morning off mopping up the water, which Kaley didn't bother to clean up after fixing the toilet.


    And cleaning the tub which was left dirty from Kaley's bath.

    Really Kaley.... you fix the toilet but forget to clean up the flooding? And then you take a bath leaving the tub dirty the whole time not noticing the aforementioned flooding you were kneeling in moments earlier.... just really? Definitely not off to a great start.


    Luckily for Kaley some of the bliss of the day before has survived and Kamryn isn't upset with her.

    Plus the fact that Kaley cooked breakfast probably didn't hurt either, though just a tip Kaley you may want to be careful in the future because this metaphorical high Kamryn's on won't last forever.


    .... Then again what do I know. Seriously she leaves the bathroom a flooded mess which Kamryn then has to clean up and Kamryn still is feeling frisky. Kaley you have no clue how lucky you are.


    And Kaley heads off to work in a cheerful mood, late for work, but in a cheerful mood none the less.

    And I think it's about time we got Kamryn a job. Now that the wedding is over it's time for her to help out with bringing in the proverbial bacon.


    Yes Kamryn, I think the readers understood I meant money :p

    Based on her skills a culinary career seemed fitting though things may be tough for a bit as her base level in the career goes from 4 pm to 1 am.

    After getting that out of the way Kamryn wanted to dance to some music so I figured seeing as she was going to be working nights for a bit it would be a good to use her final day of complete freedom...


    ...with her sister Traci at the local club. Though now that I think of it taking Traci to a place that serves liquor is probably not the greatest idea considering what she was like at the wedding :\


    *sigh* and of course Traci makes a beeline for the bar.


    Meanwhile Kamryn heads to dance to the music while her sister works on pickling her liver.

    Also at the random sim to the left, yes you can admire Kamryn's dancing but no touching, she's taken.


    After Kamryn finished dancing she sat down next to Traci and told her about her new job.


    And Traci responded with a joke using thought bubbles showing Kamryn and a tank.... which I assume means she made a joke about Kamryn's weight along the lines of "be careful you don't get even more pudgy with your new cooking job."

    Really Traci? I get that it was a joke and it's normal for sisters to rib on each other but that was still a bit low :\

    After that it was starting to get late so Kamryn said goodbye to Traci and headed home.


    Once home Kaley wasn't back yet so Kamryn set to making a gourmet meal of pasta primavera in honor of her new job (apparently gourmet cooking is a separate skill in sims 4 which becomes available when a sim reaches level 5 in cooking).


    Once the meal was ready Kamryn still had a bit until Kaley got home so she tried to wash some dishes that got left over from breakfast.... and broke the sink. Seriously what is with things breaking today.


    Kaley came home as Kamryn was working at fixing the sink and this time was smart enough to help clean up the mess.

    Which was followed by teasing and flirting.


    They then enjoyed Kamryn's pasta while Kamryn brought up the idea that they might want to look into a moving to a new place in the near future since the current house seems to be falling apart. Since Kaley's aspiration is to have a successful family lineage (meaning eventual kids) I think that is actually a pretty good idea. Though the two will have to work a bit first in order to afford a new place. Plus it would probably be better to get them a bit further in their careers before they start thinking about kids.


    The two then settle down to watch tv, though there seems to be very little watching going on. If you guys aren't going to watch then just turn it off and save the electric bill cost for the new house you two want to get.


    And of course how else do you expect the day to end with this pair? Seriously with the amount these two go at it I don't know how they have the energy for careers.

    and that's it for this update. What will happen next.

    How will Kamryn's first day of work go?

    Will they find a new house to suit their needs?

    What poor child will eventually be raised by this crazy pair?

    Find out next time on....


    As always I hope everyone enjoyed the update and happy simming.
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    *trumpet fanfare blares across the forum*


    *roaring applause and cheering*

    and the wonderful narrator.... ME

    *crickets chirp*

    *pouts* well fine

    When we last left off our verdant haired heroine and her lovely wife had decided that they needed to look into a new place, but buying a bigger house isn't the easiest goal especially for two people at the bottom rung of their careers (a phone help operator and a dishwasher). So the primary goal for the to will be to try to build up enough money for a home as well as around $5000 in buffer cash for things like furniture and general living. Kaley wanting a successful lineage (aka kids) can wait until after they are stable in a new place.


    But like the day before things aren't off to the best start. Kaley and Kamryn woke up late so Kaley ended up only having time to pull out some left overs for breakfast...


    ...before having to rush off to work.

    Meanwhile Kamryn didn't have to head in until 4 pm so she spent the morning...


