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Seasons Bug Thread

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My work here is finished. I'm no longer answering posts.

You're still welcome to post your issues, they just won't get added. EA is monitoring this thread so hopefully our report will be seen nevertheless.

For updates and news check my blog:


Manual Links to the patch is here: Patch 1.42


Before updating your game and/or installing the new EP, please make sure to follow these steps:

In Preparation for Seasons
TUTORIAL: What to do before patching
FAQ: How do I uninstall a Mod/Hack ?

Ask here, if anything is unclear. It will help you avoid most patching problems.


Please post your crashing issues in this thread: The offical sims 3 crashing thread. This one is about GAMEPLAY bugs

I do not have a solution for uninstalling Store content other than reinstalling all of them. If you have the issue, please post in the technical or Store technical section of this forum.

Please remove your mods before posting. Even if they say they are updated. You can only be sure something is a EA bug if you play a vanilla game.

There is no need for reading this whole thread but please check my posts on this first page if your issue has been reported and only post if you have extra info to add.

Remember that the patch will make your game 'EP' ready. Most of the bugs (unless they are specific to functionality of the EP) and fixes will also apply if you only have the patch and NOT the EP.



Please post the info asked in the second post and I'd appreciate it if you follow the rules

1. Please DO NOT VENT in this thread. If you are not happy with the game, post in another thread that most likely will pop up or start your own. I will need to read through all posts and venting will make me skip your post. Make your statement as calm and informative as possible.
2. Don't post things like: It doesn't work or I got an error message. I don't know how to help you with that. Describe as accurate as possible what you tried and what your problem is. Post any error messages you receive as you seem them (screen-shots are great)
3. Make sure that you have removed ALL your custom content, especially mods for they are most likely not compatible anymore. This also applies if you are only getting the patch. Check with the creators before putting them back.
4. You can also post your bugs/problems if you have not but the expansion but updated to the newest patch.
5. Please do not post any technical issues like crashes, graphic card problems or incompatibility messages. They go in the technical section of this forum and there are people there that can better help you than me.
6. Please read the compiled lists to see if anyone has posted before and if there's a solution to your problem. I will try to keep links so you can go to the post of the person for extra info but that might prove difficult if lots of people have the problem. If you have extra info to add, please do so. Also let me know if you feel that I have misinterpreted your post.
7. Also consult my blog at Crinrict's Sims 3 Help Blog to see if you are running into an old problem that already has a solution
8. You may also post any fixed bugs or solutions you might find.
9. Please do not link to another post if you have already posted somewhere else. Copy/Paste your post and add the link as extra info. This forum will probably be a pain to navigate again and if I don't have to go consult other threads to what might be your problem, that's a huge relieve.
10. Keep in mind that I'm in a different time zone than most of you guys. Be patient, I will try to answer anyone (except venting posts).
11. If you are replying to a question of mine, please quote your problem/my question or recap in short. It will help me tremendously if I don't have to go back to see what your problem was and I can't keep them all in mind.
12. Check your game if you have any old cc-framework leftovers and remove.
13. Please don't post: I don't have the time to read all this. I find that rather insulting because it tells me, you didn't even bother to read the first post. I'm taking MY time to help you guys out and I'm not compensated by EA for this so the least you can do is read the first few posts before making your statement.
14. Please do not edit your post to add extra info to it unless no one else has answered you. I'm not going back in reading the thread, so I might miss extra info. Simply make a new post and restate your issue.
15. Please also excuse if my answers are short and to the point. I usually have to cover a lot of ground and I can't be elaborate about everything. It's not meant in a rude way at all. I appreciate everyone that is taking part in this.
16. If you opened a thread on a certain issue you want linked, post the link in this thread and I will add it. Make sure there aren't any threads there yet.
17. If you feel that I'm not treating everyone in the same way, you're probably right. There are people that have been reporting since my first bug thread and others that are modders/creators themselves. I feel that I know when a bug report of those people is legit and when not, so I'll be quicker to add those compared to people I don't know at all.
18. Please use proper english and no text language. Also try to use punctuation where applicable and don't put everything in one paragraph. Those are very hard for me to read. I'm German speaking, so that would help me a great deal to understand what you are saying.


Important Links

- SimsVIP Sims 3 Season Fact Sheet + Official Screens

- Supernatural Bug Thread
- Showtime Bug Thread
- Pets Bug Thread
- Generations Bug Thread - Please see compiled list on first page before posting
- Late Night Bugs - Compiled List in first two posts
- TS3 + EPs & SPs - Known Glitches & Causes
- FAQ: Bugs & Patches
- Generations-Patch & existing Mods/Hacks
- FAQ: What files should I backup ?
- Twallan's Mods
- Finding Devices and Updating Drivers


Make sure your Origin is up-to-date (if you are using it). If your Origin is not at that version and you are not prompted an update, you will need to uninstall and get the newest version here:

Crashing Issues

Crashing issues are mainly technical and belong in the technical forum. carlymichelle has made a thread here: The offical sims 3 pets crashing thread and PonyRosey a new one here: For Those Experiencing Crashing And Have Windows: Please Read. Please post in that thread if you have any crashing issues.

