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Sims 4 Build-n-Share Challenge #78 - 27th September 2017** The Hawthorne Project - Part V

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The Hawthorne Project is now officially looking for applicants for the next phase. Head on over to the BnS Hawthorne Project Sims to enter your worthy, downtrodden Sims for the opportunity to have them become the next official candidate!

A reminder to use the entry form as is. If you are adding any pictures, please limit them to two per entry post and place them at the bottom of the entry form.

#BnS 78: The Hawthorne Project - Part V

As you sit in your bed surrounded by tissues, of both the new and used variety, your laptop pings, you look around frantically trying to locate it in the sea of white.

“Got ya.” You say, well whisper hoarsely, as your voice has obviously found somewhere else it would rather be.

You reach for the laptop and fall promptly onto the floor, your balance seems to have relocated to sunnier climes as well.

“I wish this stinking cold would go away.” You think to yourself as you carefully maneuver yourself into a somewhat vertical position.  

“Still, at least I can still work from home.” Is the next thought that enters your mucus filled brain. “What did we do before the internet?”  

The email was, as expected, from The Hawthorne Project, detailing your next client.

Name: Rima Al-Hadid
Traits: Neat, bookworm
M/F/TG: Female
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Occupation (Or Former Occupation): Student - High School

Spouse’s Name:N/A
Occupations (Or Former Occupation):

Child 1 Name: Joram Al-Hadid
Child 1 M/F/TG: Male
Child 1 Traits: Loves the Outdoors
Child 1 Aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp

Child 2 Name: Maya Al-Hadid
Child 2 M/F/TG: Female
Child 2 Traits: Clingy
Child 2 Aspiration: N/A

Child 3 Name: N/A
Child 3 M/F/TG:
Child 3 Traits:
Child 3 Aspiration:

Further children please list below:N/A

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your family, if appropriate, and why you are applying to The Hawthorne Project.

My name is Edith Moskowitz and I'm writing on behalf of a young teen-aged girl that has earned my utmost admiration; My women's group has sponsored three orphaned refugees and collected the funds to bring them here. We've found homes for each of them, but the eldest, Rima, is unconsolable that she might be separated from her brother and sister, and we can't find anyone that can take all three. She's convinced she can do it on her own. She's a very responsible girl and has a very convincing plan on how to support her family. We've found a local coffee shop that will sell her paintings and a farmer's market that will buy anything she can grow. Her little brother, Joram, is even offering to catch fish for the local fishmonger. The women's group will provide day care so that Rima can continue with her schooling. I really think they have a very good chance and it would break my heart to disappoint them after all they've been through.

Tell us about your ideal home space:

They need a home that wouldn't be impossible for them to financially maintain, so nothing too fancy. Rima insists that they can all share a bedroom, but I think they should have at least two, and a bathtub for the toddler. They'd obviously need a place to cook and share family meals, toys and activities for the little ones, books, and an easel and garden for income. They'd also need a place to play and share family time. It should be cheerful and homey so that they feel safe and comfortable, and although the poor dears are very grateful to be here, they are homesick, so at least a touch of the Middle East in the architecture or decorations would be wonderful.

“Such a sad tale.” You think to yourself. “I’m so pleased that they were selected, they deserve somewhere lovely to live.”

Use any lot you would like within Willow Creek
At least two bedrooms and one full bathroom.
You have free reign on how the house is built, landscaped, laid out etc.
Must include:  a computer, a vegetable garden, a chess table, an easel, at least one musical instrument, at least one piece of fitness equipment and a book case.
The budget must not exceed $40,000.

You can find out more about The Hawthorne Project in the archives. You can download the selected family, @Ainsleyf's The War Orphan's here.

Room Challenge: Create Rima an artist studio, it should be no more than 25 squares in size and cost no more than $10,000.

Sim Challenge: As this is part of Project Hawthorne:Sims. There is no Sim challenge this time around, however please feel free to enter a Sim, family, or random group of misfits to Project Hawthorne:Sims.


OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM (please copy and paste into your entry post)

CHALLENGE #78: The Hawthorne Project - Part V

LEVEL: (Whichever entry level you feel fits your current build level i.e. Starting Out, Established or Expert)
LOT: (Name where the build can be found with on The Gallery)
TOTAL COST: (Lot cost and build cost added together)
LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: (REQUIRED - the slideshow is what your judges will primarily go by)
ENTRY DETAILS: (Be sure to tell us about your entry)
CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM: (Please state here as to whether or not you would like to receive constructive criticism for your entry
CREDIT FOR CC/RECOLORS: (Please give links to any CC, mods, and/or recolours you used in your entry)

SPACE FOR PICTURES: (Only a maximum of two per entry, please)

Please note the changes to the entry form, the judges are having some difficulties in working out if people are entering the Room/Sim challenges, therefore we are making it compulsory for the Sim and/or Room challenges to have their own media showcases.