    Oh god not again.... why game why do you feel the need to subject me to sims reading for hours on end :(


    Which was followed by a nap since Kamryn's job will run past midnight.


    And off Kamryn went to work, in a far better mood than Kaley left in.

    catch-up-bath.png[img]A couple hours later Kaley returned home in a far better mood and with special news for Kamryn's when Kamryn got home, and she got to take the bath she missed this morning, with added bubbles because everything is better with bubbles :D Seriously bubbles are like the bacon of..... ok I probably should have thought up the rest of that line before I began typing it :\[/img]gummy-bear-pancakes.png

    Still in a good mood Kaley decided to make celebratory dinner for Kamryn (no I'm not revealing the news yet, the suspense is so much more entertaining)


    Gummy bear pancakes.... ewwww

    Seriously Kaley who in their right mind comes up with this concept O.o

    *giant arrow sign appears pointing at narrator, reads "hasn't been in right mind since ever so he's not exactly one to talk"*

    Oh hardy har har, very funny.

    *director grins*

    Yeah sure your jokes are funny but the minute I say "eggs" I get in trouble *pouts*


    Kaley then had some time to kill since Kamryn doesn't finish until 1 am.


    Also the sink broke so Kaley got to repair that.


    And Kaley's bored as time ticks by while she waits for Kamryn to get home so she can reveal her news.


    Finally Kamryn got home and the big reveal is finally at hand.


    Kaley got promoted!!!

    *crickets chirp*

    Yes yes, I realize it was obvious, but I bet you weren't expecting....


    Double promotion FTW, yep Kamryn got promoted as well

    *crickets continue chirping*

    Well fine then, I don't care what you guys think anyway *goes off to pout some more*


    The two then eat the celebratory.... no I'm sorry gummy bear pancakes are an atrocity, seriously why would you ever put gummy bears in pancakes is beyond me and the very thought is absolutely....



    Well that's new :|


    After the celebratory pancakes the pair had celebratory promotion woohoo. Is anyone honestly surprised at this point. These two can't seem to make it more than a day without jumping one another.


    And finally made it to sleep at 3 am.

    You know Kaley this kind of poor time management could be the reason you end up running behind in the morning, ever though of that? Just wait your going to be late in the morning again.

    and that's it for this update.

    What will happen next time.

    Will Kaley and Kamryn save enough for a new home?

    Will Kaley make it to work on time? (as it turns out much to my surprise as I hadn't been keeping track tomorrow is her day off, so her little stay up and wait for Kamryn works out perfectly)

    Will someone vanquish the horror that is gummy.....


    .... *looks at director* please tell me this isn't going to be a running thing with you.

    *sign lowers down from ceiling* "well you said you liked running gags*

    :| hardy har har

    *ahem* find out next time on...


    As always I hope everyone enjoyed the update and happy simming.
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    This episode is brought to you by the color green, what you expected a different color? ....... What? No we don't have a number of the day, seriously you must be looking for Sesame Street. ......... No this isn't Sesame Street do you see a giant yellow bird anywhere ...... oh yes very funny, make fun of me just cause I'm overweight and blonde ..... no I do not look like a bird!!!

    That's it guards escort him to the dungeon

    *guards in full knights armor grab the man and drag him to the dungeon*

    :o that actually worked? Wow I just kind of wanted to say that but I didn't think it would actually work, yo director do we actually have a dungeon as well? ....... okay well a broom closet is close enough. Just make sure to let him out eventually, we don't need him stinking up the place with his death odor (yep this joke literally just went from sesame street to rotting corpses, how's that for versatility :p *insert comedian name here* eat your heart out.

    And now that we've made it clear that this is not Sesame Street, presenting....


    When we last left our verdant haired heroine and her frisky wife they were doing exactly what they usually do, woohooing (trust me, I haven't run out of woohoo jokes yet :p ). Oh and also in the realm of more important aspects the two both got promoted in their careers and Kaley made gummy bear....

    *pauses and smirks as director fumbles around his desk drawers*

    Can't find it can you? No more annoying "broadcasters views not our own blahdy blahdy blah" screens for you >:) who's the funny man now.

    *does victory dance*

    Sheesh and I am wasting far to much time here so lets get on with the update you all actually came to see :p


    As stated at the end of the last update Kaley stayed up late to tell Kamryn the news about her promotion, also making gummy bear pancakes *shivers at the thought*

    But luckily for them the next day was Kaley's day off, which is seriously pure luck as I hadn't paid attention enough to realize that so I was thinking it was going to be another rush to work morning for her. But instead the two get to relax and sleep in.