Here's some things you can try: ERROR: Game Crashes (CTD)

DEP Information

If you are experiencing crashes after load screen or after a few minutes of game play, it's most likely a DEP problem. The game has now a new .exe file in your base game folder. Make sure to add the following new files to your DEP:

TS3W.EXE in your base game\bin folder.

MAC Users

If you have technical issue, please post in any of these threads:

Seasons causing Macs to crash. Let's find a common denominator
Seasons problems - What else is installed on your Mac?
Is it the 1.42 Patch or the Seasons EP that is affecting you?
CZ's Guide to Possible Seasons Bandages/Minor Fixes
Graphics Glitches

Things to try

- FAQ: Delete your Cache Files
- Move your family out and back in.
- Reset the sim ?
- TUTORIAL: Resetting the game to factory settings without Reinstalling --> Make sure to save those: SimPort Progress and Achievements
- TUTORIAL: - How to reinstall the game
- FAQ: How do I restore a backup file ?
- Move your Sims to a new town. Save them to the bin for that. Use Twallan's Porter if you don't want to loose the relationships.

A word on Mods/Hacks
It's ok to use them, I do too (I even recommend some of them), but please please, educate yourself about them. Don't just pop something in. There are many mods that conflict with each other and there are many mods that will be outdated with every patch (that's how it works).

Some of the mods need to be uninstalled in a special way but it will always tell you in the mod description if that is the case. So PLEASE read them and DO what it says.

Instructions how to install a mod can be found here: FAQ: How do I install Custom Content/ Mods ?
Instructions how to uninstall a mod can be found here: FAQ: How do I uninstall a Mod/Hack ?

Abbreviations used
MC = MasterController: Mod by Twallan
SP = StoryProgression Mod: Mod by Twallan
CC = Custom Content: cloth, objects, hair, etc from third-parties you add to your game.
DEP = Data Execution Prevention: Windows security feature.
MTS = ModTheSims: CC Site
TSR = TheSimsResource: A CC Site


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    I'm no longer answering posts.

    Thank you all for participating.

    How to find your post and my answer (only major posts)

    To find your own post, make sure you write down the page you posted on. My answer is most likely in my next post.

    salivacocktail suggests to set a bookmark for the thread and note the page numbers in the description. You can edit the description with more page numbers should you post more.

    I'll be linking all my answer post in here, including page number.

    If I said, I'll add, make sure it gets added. Search the first page to find your name and make sure I understood what you were trying to say. If you reported more than once, your name should appear next to each issue (except for the more common, smaller ones). If you're not happy with what I wrote, please restate your issue with all the info.

    Latest Answers: Page 60
    Older Answers: Page 59, Page 58, Page 57, Page 57, Page 56, Page 55, Page 54, Page 53, Page 52, Page 52, Page 51, Page 51, Page 50, Page 49, Page 48, Page 47, Page 46, Page 45, Page 44, Page 43, Page 42, Page 40, Page 39, Page 38, Page 37, Page 36, Page 35, Page 33, Page 33, Page 31, Page 30, Page 28, Page 27, Page 27, Page 25, Page 25, Page 24, Page 24, Page 23, Page 23, Page 22, Page 22, Page 21, Page 21, Page 20, Page 19, Page 18, Page 18, Page 17, Page 16, Page 15, Page 15, Page 14, Page 14, Page 13, Page 12, Page 12, Page 10, Page 9. Page 9, Page 8, Page 7, Page 6, Page 5



    Please include the following info to your post

    I can't help you properly if I don't have this info and it's a pain for all if I have to keep getting back to people.


    1. Are you using any Custom Content or mods ?
    2. If you are using mods, are you using any of the 'big ones' like Awesome Mod or Twallan’s mods
    3. If you're not using mod, did you never use them or did you take them out for the EP (as you are supposed to do)
    4. Did you update the mods you put back with a compatible version ?
    5. Do you have Seasons or just the Patch ?
    6. Which Patch Level are you at ?
    7. Did you start a new game or are you playing an existing ones ?
    8. Did you transfer an existing Sim over or are they new/Pre-Made ?
    9. What town are you currently playing ? EA or Custom ?
    10. What is your Operating System (Mac, XP, Vista, Win 7)
    11. Do you have the download or DVD Version of the game.

    Lagging/Freezing or any other issues of more technical nature

    --> Should be posted in technical. See some tips in my blog: Lags & Intermittent Freezes

    - What EPs do you own
    - Some basic Info about your Computer (please NO DxDiag, they are too long for this thread). Processor, Amount of RAM, Graphic Card and Operating System (Mac, Win 7, Win XP, …) ?
    - Do you have a 32 or 64 bit Operating System ?
    - Do you use any Store Premium Content ? If so Which ones ?

    Graphical Issues

    - Some basic Info about your Computer (please NO DxDiag, they are too long for this thread). Processor, Amount of RAM, Graphic Card and Operating System (Mac, Win 7, Win XP, …), especially your graphic card
    - Do you have advanced rendering on (Options - Graphics)
    - What date has your graphic card driver
    - If you are unsure where to find this info, read this: Finding Devices and Updating Drivers

    --> Should be posted in technical.
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    Common Bigger Issues with solutions

    Sim resets when using the telescope

    --> No need to report anymore you know a non-mod solution
    --> This bug was confirmed to me by Graham on Twitter. We can expect a fix in a future update
    --> This bug is fixed with Seasons installed but NOT for vacation towns.
    --> Not fixed for some (killerpoet) ?