Hashtag used for this challenge is #BnS78

The deadline for this challenge is 27th September 2017
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    Welcome to the Build-n-Share Sims 4 Challenge!

    The Build-n-Share challenges will be posted every other Wednesday and run for two weeks. Results will be posted approximately one week after all entries have been submitted in the Winner's Circle thread.

    Judges and Keepers of the Thread

    Your current hosts are @kittkat7147 and @FaithofKaela .

    Your official judges are: @FaithofKaela , @kittkat7147, @ISHTARJMD, @Lebanna, @_Princess_Natasha_, @Masajo , @StSciurus and @ArikaB.

    @FaithofKaela is the official organizational guru collecting entrants' names, levels, links, and results!

    Judges will post their results in the winner's circle thread:

    And you can keep up to date on our facebook page:
    Or with our new Twitter feed: @BuildnShare
    And our newest social media venture tumblr:

    Look for results typically a week to two weeks after the deadline.

    Big thanks to our judges and helpers!

    The benefits
    First place will be awarded at all levels. If there are at least eight entries in a category, up to four places will also be announced. Challenges also create an opportunity for community on the forum site. We get to know one another’s names, share news, builds, and positive words. This is a chance to get your name out there, and hopefully make a few friends along the way.

    What makes this challenge different from all the other ones I've seen?
    We have been hosting this weekly challenge since the first week the game was released. We have many levels of builders in our community and welcome them all. This group is truly a product of all its great members!

    Within the first few challenges, our group was recognized by the gurus that be, who have helped the weekly challenges gain even more popularity be stickying both Build-n-Share threads. Since then, we have had at least one featured creation almost every week, and our list of featured members continues to grow.

    With 5 successful collaborative neighborhoods (Gnomelandia, Summer of Love, NYC, Sanshi Sumei and Olde Fairy Tale Village ) completed, Build-n-Share hopes to bring more creative challenges and new neighborhood ideas to the community with the help of our dedicated participants who willingly contribute and help each week to make sure each challenge runs smoothly.

    The rules
    All entries must be original work. Avoid using "styled looks" from Sims 4. Any competitor who submits another builder’s work will be disqualified and banned from any future Build-n-Share challenge. These competitors will also be removed from the Builders' Boulevard related websites if they have chosen to join (membership to the site and the Yahoo! group are not required to enter a Build-n-Share challenge).

    Playing your lot to purposefully allow depreciation, i.e. to allow you to buy more stuff for the budget, is not allowed, you can of course play test your lot, but please make a note of the cost of the lot prior to testing and state this as your lot price. Also using 'low value/high quality' CC is a no no. The cost of the lot that you are building on in ALWAYS to be included in your total cost, unless it is expressly stated otherwise.

    You must upload your entry to the gallery for it to count as an official entry, this is due it being the only way that judges can confirm the lot cost of your builds.

    By entering, you agree to allow your lot to be showcased on any of the BuildnShare social media outlets.

    Please announce your official lot posting using the entry form below. Make sure to leave the "Official Entry" label notable. If you need to reformat it, you can do this by highlighting the desired text and then selecting "B" in the options above. This will help us see the entries in a sea of posts with no pics to guide us.

    Entries must be submitted by the deadline, midnight Wednesday evening (eastern time, USA).

    Your media should include a variety of screenshots to best showcase your entry. Please include at least one clear shot of the main floorplan of the build. If your build has multiple floors, please take a screenshot of each floor. Your media must be in the format of a slideshow, no videos, please.

    A description of the level categories

    Starting Out--I have a little experience, but I'm still figuring a lot of things out. I would not call myself an official "builder" at this point.

    Established--I have been building for awhile. I know the basics and maybe a little more. I enjoy building, but it is not my primary focus with the game.

    Expert--I know the Sims, and the Sims knows me. My name is familiar to a lot of veteran players, and I've competed in and won some building challenges and maybe even been recognized in a community showcase or two. I know most of the cheats AND I know how to use them.

    Build-n-Share Archives
    Big thanks to Faith of Kaela for putting this together!

    Looking for more challenges? Check out the Build Challenges thread created by @rosemow


    Screenshots: Tips and Tricks

    Since judging will be based on screenshots, we figured this would be a good time to go over some tips and tricks in taking good screenshots to help showcase your lovely builds.