    And sleep..... and sleep...... okay we get it that you two can sleep in but that doesn't mean all day, this will be a very boring update if you two just sleep all day.

    Finally at 11 pm the two got out of bed and.....


    got right back in because they decided for some morning fun..... the game is tormenting me with these whims. Seriously this game is trolling me, you two just woke up and that's the first whim that appears for both of you.... just really? Come on now we aren't going to have an entire update of you two spending the day in bed.


    So finally at 11:30 they got out of bed and Kamryn needing to work on her cooking skill went to fix breakfast, well more like lunch at this point, you know screw it we'll call it brunch and just settle at that.


    So the two got to enjoy a gourmet meal for brunch, I have to give it to Kaley, she absolutely lucked out on meeting Kamryn. Beautiful, matching traits, excellent cook and all of it randomly generated and walking right by her home.


    After breakfast the two were still feeling flirty, but thankfully for my sanity they didn't have time to do anything about it since Kamryn had work.


    After Kamryn left Kaley watched tv for a bit but then found herself wanting to socialize again. She also needs to work on her programming skill for work (not sure why exactly a telephone help operator needs to know how to program but whatever). But since they are saving up I don't want to have them spend money on a computer just yet so.....


    To the library!

    And to anyone who doubts the sims 4 has active lots ....


    Seriously holy hell, 11 sims not counting Kaley, and that's only the bottom left half of the library. There were more sims around the rest of the building.

    But Kaley's here to work on programming so onward she goes hopefully to get another promotion as well.


    Oh no, not again. For those unaware I am currently in a web design class (it's a required class otherwise I would be nowhere near it).... and I have gained from it a growing dislike of code. But Kaley needs programming skill so onward with the coding.


    Kaley that's not coding.... though that is oddly the direction my coding goes as well, one second I'm doing my assignment, the next I'm playing sims :p


    But since she seems to not like coding straight we'll set her back to coding but let her socialize while she's at it.

    Also apparently Tina Wilkerson died, and was evil.... seriously what is this soap opera.

    *cheesy soap opera music begins to play

    Johnny: Kaley.... Tina is dead

    Kaley: Oh my god she was at my wedding, how could such a thing happen so suddenly.

    Johnny: That's not all, it turns out..... she was evil

    Kaley: *gasp*


    (don't ask who Johnny is, I don't know either, my hands type my brain catches up later :p )

    I am slightly miffed though that the game never notified me. Admittedly Tina was more of an acquaintance than a friend I mean hell I wasn't even aware she was evil which tells you how much time was spent with her, but still, a notification would have been nice.

    After a bit more chatting and programming it was getting late so Kaley headed home and goes to fix dinner for when Kamryn gets home.


    Darn it


    Double darn it


    So Kaley instead gets to spend the time until Kamryn gets home repairing the fridge, the stove, the sink in the kitchen went out as well I just don't have a picture of it, and cleaning up the general mess that was formerly their kitchen. Seriously game, they are already planning to get a new house is it really necessary to torment them in the mean time?

    Kamryn got home and ended up helping Kaley finish cleaning the kitchen. They then settled for a quick mean of left over grilled cheese rather than risk upsetting the kitchen gods again.


    Kaley complained about the kitchen while they ate and had a thought bubble of moving boxes. Which I am taking to mean that it's time to just forget the plan and just find a new place for them. They have enough money to move they just won't have as much buffer cash as I would have preferred.


    So the day comes to an end as the two go to bed, tomorrow they both have the day off work so they will use that oppurtunity to go house hunting and hopefully by tomorrow night will have a nice new home (seriously I wish house hunting and moving was that quick and easy in real life).

    And that's it for this update. What will happen next?

    Will the house stop breaking long enough for Kaley and Kamryn to move out?

    Will they even find a nice new house?

    Will we remember to let that guy from the beginning out of the broom closet?

    Find out next time on...


    I hope everyone enjoyed the update and happy simming.
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    And now for a special episode of...


    by way of...


    It's been a long time coming, for our verdant haired heroine. Hard work, loving, fighting, marriage, appliances breaking (and breaking and breaking and breaking... you get the picture). But now the day has come for the next big transition in her life and to go along with it we are happy to present a special edition episode of House Hunters Simternational, brought to you by Celiria TV, no affiliation with HGTV (please don't sue me)

    I will be co-hosting this episode with a real estate agent so for the viewers convenience my words will be labeled as narrator.