    This bug is caused by the new alien abduction code. It is a patch only issue and will go away once you install Seasons.

    It will only happen on user-directed usage of the telescope. Using it autonomously is working fine.


    Twallan fixed that in Overwatch, V84 and higher but it can still cause crashing.

    Details see here: Sims can’t use the telescope

    Wedding Issues

    There's no need to report this anymore unless you have a non-mod solution. This is a patch only issue that will auto-correct once you install Seasons.

    The bug has to do with the new Wedding Anniversary not being properly gated for the patch.
    --> This bug was confirmed to me by Graham on Twitter. We can expect a fix in a future update


    - If Sims are getting married, the move-in window does not show up
    - Sims that get married don't take each others name
    - Resetting after exchanging vows/kissing


    Ricalynn, Annadenise, tammyjo329, BeaElla,siennaSTAR, Ricalynn, siennaSTAR, Corwim, Penroyaltea)


    - Move them in via the option in the friendly option
    - Use testingcheatsenabled true - Add to household (on the lot)
    - Manually change the name of the Sim on the City Hall
    - Use Twallan's Mover Mod.

    Details see here: Wedding Issues

    Sim resets when collecting or analyzing space rocks

    --> No need to report anymore you know a non-mod solution
    --> This bug was confirmed to me by Graham on Twitter. We can expect a fix in a future update


    This bug is caused by the new alien abduction code. It is a patch only issue and will go away once you install Seasons.


    Twallan fixed that in Overwatch, V84 and higher but it can still cause crashing.

    --> See this post for details: Sims can’t collect Space Rocks

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    List of reported bugs


    - Snowball fights get dropped out of queue on home lots (catloverplayer, catloverplayer)
    - Sims can rake inside the house (JasonSim16)
    - Not enough space for snow ball and water ballon fights. Game seems very picky (catloverplayer, Nirar22)
    --> Space needs to be 18x9 (YOTEAMO)
    - Tanning Machine has no effect (DEFGHIJK)
    - Resetting on water balloon fights (thatonegirl32)
    - Inactive can skate on ice while actives get the message it's to thin (Druscylla)
    - Sims can't spin (ewilson1114, Stinalina))
    --> Hidden Springs lot has picnic areas underneath the rink
    - Sim not discovering new snowmen types (Joolster)
    --> Sims not to meet certain conditions/traits to discover

    Online Dating

    - Sims jump out of seat doing actions with "online dating" (conclue, JessGarcia)
    --> Related to a profile of a sim that no longer exists. Delete your profile and make a new one. Details here: Sim can’t use Online Dating System.
    - Can't remove a profile (conclue, Tenshinoshin, catloverplayer, crinrict)
    - If you meet online and then meet in person, there's no go on date option (catloverplayer)
    - Online Dating messages for Sims that have moved out (shaposh2012)


    - current weather is very different from the weather temperature in the control panel (conclue)
    - It rains inside the house (Ashlanne, jacqpinks)
    --> Connected to existing save games (jacqpinks) ?
    - Snowfall with blue skies and stars at night (Conclue, Tccool987, catloverplayer, catloverplayer)
    - Rain is always excessive and heavy and it rains ALL the time (DEFGHIJK, Simmons1234, Penelope, Conclue, crinrict)
    - Snowing inside the Butterfly Pavilion (HannaZoja)
    - Winterizing the Stones Throw Greenhouse
    - Map View is gray in fall (xoxsashaxox)
    - Rain at night lights up the world (Gabbryrose)
    - Umbrellas/Parasols break after a few uses and look like lightning had struck (chasingAJ, crinrict, rosahege, SimsTias, janvel831)
    --> Seems like they also break in inventory if you have parasol and umbrella (Jazmyne4u2)
    --> Asked Graham about it on twitter and he agrees it needs changing to break less often.
    - Fog in the summer when it was supposed to be sunny (Simmons1234)
    - Upgrading an umbrella to unbreakable does not appear to work consistently (shaposh2012)
    --> Seems like transferring from one inventory to the other can make the upgrade invalid (shaposh2012)
    - Fall leaves do not go away on their own (pinklinjah,rosahege, SimsTias)
    --> They should go away, so it's a bug
    - Magnolia tree's don't loose leaves (anettesb)
    - Sims don't change into outerwear automatically (Stinalina, crinrict)
    - Sims don't get sun burnt or freeze to death (MissScarlet)


