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Official Rules - 50 Foals Challenge (Sims3)

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Hello! Its SIMyth here with my main account wishing all of you Happy Simming! I debated on whether or not to bring this over to the new forums since Sims 4 does not have pets (yet?). But after seeing the 50 Foals challenge stories appearing in the forums I thought perhaps it would be a convenience for all you awesome Simmers if I did. Enjoy!

My Original rules Thread

Post 1: Official Rules & Alternates
Post 2: Official Banner Signature code & A small selection of challenge stories links

Hello all you horse enthusiasts out there. Here is a challenge for you. It is a little something I've created for horses. Yes, those beloved equine mares and stallions we all adore will now have a challenge of their very own. If this peaks your interest, read on.


1. Create (not adopt) one Sim and One horse. Your horse may be male or female. Your Sim may also be male or female and does not have to be the same gender as your horse.

2. NO money cheats are allowed. (It will be really tough in the beginning but once you start selling those foals, you'll be rich in no time.)

3. Each foal should have a different sire (father). Or dam (mother) if your horse is male.

4. Your Mare's (or Stallion) goal is to have 50 foals.

5. Yes, you may use any and all lifetime reward points your horse may have. You may also train them, race them, jump with them, etc. as you wish.

6. You may choose to sell, give away, etc each foal as it ages up into adulthood. Do not give away/sell a foal. (Alternate: You can age up a foal early but only IF it achieves an additional trait, such as 'fast' or 'noisy' etc. (They can achieve an additional trait by performing the action many times. Example: Fast - Gallop Around a lot, Noisy - Whiny a lot, etc.)

7. Your Sim human (or other lifeform) can be any age with any traits. But YA is suggested so they can live longer and take care of all the horses/foals that will come to be under their care. Yes, other Sims may join your household.

8. Your human Sim and any other sims may NOT choose a job or profession. (Except for Teenage Sims. The teenagers may have part-time jobs until graduation. Then they will either have to quit and help out on the ranch or move away.) Their job is to care for their growing ranch. They are allowed to collect, garden and fish, etc for extra simoleons. Self-employment is optional. (Hint: There is the horseman/horsewoman self-employment option now.)

9. You may choose any world you wish. But it must have the JRA International Equestrian Center in the world somewhere. As this is where you will be going with your Mare to breed her, contest her and sell your grown-up foals. You can also use Unicorns, Wild Horses and adopted ones as Sires to your foals. Used only once of course.

10. A little note on lot size. You may choose any size you wish IF it is at least a 30x30. The bigger the better but watch those beginning funds.

11. For those that use Stallions as their Founding horse, the mare that is impregnated must belong to the household at the time of birth. You can sell her afterwards if you wish. But that means bottle-feeding the foal.

12. Yes, your Sim may have other pets besides horses, such as a dog, cat, etc. Try to limit their numbers though so you still have room to work with your horse population.

13. Yes you may go to Edit Town and create more households for the town (with or without animals/horses) but your are NOT allowed to change the active household at any time.

14. When you create a thread or story, please include a link to these rules in your first post. This is the link:
This is not an actual rule but a request.

Alternative Challenge Strategies

Alternate 1 - Use two mares (or stallions) instead of one. The second mare can be created in CAS or adopted in-game. Each mare will have the goal to produce 25 foals each instead of 50. All other rules of the challenge will apply.

Alternate 2 - Use five mares. Each must produce 10 foals. All the mares may use the same stallions for breeding, but each mare may use each stallion only once.

The first mare must be created in CAS along with your founding Sim. The other four mares may be adopted, bought or born into the household. (They do NOT have to be producing foals at the same time. You can use the 'next generation' card for choosing your mares if you wish.) All other rules of the challenge will apply.

(*) NEW! (*) Alternate 3 - This is a strategy I like to call the Wildcard. Here is how it goes...

You may use any number of mares to reach your goal. (1-50) This is where it goes very different to the other strategies and even the rules themselves! Are you ready? Okay, you may ONLY use stallions from the Equestrian Center. If you only want to use one mare then go for it. For this wildcard strategy you may use the stallions as many times as you wish to get your foals. 50 foals is still the goal. Have fun!

(*) NEW! (*) Alternate 3B - This is the Wildcard strategy with a mild twist. Follow everything that is written in Alternate 3, except you will have the freedom to choose where your stallions (mares) come from. Here is the challenge part... If you choose to breed your mare using an adopted stallion you got through the phone, then all other stallions (mares) must be used through the adoption by phone. Same is true if you decide to adopt a wild horse. The first place you find your first stallion (mare) is where you must find all the others too. Yes, you may use the same stallion (mare) more than once.

Optional Side-Challenges

These are optional and for those that really want to work a very tough challenge.

1. You must become a full owner (not just a partner) in every business in the world.

2. You must buy every venue in the world and upgrade each one at least once.

3. You must have your Sim get married and raise five children to teenagers.

4. Your Sim must achieve their life-time wish.

Do you want to try one of the above? How about all of them? Have fun!


If you have any questions feel free to post here and either I or another experienced member of the 50F community can answer it for you. If you create a thread, blog or story please share your links/updates and fun facts on how you are doing, in this thread so we can following along. Those that already have the rules from the old forum linked in your stories, you do not need to edit them with these new rules. But take note that the old forum is read only now and no one can post their updates there any longer. I wish you all the best! Have fun all you Horse-Loving Simmers! I look forward to hearing from you all.
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