    So with that taken care of onward we go as Kaley and Kamryn go house shopping. Our lovely newlyweds are looking to upgrade from their current 1 bedroom 1 bath home to a bigger home with room for their new family to grow. They have a budget of $20,000.

    House #1


    Real estate agent: First off, we have a lovely 2 bedroom home. It's in a pleasent neighborhood not far from the local business' and should have what you are looking for.

    Narrator: Okay already one issue, that flamingo is tacky, complete deal breaker, next house...... *real estate agent looks at narrator incredulously* okay fine I guess we can look around inside before judging.


    Real estate agent: First off we have this wonderful spacious living room complete with a built in fire place. Plenty of room for the family to expand in the future.

    Narrator: Yeah and I can just see that fireplace burning the place to the ground, though knowing Kaley and Kamryn their already imagining romantic evenings getting up to all sorts of friskiness in front of it. So we'll call it a pro.


    Real estate agent: The house also features a beautiful kitchen with a nice window to let in the outdoor sun.

    Narrator: Whats with the dishes?

    Real estate agent: Excuse me?

    Narrator: The dishes, you see all those dishes in the cabinets.

    Real estate agent: Oh those are just decorative, they serve no other purpose.

    Narrator: What? What sense does that make, why would you have a bunch of purely decorative cabinets that serve no purpose with useless dishes in them? That's just ridiculous.

    Real estate agent: .........

    Narrator: Fine whatever onto the next room.


    Real estate agent: Next up we have a nice second bedroom, perfect for any kids that may show up down the line.

    Narrator: Not bad, nice size. No major issues, onto the next room.


    Narrator: I said onto the next room.

    Real estate agent: This is the next room, a spacious master bedroom perfect for....

    Narrator: Whoa, whoa, whoa, very funny dude but I tell the jokes here. This is the same room we just left. Where's the real master bedroom.

    Real estate agent: Seriously "dude", this is the master bedroom.

    Narrator: Don't think I didn't notice that snarkyness. And this is ridiculous, this bedroom isn't any bigger than the other one, hardly befitting a master bedroom. Definite problem right here.

    Continuing on....


    Real estate agent: and here is the bathroom.

    Narrator: Master bathroom?

    Real estate agent: No this is a shared bathroom.

    Narrator: Yeah no, not a good idea. I forsee major issues if we try to have Kaley, Kamryn, and a future child all trying to share one bathroom. So overall:

    -nice living room, fireplace, and kitchen.

    -small bedrooms, one bath, and that stupid flamingo.... yes the flamingo is a con I don't care what anybody says.

    I think we need somewhere a bit bigger. Onto the next house

    House #2


    Narrator: Well it's definitely bigger, are you sure they can afford this.

    Real estate agent: Well it's a bit costly but I feel it presents a good value for what it offers.

    Narrator: Wait, how costly is costly.

    Real estate agent: Allow me to show you the house.

    Narrator: Hey....


    First off we have the sophisticated entry way.

    Narrator: Excuse me, come back here and stop ignoring me....


    Real estate agent: In here we have a nice upscale kitchen perfect for any of your cooking needs.

    Narrator: Okay, shut up and answer my question. You said costly, how costly is costly?


    The lovely master suite, featuring an row of windows offering a gorgeous view of the neighborhood as you wake in the morning.

    Narrator: Okay stop, stop, stop.

    Real estate agent: And next we have....

    *narrator grabs real estate agent by the collar*

    Narrator: Nuh uh, stop right there and answer my question. HOW COSTLY IS COSTLY?

    Real estate agent: Only $244,000 a reasonable price for.....

    Narrator: No, no, no, no, no. Vetoed, Niet, and however it needs to be said to get the point across. Were you not listening at the beginning. $20k budget, got that $20k. Not $200k, $20k.

    *Real estate agent stares blankly*

    Narrator: You people all do this and it never makes sense, why show someone a house that is blatantly out of the budget they told you. It's just stupid. You seriously do this every episode of house hunters and it's annoying. So listen up $20k. No more, got it. Next house.

    Real estate agent: But sir it is a....

    Narrator: *glares* I said next house.

    House #3


    Narrator: Ha ha, very funny next house.

    Real estate agent: .......

    House #4


    Narrator: *jaw drops* Okay, I will admit, that is kind of awesome. But still not right for what we're looking for. Listen, it's quite simple. 2 bedroom 2 bath, under $20k. Nothing bizarre, nothing ridiculous. Understand.

    Real estate agent: But sir, I feel that the second house....

    Narrator: Okay that's it....