    - Empty festivals and thus hardly any people at the Kissing booth (catloverplayer, catloverplayer)
    --> Sim need the flirty trait.
    - Sims just standing around (catloverplayer)
    - Sims get stuck in the festival boots - adults only (?) (Ounja1, xoxsashaxox, neon_wild, SaphireJones)
    - Festival tickets are getting redeemed for the active Sim and not for the one that wanted to redeem (DEFGHIJK)
    - Sim can't enter food contest (ambler, willowlafaye)
    - 4 out of 5 harvested pumpkins were seeds (DEFGHIJK)
    --> Sims get seeds from carving pumpkins into their inventory.
    - Sims die of Starvation at the food eating festival (GagAoverGaga, Pixire, niac1234)
    --> connection to hunger motive issue noted below
    - Pick nick areas overlap festival attractions (crinrict)
    - Festival tickets duplicate if moved to inventory if they have the Festival Frequenter LTR(Pupper_puppy, crinrict)
    - Ghosts can use objects that have been hidden for a certain season (enkeli63)
    - Apple bobbing tub has no water or apples, yet can be used (Cororon)


    - On spooky day kids don't change in custom and are missing the interaction to go trick-or-treating (siriusthinking, DEFGHIJK, xoxsashaxox)
    - Inactives don't go trick-or-treating (Springfairy556)
    - Actives cancel the trick-or-treating interaction and go home (Springfairy556)
    - Can't put up XMas-Lights (xoxsashaxox)
    --> XMas lights can't be put on houses with flat roofs
    - School bus came despite of Snow Day (sammiesammiedean, janvel831)
    - Trick-or-treating in winter (michaela3331, michaela3331)
    - Teens and adults on have alien mask, not outfit to go with that (Sontine84)
    - Wrong day is circled and holiday is not taking place (Sontine84)


    - Sims have Alien babies although there are already 8 Sims in the household (Rusalka)
    - Alien offsprings are missing their voice (Terraspider)
    - Downloaded Alien causes pregnancy to get stuck (meetkitty123)
    - After an abduction, Sims get stuck on the toilet (SpiderCrowWolf)

    Diving board

    - Sims reset when trying to use the board (SimPrograms, mactrac01, Victor226433, EatChees)
    --> Possible Mod conflict. Make sure to remove them all and delete the cache files
    --> Sims with pre-existing diving skill will have this issue (Sim can’t use the diving board).

    Swimming in the Ocean / Pool issues

    - Walking under water (michellehilbrand)
    - Walking on water (February11, chasingAJ, Jazmyne4u2, Simarchangel)
    - Routing issues with swimming (Msrednotdead, Snapdragon)
    - Sunlit Tides only has few spots where they can enter the water (ltd2mp87, shaposh2012)
    - Swimming has a higher priority than the subway. They rather swim home (Simmerville)
    - Graphic distortions (janvel831).
    - Sim disappears while swimming (niac1234)
    --> Resetting the Sim worked.
    - Pool randomly disappears (DEFGHIJK)
    - Sims arrive at houses next to a pool lot in swimwear and then leave (Sozki)
    - Sims don't stay on the raft (kari6041)
    - Swimming does not put out fire (Jacek83218)
    - Routing issue and stuck Sims (killerpoet)

    Greeting Cards

    - Greeting card pictures cause routing issues (elanorbreton, Corwim, sam123, Simmons1234)
    --> Stick them in an AMB digital photo frame (Pepperbutt)
    --> More info: Routing failure with bed, dresser, …
    - Fairy Wings are not visible on Greeting Cards (EIisabetta)
    - Greeting card pictures are empty and can't be sold from the inventory (Simarchangel, Simarchangel)


    - Same old gardening bug still exists (see SN Bug thread in the SN forum)
    - Pre-Patch Planted plant disappear (spartan1, February11, elanorbreton)
    - Unicorns make plants stop growing ? (Joolster)
    - Onmiplants can't be harvested (janvel831)
    --> Related to stuck plant in inventory ?
    - No Pumpkin Pie recipe and no option to make it (Susiechan)
    --> Happens to Sims with existing > 5 cooking skill (Sim can’t make Pumpkin Pie)
    - Rain does not water the garden (EIisabetta)
    - Plants never come out of dormant state (Penelope)
    --> Restart the game
    - Plants that were at harvest state before going dormant can't be harvested anymore (janvel831)
    - Cooking a good meal after two burnt ones, makes food go bad very fast (killerpoet)
    - No varieties in pancakes (killerpoet)
    - Buffet table has no food in spite of taking the money (DEFGHIJK)
    - Continue grilling icon does not go away (Lunellagirl)
    - Food going bad faster than before (Rainbow2)

    Relationships/Attraction System

    - Messed up relationship (Sontine84)
    - Family hates mother without reason. Relationship bar reverts back when changed (mrsravenwiccan)
    - Sims get constant calls to go on dates although in a relationship (janvel831, AgentTexas, Sozki, simsjessx)
    - Sims get calls in the middle of the night (shaposh2012, marleyrobin, JimRothe)
    - Attraction system does not take relations into account so you get calls from relatives (catloverplayer)
    - Propose Marriage not appearing (existing issue that has been plaguing many for a long time but usually only affects a few sims. Happens now for all of them (franklear1980)
    - Wedding arch has no options (franklear1980)
    - Sims get calls from touring Simport Sims (shaposh2012)
    - Cheating rep does not go away (Raye898)

    --> Shimrod has made a mod to stop the date calls as well as the gifts that go with it. No Attraction Calls For Dates and Mailbox Gifts (You need to have an account at the Simsasylum for the link to work correctly)


    - Sims are constantly getting gifts in the mail without a notice (siennaSTAR, Snapdragon)
    --> Sims get gifted Omniplant, Bills and "missing object resource instance" objects that get stuck in the inventory (dothesmustle, shaposh2012, Conclue)
    --> You can get gifts from the attraction system
    --> Shimrod has made a mod to stop the date calls as well as the gifts that go with it. No Attraction Calls For Dates and Mailbox Gifts (You need to have an account at the Simsasylum for the link to work correctly)
    - Gifts that are in the mailbox don't show up in the inventory (Witchiris)
    - Mail box resets sims (kcronk1)
    --> Stuck gifts ?
    --> More Info: Mailbox doesn’t work.