    1) Camera Man Mode - This is a must in taking good shots! You will have to be in live mode to do this, but just hit "TAB" to enter this mode. Once you are in this mode, you can use the mouse to freely control the angles and use "W, A, S, D" buttons to move forward, backwards, and side to side. "Z" zooms in, "X" zooms out. "Q" moves up and "E" moves down. "C" to capture the shot.

    2) Find the perfect angle - With photography, it is all about finding the right angle. Spend some time in camera man mode to find the perfect angle. Get down to a sim's point of view to take the best shots of rooms.

    3) Walls up - Most people play with walls cut away, but when you are taking pictures of your lot, try to keep your walls up to make your shots look more realistic.

    4) No grids - Unless you need to show the grid for a specific purpose, make sure no build/buy grid is visible when you take your pictures. You can avoid this by taking pictures in live mode or by hitting 'G' button in build mode.

    5) More is better—Weird, huh? But in this case, we want to make sure judges have enough shots to fairly judge your lot. Be sure to show off each room with at least one picture. Also, please include an overhead shot of the floorplan for each level.

    Ok, those are the basics! If you want to further your simatography skills, we highly recommend you visit for more tips and tricks and to see some excellent shots taken by professional simatographers!

    Please try to keep this thread as photo free as possible and create a slide show to illustrate your lots.

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    Showcase for Starting Out Winner:

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    Showcase for Established Winner
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    Showcase for Expert Winner

    Congrats to @withlovejulien for their win for #BnS77 - A Park For Rose


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    Reserved for challenge info
  • celdys0nceldys0n Posts: 107 Member
    Builders Unite! ^.^
  • SimGuruHydraSimGuruHydra Posts: 1,458 Member
    I'll be checking up on this thread very often :)
  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 4,188 Member
    I have been a member of the Build N' Share Community since the days of UBERSimmers in Sims 2. I may not be active but I do frequently lurk in the Build N' Share threads. Here is a blast from the past of the One Year UBERSimmer Anniversary.
  • ScoutbooScoutboo Posts: 34 Member
    :D This looks like a ton of Fun count me in!
  • quasha81388quasha81388 Posts: 254 Member
    Looks like i will be doing this as well <3
  • onikisuonikisu Posts: 12 New Member
    I'm so eager to start that I have already created an architecture agency called Jade Prism Design Co.
  • SparkleSparkle Posts: 1,476 Member
    edited August 2014
    Is this still only going to be full houses or will you include individual room challenges now that these can also be shared?
  • quasha81388quasha81388 Posts: 254 Member
    Sparkle wrote: »
    Is this still only going to be full houses or will you include individual room challenges now that these can also be shared?

    I would like to know the same thing
  • e1990re1990r Posts: 81 Member
    It would be cool if there were 2 versions each month. One for the full house and one for those who don't have a lot of time, a room. And the rooms can be created to form a house. Such as one month is the living room, next is the dining room, next the kitchen, and so forth and so on until there is a full house. And then you can take it and put it all together and that would be the last one after you are done each room is who can combine their rooms to make the nicest house.
  • simhead70simhead70 Posts: 607 Member
    @e1990r This sounds really good!
  • SparkleSparkle Posts: 1,476 Member
    @e1990r - also agree this would be good. Although I'm not sure I would like to have to try and put all the rooms into one house XD The reason I like the idea of a room challenge is because I always found architechture and gardening so difficult LOL I always found it SO difficult to finish houses because of the garden!
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 6,455 Member
    I also like this idea of having a room-build challenge.
  • Megster2000Megster2000 Posts: 15 New Member
    My husband came home last night with Sims 4 he found at the store. I am so excited to download it and start testing out building for these challenges.
  • onikisuonikisu Posts: 12 New Member
    Can you give us a mission a day early?
  • AnjubeeAnjubee Posts: 1,935 Member
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 1,995 Member
    Here we go... an hour to go central time and even less than that on the east coast :D
  • countrykris1playcountrykris1play Posts: 155 Member
    I loved doing BNS for Sims 3 and can't wait to do the same for Sims 4.
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    Sparkle wrote: »
    Is this still only going to be full houses or will you include individual room challenges now that these can also be shared?

    That is a neat idea, Sparkle! Maybe we can incorporate that as a mini/optional challenge within the main building challenge each week :)
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    Anjubee wrote: »

    Woohoo - rare Anjubee sighting ;) Hope this means we'll be seeing more of you now that Sims 4 is coming out :D
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    For those new to Build-n-Share...
    We are a Sims 3/Sims4 community that works together to improve our building, landscaping, and design skills through a bi-weekly design challenge. Individual feedback on each lot from our fantastic volunteer judges as well as challenge winners (from 3 to 5 depending on the number of entrants) for each category are provided for each design challenge.

    Hope you'll join us in the fun!
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