    *intense sounds of violence, power tools, and a ferret telling knock knock jokes*

    Ferret: Knock Knock

    Audience: Who's there

    Ferret: A broken pencil

    Audience: A broken pencil who?

    Ferret: Nevermind it's pointless *badum tish*

    and now back to our regularly scheduled program

    Okay sorry about that

    *director walks in and looks around for the real estate agent*

    Oh he had to go.... uh.... get a cat out of a tree, or something like that. But he said that I was very funny and could handle the rest of this on my own.

    *director looks at narrator doubtfully*

    I'm hurt, after all we've been through together with this show you don't trust me *pouts*

    *director shrugs and holds up sign* "Just clean up the broom closet yourself this time, I cleaned up the last guy"

    Wow... he's good....

    Okay now to find a more suitable house for Kaley and Kamryn


    Narrator: Okay this is more like it. 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, and under $20k.


    First off we have a nice entry area


    Connected to that we have a nice large space connected to the kitchen. Between the two we have plenty of room for a living room/dining room/tv room area.


    Onward we go upstairs and through the hallway...


    Now this is a master bedroom, spacious, plenty of natural light.


    Then we have the master bathroom, a touch on the small side but considering this whole house only costs around $19,500 this is pretty good. See this isn't so hard who needs that real estate agent :D


    And of course we have the second bedroom. Good size, more than enough room for a kid to grow up in.


    And of course we have the bathroom, which honestly almost seems better than the master bathroom, but everything overall seems good. I think we have the perfect house for Kaley and Kamryn to start off in :)


    So there we have it, the happy couple has a brand new home.... though maybe I should have held off until they had more buffer cash since now after the cost of the new house they are left with only $72 in their household funds. But they seem happy so there's no need to spoil the fun with money worries. They are tough and they will just have to postpone adopting for a bit until they earn enough money to help furnish the house properly.


    And of the course the two hurry to the bedroom to "celebrate" their new home. Maybe I should let them know that with the cost of the house I couldn't afford a bed.... nah, they'll manage :p

    And that's it for this update. What will happen next?

    Will Kaley and Kamryn be able to manage with only $72 to their names?

    How long will it take for them to earn enough to furnish the house?

    Will the narrator remember clean up the "mess" he left in the broom closet? (*director holds up sign as he grabs a mop* "not likely*)

    Find out on the next episode of....


    I hope everyone enjoyed the update, sorry it was a bit slow but there's only so much I can do with looking at homes. As always happy simming :)

    The houses featured in this update came from the gallery though I forgot to write down who made them, but to be clear they are not my creations though I made a bunch of modifications to the final house.
  • CeliriaCeliria Posts: 3,488 Member
    It's time for the newest episode of....


    Well unless your reading this sometime in the future in which case there is probably a newer one, but for now it's the newest.... unless it's not.... wow my head hurts now :\

    When we last left our verdant haired heroine she and Kamryn had just purchased a brand new home but as a result were left with no furniture and only $72 to their name.


    The first morning in the new home Kaley was the first one up and proceeded through her usual morning routine (thankfully while the house lacks furniture it still has basics like toilet, shower, stove, and fridge otherwise things might be a bit rough in the mornings).


    On the subject of things the house does have it certainly isn't lacking for counter space. That is a darn good sized kitchen, and Kaley got to be the first one to break it in as she made breakfast. Once that was done she headed up to wake Kamryn for breakfast.


    And while some aspects of their life are different from the move and the new house some things never change.


    Yep somethings never change, not even finished with breakfast and their already thinking about their favorite activity :p

    As well as their wasting of food remains constant as they rush upstairs to pursue said activity :p

    (just for clarity purposes they technically have a bed, the cheapest one there was, though I'm sticking with the idea they don't until I can afford a proper bed for them. So as far as I'm concerned they are sleeping/woohooing on the floor).


    After that Kaley heads off to work while Kamryn handles the bills.

    I am really glad I have a mod to make bills less obnoxious since that kept their bills under their $72 funds at the moment. It would have been much more of a pain to have to deal with late bills along with trying to get enough money to furnish their currently empty home.


    Kamryn spent the remainder of the morning down at the library reading up on mixology for her job.


    She then went home and made dinner before heading off to her job so that Kaley would have something already prepared after she got home from her tech job.


    And in a nice stroke of good fortune Kaley managed to get promoted :D so when she got home she got some upgrades to the home such as a couch, stools for dining area, a coffee table for their eventual tv....


    .... and most importantly a nice brand new bed.