    - Sims only bring food to Gift Giving parties (catloverplayer)
    - Parties never end (Rusalka)
    - House too small for gift giving parties (Bafendo, xoxsashaxox, FrekiNGeri)
    --> Does it need seating for every Sim (mirka999) ?
    --> Space needed in the living room for the gifts. Move some furniture around.
    - Not all Sims receive a gift at the gift giving party (ambler)
    - Can't throw costume parties (Pardalote)
    - At Feasts and gift giving parties, Sim show up with invisible objects (SimAddictBree, shaposh2012)
    - Sims don't change into costumes (Mpain_13)


    - Graduation not working in any of the rabbitholes (not bound to multiple ones) (Annadenise)

    - Athletic skill bar gets stuck and Sim continues to skill (Corwim, siennaSTAR)
    - Sims learn skills without doing them (janvel831, 45rpm, Simmons1234)
    --> Existing
    - Upgraded toilet can't be change to different upgrade (shaposh2012)
    - Male pregnant Sims does not jog but does pregnant walk (Zoe_Rickard)


    - Metals can't be smelted in groups. Causes jumping (killerpoet)
    - Mail man can't be chattet to anymore (killerpoet)
    - Fish goes from perfect to normal quality when put in fridge (killerpoet)


    - Wishes do not get fulfilled (DOLLDRMS1)


    - Bladder motive does not get filled (Meglovin)
    - Hot Dog eating contest does not fill hunger bar during the contest (only in the end) (DivaOfDarkness)
    - Hot Dog eating contest makes hunger bar go randomly up and down (Corwim, crinrict)
    - No Chill moodlet in spite of excessively being out in the cold in the wrong clothing (ShooterII)
    - Spring Serenity Shower doesn't give Tranquil moodlet when taking bubble bath (Rainbow2, crinrict)
    - Moodlets get stuck (2owls1lark)


    - Sims/Pets act as if it was speed 3 while actually in speed 1 (Deshong04)
    - While the galloping issue is fixed, horses still look funny when running (Video)
    - Pets spin in circles when routing issues are occuring (Deshong04, librati10)
    - Sim jump/spin in circles when trying to interact with a wild horse (janvel831, Snapdragon, Snapdragon, janvel831)
    --> Video and pictures
    - Flickering while walking through doors (EatChees, Snapdragon, wecantpickaname, JimRothe, Jazmyne4u2)
    --> Video:
    - Sims getting stuck in corner of pools (Snapdragon)
    - Watch deer causes strange Sim behavior (wecantpickaname)
    - Sims get stuck very easily now (Rusalka)
    - Laundry continues to fall in the basket (wecantpickaname)
    - Houses with waterways underneath the house make Sim walk as if on ice inside the house (Conclue)
    - Horses and Deer get stuck inside the house (Gigidawn)


    - Sims randomly change into random clothing --> Trait related ? (angelluvbug82, daystar07)
    - Car Pool message although sim is on a leave of absence (siennaSTAR, Simmons1234, many reports)
    - Not able to choose trait for baby when born (Karrterr)
    - Counters and hanging cabinets don't connect anymore (jamiebeck2011)
    --> Related to the Seasonal Lot Maker (jamiebeck2011)
    - Clean house immediately cancels out (Corwim, ladynirrti) --> New ?
    - Visiting Sims leave the house and then wait outside to be invited in again (siennaSTAR)
    - Weird messages and untrue (45rpm, DEFGHIJK)
    - TV and computer have no image (Victor226433, rosahege, Rickatl)
    - Sim's outfit reverts back to something pre-patch or not chosen for the Sim (BeaElla, janvel831)
    - Switching Sims while sending a gift causes the LTP to go to the wrong Sim (wecantpickaname)
    - Sims stand on the water (michellehilbrand,shaposh2012)
    - Sim has Snob options although they are not a snob (Witchiris)
    - Sims receive extra outfits that were not set up (JimRothe)
    - Existing reports/books on dead Sims make the Sim not being able to write anymore (sciamannata)
    --> Scratch the reports/books
    - Sim writes love love letter on desk that is already occupied by Computer (Simmerville, Simmons1234)
    - Maids change into everyday clothing before they leave and leave behind a pile of clothing (janvel831)
    - Sims don't sit down on nearby chairs (Augustsim)
    - Sims not going through with interactions (Nomad20)
    - ServiceNPCs and invited Sims turn around at the door and leave (princess_mia_cat)
    - Premade Sims in existing games don't get sick (Fluffyfoo82)
    - Orders keep dropping out of queue (killerpoet)
    --> Video:
    - Beautiful Vista"/"Beautiful Park" are missing (daystar07)
    - Queue gets canceled on restarting the game (2owls1lark)

