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MAY 24 - It's Patch Day for The Sims 4 on PC/MAC Patch notes here.

When in doubt, "Run As Administrator"

Figured I'd toss this bit of advice out for anyone in a similar situation as me.

Apparently the latest update did something funky to the settings in the game - where before I went about 3 days of sweet, smooth playability, today I went to play and BOOM, crash on startup. I cleared my tray folder, still crashed. Uninstalled, redownloaded, and it loaded far enough to ask for the patch. I patched, and again, BAM, crash on launch.

On a whim, I right clicked the icon in my start menu (I'm running Windows 7), and clicked "Run As Administrator" and the game fired right up.

May not be the solution to everyone's problems, but I doubt I was the only one tearing his hair out trying to get the game to actually launch.


  • netguystevenetguysteve Posts: 470 Member
    If this, does indeed solve the problem for someone, and they don't want to have to right click and select "Run as Administrator" every time, you can set it to permanently run as administrator.

    1. Right click the icon for The Sims 4 on your Desktop (not Origin) and select Properties
    2. Click the Advanced Button

    3. Enable "Run as Administrator"

    4. Click "OK"

    Once you do this, you can run the game as administrator simply by double clicking the icon on your desktop as normal.
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  • NotamainerNotamainer Posts: 32 Member
    I believe this was caused by the patch itself, looking back.

    I think the patch has to rewrite some of the game's code (which is a pretty duh statement) so when you launch the first time, the game goes to update itself and can't if its missing the Admin privileges. Since I installed that last patch and spent that day tearing my hair out, the games been launching normally ever since.
  • xvkiweevxxvkiweevx Posts: 469 Member
    I had the same problem after the patch. As long as it runs I do care how I have to start it. :smiley:
  • Angeleyeswi69Angeleyeswi69 Posts: 104 Member
    I am not sure, but before the latest update I was trying to run as an administrator and the game wouldn't start at all, but that could have changed since the last update, but I haven't had a reason to try it since then.
  • AngelaReAngelaRe Posts: 2 New Member
    Writes run the game as administrator if it is the first time you start it
  • AngelaReAngelaRe Posts: 2 New Member
    " run the game as administrator if it is the first time you start it. Always make sure Origin client is not running" No Origin!
  • JSimmyJSimmy Posts: 44 Member
    Omg! This is so funny! I still play the sims 2 on my plum computer and can only play it on Run As Administrator or it will crash! Always works for me!!
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