    On a side note as odd as it may sound beds are the one time I actually miss CAST. Clothing, house building, all of that I am pretty good with the options in the game but 90% of the beds in this game are ugly. Hopefully someone will come out with some cc for them soon, honestly all I really need is several solid color options for each bed style and I'm good.


    Kaley then ate dinner and spent the rest of the evening browsing the web on her phone before heading to bed.


    A few hours later Kamryn got home exhausted from her job. We definitely need to get her a promotion and hopefully with it some better hours because this whole working until 1 am thing is a pain.


    So Kamryn headed straight for bed and was probably ecstatic to find that Kaley had gotten them a proper bed.

    And that's it for this update. A bit slow but at the moment they are just trying to earn money to furnish their house so their isn't a whole lot going on.

    What will happen next?

    Will they be able to earn enough money to furnish their house before their old and grey (I really hope so otherwise continuing the family line is shot)?

    What will they purchase next?

    Why were there so few jokes in this update? (sorry it's awfully hard to be funny about them working for promotions and going off to their jobs.

    Either way, see whatever the future holds on the next installment of....


    As always I hope everyone enjoyed the update even if it was a bit light on my usual humor, and happy simming :)
  • DavidMCSessyDavidMCSessy Posts: 1,148 Member
    I was using the first house for my comic, tooo! Haha. :)

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  • CeliriaCeliria Posts: 3,488 Member
    And now for more....


    Now in bite size form :p (the shorter updates will likely continue for a little bit until they can get everything sorted with the new house and move on to more exciting things)

    When we last left our verdant haired heroine she and Kamryn had.... worked. Yep.... wow exciting intros are hard without anything exciting to comment on :p

    But the work is necessary if they want to make the house a home so to speak so onward we go.


    Since Kamryn was still tired after her usual late night at work Kaley left her to sleep in for a bit and instead got ready for her day of work and had some leftovers for breakfast by herself.


    Unwilling to let Kaley go off to work with a proper goodbye though Kamryn woke up just in time to wish her a good day, Kaley returned the favor with a suave kiss (I love this interaction, it's just a kiss on the hand but it's so sweet looking :) )


    Kamryn still needed to work on her mixology skill for work so to save the trouble of her having to spend the morning at the library before work I just had her buy a small cheap bookshelf so she could have the book readily available. Both she and Kaley have the whim to want to buy a tv but I figured work related skills took slight precedence :p


    She then as per usual fixed dinner for when Kaley gets home before heading off to work.... but.....

    It turns out yet again I'm a ditz and failed to realize that Kamryn has her days off. So no work today or tomorrow. Which normally I would be happy about because it gives her time to spend with Kaley with both of them on the same sleep cycle but right now it just means she has to wait two days for her next promotion which she's met the requirements for and it also means two days without income from her job.


    But there's nothing to really do about it so instead she heads down to hang out with her sister for an afternoon at the gym. I figured this would allow her to A. keep off the pounds from working in a kitchen and B. was better than taking Traci to a bar :p


    Meanwhile Kaley arrived home from work in a bad mood.

    Apparently a co-worker accidentally created a bug in the program they were working on. Not wanting to be a jerk about it Kaley rather than blaming him or reporting it to management attempted to fix the bug herself. But management found out about the bug anyway and she got blamed for it while the co-worker didn't say a thing.


    Luckily she Kamryn got home and helped cheer her up a bit.


    Kaley grumbled a bit to Kamryn while they ate about how much she doesn't like her job.

    Considering how stressed work tends to make her I think it would be best to have her quit and try something else like maybe taking up painting since she's an art lover but sadly as it stands Kaley earns $47 per hour while Kamryn only gets around $17. So with them needing money at the moment to furnish the house quitting work, as miserable as it may be, isn't really an option.


    Thankfully Kamryn is understanding and willing to help support Kaley until they are well off enough for her to be able to try doing something more fun.

    and that's it for this update.

    What will happen next?

    Can Kaley manage having to continue in a job she doesn't like?

    What will Kamryn do tomorrow as she impatiently waits for her days off to end so she can help bring in more money?

    Will anything ever be done about that jerk coworker of Kaley's? (sadly no since he's just a nameless faceless character who I can't delete)

    Find out next time on....


    Once again sorry not much went on but I hope it was still at least a little enjoyable. And as always happy simming :)
  • msbeckycatmsbeckycat Posts: 3,062 Member
    Interesting story
  • CeliriaCeliria Posts: 3,488 Member
    Time for more....


    When we last left off in the life of our verdant haired heoine Kaley had been having some struggles at work but wanted to quit, but they need money and her job pays well so she gets to stick with it until things are sorted out.