    World Adventures

    - Big and small adventures repeat although already done (janvel831)
    - Many Sims stuck in Walls in adventure worlds on starting up the world (janvel831)
    - Does not seem to be possible to get pregnant on vacation anymore (JimRothe)
    - Inventory gets messed up after returning from traveling (JimRothe)
    - Chat does no longer work if two sims get back from traveling together (JimRothe)
    - Fish still get lost in inventory, if you go home early (JimRothe, killerpoet)
    - Tourist spawning (Augustsim)


    - Firefighter alarm goes off before the Sim can leave (Karrterr)
    - Taking measurement is missing on architect career (Allct222)
    - Sims can't upgrade fire engine in the rain cause they won't put away the umbrella (Ladyceres)
    - Broken Stylist Career ? Clothing does not pop up on the Styling Station (little0601780, anettesb, StellaLee, little0601780 and more in different forums around the Sims universe)
    --> This issue is caused by a broken UI on non-english games. Install MasterController 105 or higher to fix.
    - Globe collected in the junkyard gets stuck in inventory (Penelope)
    --> Existing issue
    - Only the base is visible on Ice Sculptures (enkeli63)
    --> Solved by installing new beta graphic drivers

    Late Night

    - Random Sims/ServiceNPC/Paparazzi coming into the house despite the electronic gate (JimRothe, nefferious223, janvel831, killerpoet, crinrict)
    - Paparazzis seem to multiply (JimRothe, Simmons1234)
    - Skinny dipping in pools no longer works (catloverplayer)
    - Elevators don't work properly (chasingAJ)
    --> Caused by a second seasonal lot marker ? (chasingAJ)


    - IF doll vanishes (Karrterr)
    - Tell Tale on the Daycare cancels itself (ladynirrti)
    - Sim can't discover potion on lab table (xVee)


    - Number of collected animals resetting and then not working (45rpm)
    - Stretching on inactive animals when changing running directions (wecantpickaname)
    - Invisible Cat (Rusalka)
    - Stray use front door as if they lived there (Satelitte-Rule)
    - Squirrels and Chipmunks never leave (rosahege)
    --> related to raked leaves (rosahege)
    - Horse has a blue color without being frozen (doldragirl)
    - Dog gets stuck in driveway (killerpoet)


    - Karaoke machine becomes useless after one use (janvel831)
    - Multiplying mystery boxes (RosettasStoned)
    - Props disappear on after placing and going live (wolffriendinus)
    - Routing issues with existing showtime lots (Writin_Reg)


    - Placing stuff on alchemy table makes it unusable (Zandyr_Kayne)
    --> Probably existing bug
    - Zombies 24/7 in vacation towns (janvel831)
    - Casting Spells and using Voodoo Doll does nothing (janvel831)


    Unclear if bugs / How does it work

    - Only one Sim can see the profile of the other in Online Dating (catloverplayer, catloverplayer)
    - Special holidays are a day later then marked in the calender (Conclue)
    - Messages from married Sims on Online Dating (xoxsashaxox)
    --> Might be on purpose. Seems to me it's for finding friends as well.
    - Are inside plant in planters supposed to go dormant in Winter (Penelope) ?
    - Why are plants dormant all spring just because there was one cold day ?
    - Firefighters don't get holidays off (KatzMeowz)
    - Hot beverages don't warm sims up (Sontine84, julienrob2004)
    --> They do but not enough to make the icon go away. Every sip of a hot drink gives you a very small increase.



    - Supernaturals can't skate
    - Cats get sick from humans germs (crinrict)
    - Sims close their umbrella and then reopen it just as they are about to enter a building and then close it again (shaposh2012)
    - Paparazzi are known for their inappropriate clothing, but it's pretty strange to see them literally chilling out in a swimsuit at the winter festival, with no apparent ill effects (shaposh2012)
    - If you go to build/buy mode in winter the snow disappears. It is back to winter when you return to live mode (shaposh2012)
    - Pets seem virtually unaffected by the weather, even sleeping outside in the rain and freezing cold (ldmarko)
    - Dirty clothing each time the sims changes into outerwear and back (doldragirl)
    - Lounge Chairs should have an option to get a sun tan. Sims get up too quickly (kari6041)
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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    edited November 2012
    Other issues


    - Legs are a different shade color than the rest (siennaSTAR)
    - Hair, Makeup, .. not sticking (NicoleWagner1981, catloverplayer)
    - Naming the Sim test might lead to issues (Nirar22)
    --> Might be a reserved word since Test is being changed to test
    - Gloves cannot be removed from Outerwear (adayinthelife942)
    - Basic Tab not working (klif63, klif63)


    Reproducible crashing

    - Changing the length of the Seasons crashes the game (BlissE, Cellistina)
    - Adding a new outfit (Gabbryrose)
    - Adding a snow ramp (xoxsashaxox)
    - Crashes on saving houses with foundations (zefiewings)


    Buy/Build Mode

    - Ambitions fog emitter is still in buydebug but doesn't seem to work. Lots that use it need updating (BryonyRae)
    --> Get more info here:
    - Lot has little left over raindrops that might be the reason for crashing on saving (chasingAJ)
    - Slot on an item cannot be filled for more than one Season (Cnstnc680)
    - Seasonal Lot maker seasonal items disappear (ldmarko)
    - Alignment is off when trying to decorate the house (killerpoet)


    Edit Town



    - Disabling memories does not seem to stick

    --> By default it says it's disabled but it's not really so choose another option and then choose disabling again. Make sure to save the game as well
    --> Check your options.ini file if you have this line: enablememories = 3. 3 should be for disabling completely.


