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Summer is finally here!

Kylieb191Kylieb191 Posts: 4,328 Member
That is Summer Days is here! :lol: Ignore the graphics on some of them I didn't do what I usually do with them






Casual photo:

Her eyeshadow has three colours: Baby blue,Yellow and Baby pink to match her summery outfits

Pattern on athletic outfit: TnT_Terry


  • BanSimleyBanSimley Posts: 588 Member
    edited May 2012
    She's adorable! All of these pictures feel so fun and flirty...perfect for summer! :)
  • Kylieb191Kylieb191 Posts: 4,328 Member
    edited May 2012
    Thankyou :mrgreen: Definitely was what I was aiming for :lol: all she needs is glass of wine lol
  • BanSimleyBanSimley Posts: 588 Member
    edited May 2012
    She's really gorgeus, I love her tan skin and golden blonde hair. I also love her gold strappy heels...are they custom content? Is the guy in one of the pics her boyfriend?
  • Kylieb191Kylieb191 Posts: 4,328 Member
    edited May 2012
    Aww thanks! I'm going to try and upload her and if that doesn't work mediafire will be my friend lol. I have all the ********** to thank for that and the hair colour itself is a whitish blonde :lol:

    They are CC although I can't seem to find them anymore but they were originally called balenciaga RIRI shoes according to my downloads :) they are safe though and they come with four choices which I love as these ones where originally brown and blue. Funnily enough he isn't he just happened to be welcoming neighbour and they hit off straight away :lol:
  • Kylieb191Kylieb191 Posts: 4,328 Member
    edited May 2012
    BUMP :mrgreen:
  • TnT_TerryTnT_Terry Posts: 6,609 Member
    Wow and I'm just seeing this now lol? I love how you used the pattern on those overalls, I will have to try it on other clothing. Great simmie, she is very pretty ;)
  • rachelt405rachelt405 Posts: 884 Member
    Summer is so so pretty, love her hairstyles and her eyes are stunning
    well done on creating such a beauty :) I love her
  • UniquePuggleUniquePuggle Posts: 813 Member
    Wow, she is wearing heels in her casual outfit, her model game is strong! Nice job on the outfits and poses!
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