    Kamryn and Kaley got to eat together this morning since Kamryn is on her two days off for the week and therefore wasn't up until 1 am the previous morning.


    It's nice to have her on the same sleep schedule but I really miss the income she was bringing in.


    So with a farewell kiss Kaley is off to work to bring in the sole paycheck for the day, thankfully Kamryn goes back to work tomorrow and should hopefully get a promotion since she's met all the requirements.


    But I'm not taking chances so Kamryn might as well complete her daily task (prepare a meal) to give a boost to performance. She made chicken... something. I won't deny I can't even remember how to pronounce what she was making let alone try to spell it. But it was gourmet so it was likely delicious and at that point who really cares what it's called :p after all their are foods out there with names like headcheese and limping susan (scarily enough those are real foods) so as far as I'm concerned the name doesn't matter much when judging food.

    With the rest of her day at home Kamryn got to re-paint, re-tile, and re-carpet most of the house.


    We have the new master bedroom.


    The new master bath (same style was used for the second bathroom as well.


    The new kitchen/living room area.


    And the hallway upstairs. I realize the hallway is really dull but then again its a plum hallway, what did you really expect honestly.

    *director sign drops down* "Maybe you could have painted it plum :p "

    A censorship joke.... okay I'll give it to you that was pretty good though I think a random purple hallway would have looked a bit odd. Also where have you been Mr. Director? I haven't seen you around the last few updates..... hello? And he's gone again.

    Well guess your stuck with just me, don't worry the work updates hopefully won't last to much longer and then we can move on to other more interesting updates. But for know the two struggle on.

    And struggle Kaley does is she returns home stressed again from another day at work, this time due to a coworker who apparently hadn't bathed in recent memory :s

    Seriously what is wrong with the people at this workplace of hers.

    But Kamryn as always is there to cheer her up....


    Yep this is a thing, Kamryn serenaded her over dinner. I wasn't even aware Kamryn could sing. Seriously I love this game so much just for the little interactions I keep stumbling across. Feeding each other cake, the suave kiss, serenading. It's just so much fun to randomly find the options :D


    And we finish with the obligatory kiss scene. I realize I post a lot of kiss pictures between these two but in my defense Kamryn just serenaded her. I would say that deserves a kiss in return.

    And that's it for this update. What will happen next time?

    Is Kamryn going to take her newfound singing ability on the road as a career?

    Will Kaley ever be able to leave her horrible job and coworkers behind?

    Will the director ever return and stay *director sign drops down* "Hi there"

    Oh hello the.... and he's gone again :\

    Find out on future updates of....


    As always I hope everyone enjoyed the update and happy simming.
  • CeliriaCeliria Posts: 3,488 Member
    @msbeckycat thanks, glad your enjoying it :)
  • CeliriaCeliria Posts: 3,488 Member
    And now a special presentation, have you been wishing for more Kaley and Kamryn? Just praying that you could see more of them.... probably not but it doesn't matter, because if you were we are proud to present a back to back presentation of.....


    Now you may be thinking "Celiria, why would you be so generous and gracious to give us not one but two episodes of your amazing Kaley and Kamryn updates in a single day, what have we done to deserve such a gift"

    Well I'll tell you, there is a....

    *director sign drops down* "tl;dr"

    ............. :(

    Well that wasn't very nice

    *director sign drops down* "just get to the point already, and cut the flowery self praise speak. It's annoying the viewers and making you look like a plum"

    Was that a fat joke, that sounded like a fat joke.

    *director sign drops down* "nope censorship joke.... again"

    -_- ....... yet you grumble at me for running gags

    But whatever. Simply put I am backed up on chapters and wanted to finish off the ones I have this week before going into the weekend. So you get a double episode today leaving me one episode left which will go up tomorrow. Plus it gave me an excuse to do this whole spiel which at least in my mind is highly amusing..... wait I probably shouldn't have mentioned that part... DO NOT LOOK AT THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN (yay for Wizard of Oz references :p )

    Okay back on track before my mind runs off any futher into lala land, when we last left our verdant haired heroine and her lovely wife they were still working to get the house furnished, Kamryn redecorated most of the walls and carpets in the house, and we discovered that apparently Kamryn can sing as she serenaded Kaley during dinner.


    But it seems that Kamryn has more up her sleeve than serenading. Kamryn has a special plan to surprise Kaley with breakfast in bed which....


    ....get's delayed by the toilet breaking. *sigh* really game, I bought better stuff for this house to avoid this kind of thing.

    Kamyn manages to get the toilet fixed though and all with Kaley still sleeping, so the plan continues.