    Graphical issues

    - Nasty visual glitch associated with the seams between roads and accumulated snow. As if you can see through the terrain to what's beyond it (Conclue)


    Sound issues

    Make sure you update your sound drivers and delete the Cache files

    - Stuck computer game sounds (Docusat)


    Player Wall

    - Going to the player wall freezes/crashes the game (catloverplayer, Jadeleine, Deshong04, Arty)



    Severe issues with CAW. Please post here:

    --> This is fixed. New CAW Version. Make sure to download the new one.
    --> There are still issues (tea_and_blues)

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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    edited November 2012
    Existing Bugs/ Existing Bugs fixed

    Common bugs that have existed before this EP.

    If you are seeing any kind of Sim Corruption as described below, please post in this thread:
    Blank or Missing Sim Icons, Missing UIs, Missing Interactions and Clones

    Sim/Neighborhood Corruption
    Sim Corruption comes in all kinds of flavors and has been going on for a while. Sims get stuck (on objects, on beds, on each other), jump out of interactions, turn invisible and as a ultimate corruption you loose your UI. There's a loooong thread on the issue in the technical forum: Lags & Invisible, Frozen & Stuck Sims. I can't help out over there right now but there are lots of people with long time experience with the issue. You also find some info on it linked in the first post.

    What can you do when it happens to you ?
    First thing you can try (if you are not opposed to mods that is) is try if Twallan's ErrorTrap or Overwatch can save anything. It's important that you are patch level 1.26 to use ErrorTrap. You might find ScriptErrors after that in your documents folder. Post them in Twallan's forum. He can help you out. NOT here, I can't really read most of them.

    That didn't work
    If you are attached to your family/town, I would suggest, moving everything to a new town. Unfortunatly with the EA approach you loose all your relationships this way (you won't loose any skills this way). You could also use the Twallan's Porter to achieve the same AND keep your relationships.

    Na, still nothing
    Then I would suggest, resetting your user data and start a brand new game. I can be hard, I know but sometimes it's the only way to still enjoy the game.

    The corruption might come back after a while so I do recommend using Overwatch to prevent most of the causes of this corruption.

    If really nothing helps at all, you might need to reinstall your game, clean your registry and defrag your computer.

    Not fixed with Patch 1.42

    - Gardening Bug
    - Beehive Obsession
    - Lunar Cycle still messing up (sam123) ?
    - CAS created SN reverting back to Human
    - Ghost Hunter Career ("Ghostly Presence" and "Angry Ghost Invasion" show no ghosts)
    - Photobooth error
    - Running/Sneaking bug also applies to ice/roller skating (Phantomrose90)


    - Horse Galloping issue --> Still looks funny
    - Fish not coming home from vacation
    - Wedding Gifts
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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
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    Mod Issues

    - Issues with Lifetime Wishes --> Outdated memory mods. After loosing a LTW because of a Mod, you need to reapply in CAS
    - Issues with Lifetime Rewards
    - Issues with Jumping out of Actions
    - Issues with missing skills
    - Issues with missing Interactions
    - Missing effects (namely fairy wings) --> NoMosaic, NoEffects
    - Zoom going crazy --> Scan for spirits increased
    - Elixir store is never open --> NoPaparazzi
    - Missing books --> Any book mods as well as new custom books such as the Harry Potter book (that's a mod too)
    - Alchemy table and beehive jumping --> Mods that deal with ingredients.
    - Sims reset when using the ice/roller skating rink (CherelleMason, Druscylla, fennellmr) --> Any skilling mod
    - Empty food lists (Zagreus74, mandababy2003. MElSG0D and others)
    --> Caused by KT's Store Fix and probably buy all food mods
    --> Might have other reasons

    Errors caused by Twallan's Mods

    Twallan updates frequently. Make sure you have the newest version

    - Sims get stuck while skating (EatChees)
    --> Related to GoHere
    - Sims can't swim in the ocean. Interaction gets canceled
    --> Related to OW, ET and MC. Affected games probably can't be saved
    - Sims can't throw parties
    --> Related to MasterController
    - Festival never comes to town
    --> Related to ErrorTrap. Replace the festival lot from the bin.
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  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    edited November 2012
    Stuff Crin wants to check out herself

    - Traveling and Fish issue - What is fixed ?
    - Walls up/down issue (chasingAJ, AvisCantrix)
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  • FadiAssi0FadiAssi0 Posts: 263 New Member
    edited October 2012
    Thank you Crin for these threads! :D Downloading the patch right now, hope I don't encounter any problems :mrgreen:
  • cianeciane Posts: 14,188 Member
    edited October 2012
    And you thought you'd have a break to work on your other hobby!

