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Running list of confirmed features, 201 and counting!

JoeWow1003JoeWow1003 Posts: 4,131 Member
The list has grown so large now that it won't all fit in one post! This first post here contains some new features but be sure to follow the link below for more features!


Come on folks! Help me build a running list of features found in Sims 4 at launch that were not found in Sims 3 at launch. Remember it can even be something as simple as a type of object.

This is a list compiled by YOU, the fans. I'm merely keeping track of everything. So please feel free to post with any features not yet listed or with any sources not yet sourced, or if you see any mistakes that need to be corrected.

Don't be shy, jump right in!

New features to the series:

Create a Sim:

Ability to change the size and shape of just about any Sim body part/area
The bro trait
Hats can be used with any hair style
Boots go over and under pants leg
Walk styles
Aspirations now have specific traits attached to them.
Children can now have Aspirations specific to them.
Sims can have five outfits now instead of three per category
Improved randomization function (randomize just skin tone, hair color, body type, etc etc)
Search function/filters to search for certain colors/materials
With the genetics system players can now create children based on only one person.
With the genetics system players can now create siblings and parents
You can now make YA siblings with teens and children in CAS
Sims can wear leggings under skirts and shorts now.
Hoodies that actually cover the Sims head
Ice cream cone earrings

Pregnancy and Babies:
Any outfit can be worn as maternity wear.
Pregnancy tests
Unexpected pregnancy lengths
Maternity leave is not mandatory
Pregnancy comes in different shapes and sizes depending on your Sim's body type
Bassinets no longer required to give birth at home.
When your sim is in labor they are still playable. They can watch tv, interact with other sims, ect
Siblings can feel "Sad" from new siblings being born
With the genetics system, children can now inherit a blended skin tone from their parents.
Your Sim now has different needs and emotions when they are pregnant.

Sim life:

Video gaming skill
Programming skill
Rocket science skill
Comedian job
Enhanced emotions
Romance bar
Enhanced group social interactions
Ability to write books that affect emotions
Ability to resurrect a sim with a book you have written
Gourmet cooking skill
Can order more than one type of pizza
Woodworking skill
Assigning roles to Sims during parties
You can make useable and decorative objects out of wood (musical instruments, furniture, plumbing, statues)
Ability to have all aspirations
Ability to keep progress in one aspiration when you change to another
Improved aspirations (more detailed than just family or knowledge)
Photo bombs
3 new ways to die; dying of hysterical laughter, dying of being enraged, dying of being mortified
Paintings and objects affect Sim's emotions
You can bake birthday cakes
Different types of Showers that affect emotions
Sim can get writers block
Sims can now read skill books beyond their level but become confused doing so
Sim can now choose to keep a book they write without publishing it
Sims skilled in writing can write love email
Sims can write screnplays, jokes, violin music, guitar music, piano music to sell for money
Sims can now self publish their books
New career: Tech Guru
Ask about Woo Hoo/Birds and Bees talk
Enhanced WooHoo!!!! (decreased hygiene from engaging in it, "unsatisfying" woohoo, etc)
Sims can now purchase/earn more traits
All clothing will be available for any category
Can do push-ups and sit-ups on the ground
Sims talk while sleeping
Teens can babysit

Build mode:

Ability to move entire rooms and house
Wall heights
Cheat that allows you to change sizes of objects.
Ability to move windows up and down a wall
Curved roofs/more dynamic roof options
Different color roofs on same lot
The ability to place columns in fences\walls without a cheat
Topiary bushes
TVs can be placed on flat surfaces
Windows can be added to an entire room at once
Curved fences
Roof trim
Add corbels to your porches
Add a string course to the top of your exterior walls
Curved foundations
Awnings for Roof
Enhanced foundation options (more looks, different heights, and more!)
Fences can connect to your house (with a foundation)
Gardening boxes
Ability to edit every lot you visit
3 Different Door Sizes
8 Different heights of foundation
Stairs can be dragged to made wider
Holding ALT while placing windows allows smooth vertical window placement
You can place rooms on top of themselves with movement tool to make floating rooms
Individual Roof Coloring
Career Reward Styled Room- unlocks after Level 10 of the career, after unlocking each special item in previous levels!
When you make Venue lots, you can choose which type of venue and the game will tell you want you need to make a fully functional venue
F5 allows quarter Snap to Grid item Placement
You can delete Rooms Sims are standing in and they fall to the ground
You can use hot keys to adjust terrain paint feathering
Trees do not have to be on the ground, you can put trees on the roof
Terrain Paint on flat roof
You can Change the color of the water jets of fountains
Fountains Light up at night, dependent on the color of the jets
You can save rooms you build to your local files
The exterior wallpaper corner details (brick, siding etc) automatically appear on the corners.
Lighting works with split level homes (lower levels no longer very dark). Also lights sit at the appropriate height on split levels.

Buy mode:

Cupcake making machine
Chemistry lab for children
Giant microscope
Craft table for children
Pirate Ship for Kids
Ability to disable auto placement of counters so that you can pick the part
Bonsai Tree
Magic 8 Ball

The list has grown so large now that it won't all fit in one post! Click the link below for more features!

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