    Wow Kamryn gets fancy, pulling out all the stops on that french toast.


    And she makes it upstairs just in time for Kaley to wake up, so the two enjoy a romantic morning of breakfast and their usual flirting but from the comfort of their bed, at least that will make it easier to transition into any other ideas Kamryn is likely to come up with :p


    And Kaley heads off to work.

    Kamryn spends the rest of her morning doing her usual workday routine.


    Working on her cooking, in this case macaroni for her aspiration goal.


    And taking a nap before her late, and hopefully last, night as a dishwasher.

    Then she of course heads off to work herself.

    Kaley gets home a couple hours later from another stressful day at work, more trouble with the coworker who won't bathe -_-


    She enjoys some of Kamryn's cooking, they are going to be eating a lot of leftovers for a bit because they fridge is stuffed with them and they are going to go bad soon if Kaley and Kamryn don't eat them.


    And Kaley upgrades the master bathroom toilet. I don't remember the specific upgrade but it's supposed to make it break less frequently, so yes please.

    After finishing she went straight to bed.


    Kamryn got home and has gained another promotion :D

    She is now a caterer, and earns $26 an hour. Still not a great pay rate (at least compared to Kaley's job) but it's a definite improvement. Her hours also improved as she now works from 3pm-11pm instead of 4pm-1am.


    She also received a coffee pot with her promotion which I placed on the counter long enough to look at before selling it and the other random items that had piled up in their family inventory (a counter top, another coffee pot, and a computer hard drive) off for extra money.


    After that Kamryn went to bed and that was it for the night.

    And that's it for part one of today's double feature.

    What will happen next?

    What will our couple buy with the money from Kamryn's promotion and selling off the promotion items?

    Will they finally finish furnishing the house so they can start on other life goals?

    Why am I even bothering with these questions when the next update is already finished? (no clue, let's just say I'm crazy and leave it at that. That answer works for most other things with me :p )

    Find out next tim....errrr find out down below in the next episode of....

  • CeliriaCeliria Posts: 3,488 Member
    And now for part 2 of today's double feature of...


    When we last left our verdant haired heroine and her lovely wife....

    *director's sign drops down* "they just read it, you don't need to recap"

    Bu... but.... tradition

    *director's sign drops down* "screw tradition"

    :( well fine, and "eggs" to you sir, :p "eggs" to you (the joke will never die).

    As always the morning starts off with breakfast, but thanks to the money from Kamryn's promotion and selling in the last update....


    They now have a tv. So the two get to enjoy breakfast together while watching television.


    But of course that doesn't hold Kamryn's attention for long and she's quickly back to her favorite hobby, putting the moves on Kaley.

    You know Kamryn, you could have at least let her finish her pancakes first.


    But Kaley clearly doesn't mind as she quickly finishes her breakfast and joins Kamryn for some snuggling on the couch.

    The smirk on Kamryn's face is fantastic :p She just looks like she got what she wanted and is now just thinking "I win"


    After that, with a kiss on the cheek, Kaley heads off to work. Her last day before her days off meaning reduced income again for a couple days :(


    Still feeling flirty from snuggling with Kaley Kamryn heads upstairs to take a cold shower, once again I love the little special interactions in this game :)


    Since they still have some money left after the TV Kamryn grabs some other stuff for the house such as a mirror and dresser for the bedroom. The house is starting to look proper now. I think all that's really left is to get the second bedroom set up and a little buffer cash and Kaley can quit and they can finally adopt :D


    Kamryn then as usual makes dinner for that evening....


    ...and spends the rest of the morning reading.


    She then heads off to her new position as a caterer in her nice new career outfit.


    Kaley gets home that afternoon and starts working on upgrading the shower.


    She then spends the rest of the evening enjoying leftovers and watching comedy.

    She ends up in a playful mood and comes up with a plan to surprise Kamryn tomorrow. She then heads off to bed to dream of the look on Kamryn's face the next day.

    Kamryn gets home later that night having earned another promotion. She is now a mixologist which means she is now getting $35 per hour and her work schedule is now from 6pm-2pm. So it's back to late nights but in exchange she starts later in the day and gets Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays off.


    Kamryn enjoys a quick meal before heading to bed, unaware of what Kaley has planned for her tomorrow.

    And that's it for this update and this double feature. What will happen next time?

    Will Kaley pull off her surprise for Kamryn?

    Will Kamryn discover the surprise?

    What is the surprise in the first place?

    Find out on the next update of....


    I hope everyone enjoyed this double feature and as always happy simming :)
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