    Just installed. Haven't checked it out yet.
  • elloelloelloello Posts: 55
    edited October 2012
    I have just installed the patch then went to run my game but it won't load the screen just goes blank then it says the game is not responding..I don't have many downloads so that shouldn't be a problem.
    I now have even tried running the game without custom content but didn't work :/

    Would be grateful for any help.
    Thank you
  • saschatilosaschatilo Posts: 3,007 New Member
    edited October 2012
    I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post (seems like it is though)

    I'm getting "update error: file not found" at the end of the patch download.
    I even went to your site to download the super patch but it won't install.

    No mods or cc, I have never used mods or cc. I have store content. My last update came with Supernatural. I had to wait to buy the game as the same thing happened with patch 1.39. I currently have 1 saved game file in Sunlit Tides. The sims I'm playing in Sunlit Tides are new. I'm on a win 7 pc. and I have the dvd verison of the game.

    Thank you in advance. ~Sarah~

    edit: I also get the unable to connect to orgin error on my launcher. I've had that for as long as I can remember
    Post edited by Unknown User on
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    edited October 2012
    @ciane: Yeah, EA decided to cut my break short ... very short

    @elloello: Do you have any mods in your game ? If so, you should remove them.

    @saschatilo: Try the manual super patch linked here:
  • elloelloelloello Posts: 55
    edited October 2012
    Yepp I have got rid of my mods, the game was working yesterday so it must be the patch.
    I appreciate the help :)
  • TheMomminatorTheMomminator Posts: 4,215 Member
    edited October 2012
    I haven't updated yet. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the effort you put into these threads. I read them faithfully every patch.
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    edited October 2012
    elloello wrote:
    Yepp I have got rid of my mods, the game was working yesterday so it must be the patch.
    I appreciate the help :)

    Did you delete the cache files as well ?
  • saschatilosaschatilo Posts: 3,007 New Member
    edited October 2012
    crinrict wrote:
    @ciane: Yeah, EA decided to cut my break short ... very short

    @elloello: Do you have any mods in your game ? If so, you should remove them.

    @saschatilo: Try the manual super patch linked here:

    I download that already and I couldn't get it to open and run. Everytime I tried it said "Windows Explorer is not responding" I'm downloading the region 1 one now, I'll see if that works
  • pixiedust4267pixiedust4267 Posts: 1,193 Member
    edited October 2012
    My store worlds disappeared, and I had to redownload and install them again.
  • elloelloelloello Posts: 55
    edited October 2012
    Ok apologies I have now found out it was my package files causing the game to not run, is there anyway I could run the game with the package files like would I have to wait until the package files have been updated with the patch? Sorry I'm not used to package files.
    Thanks again :)
  • saschatilosaschatilo Posts: 3,007 New Member
    edited October 2012
    It work!! I'm up and running. Thank you so very very much!
  • MylitaMylita Posts: 4,346 Member
    edited October 2012
    elloello wrote:
    Ok apologies I have now found out it was my package files causing the game to not run, is there anyway I could run the game with the package files like would I have to wait until the package files have been updated with the patch? Sorry I'm not used to package files.
    Thanks again :)

    Yes, you should take the package files out until they are updated to go with the patch.

  • AznSenseiAznSensei Posts: 11,792 Member
    edited October 2012
    Hi Crinrict,

    I just recently updated and went into my game. I'm wanting to make sure it's just my game/computer with the issue but from having the Memory System disabled, I have noticed that I still have notifications along with memories being created.

    Would like to know if anyone else has also experienced this or not.

    Again, I'm headed to work so I'll be back later tonight to see if anything new has occurred.
  • EmanuelOkusEmanuelOkus Posts: 144 Member
    edited October 2012
    Does deleting cache files actually make a difference? If so, which should I delete?

    SN: Does anyone know when Twallan updates his mods?
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    edited October 2012
    This is a bug report on behalf of SimPrograms on twitter.

    Sim resets when trying to use the diving board

    - All mods removed
    - When I go to place it. Instead of it staying wherever the pointer is, it floats in the air and green...
    - Lowered graphical settings, switched towns, tried new games and even different sims. Same issue.
    - Video to illustrate the issue:
  • crinrictcrinrict Posts: 17,862 Member
    edited October 2012
    @saschatilo: Glad it's fixed

    @pixiedust4267: Just the store worlds or all Store content ? Does it work now ?

    @elloello: Glad it's fixed. Make sure to educate yourself on mods and cc if you want to use it.

    @AznSensei: Do you have this entry in your options.ini: enablememories = 3 or does it have a different value/is missing ?

    @EmanuelOkus: The cache files sometimes store old information so you should delete them from time to time, especially if you use package files. Cache files save information about your game to make it faster, sometimes they don't get updated properly.

    Twallan will be updating when he has the time to do so. He is insanely busy atm. You'll find updates about the state of his mods here:

    @crin: Adding.
  • elloelloelloello Posts: 55
    edited October 2012
    Thank youu! :) I will read up on mods tomorrow as I have been too lazy to do so :P
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