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Game Validation Error

I have spent more than a week trying to do a clean install of my Sims 3 games. I have all the expansion packs, and I am using direct downloads through Origin. I installed the base game, then patched it to 1.31.118. Then I installed my EPs and SPs in order. When I got to Outdoor Living Stuff, an error message popped up that said, "Game Validation Error." And something about the game being more recent than expected. It asked me if I wanted to continue, so I did. The same message popped up for Generations. I am not installing Pets at this time because I was experiencing the horrible freezing bug, which is why I started a clean install in the first place. Anyways, when I went to play my game, it simply did not open. The launcher opened, but nothing would happen when I clicked play. It was working after I installed World Adventures b/c I checked to make sure, so I am guessing this game validation error was the problem.

I talked to EA Customer Support through the chat, and so far, they have not really helped, and in fact, now I have to re-download my games because of their advice. I have been elevated to the next level of support.

BUT do any of you know what to do about this game validation error? I would really appreciate your help!


  • ivinianivinian Posts: 1,957 Member
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    Weird. Reinstalling might be the good way to fly till you hear from the next tier of support. I'm guessing the game validation error had something to do with it as well. Make sure you open your game and try a new game with every EP/SP installed. Also make sure you're cleaning the game out of your computer's system very thoroughly every time--there are instructions online for both Mac and PC users. I suspect that the install might still be lurking somewhere in your system expecting Gen and Pets to show up.
  • JustLiz87JustLiz87 Posts: 1,074 Member
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    Thanks for your help. I am definitely reinstalling. I uninstalled with Revo Uninstaller and then used CCleaner to clean up my registry, so I am hoping there is nothing still around. I am definitely not going to continue with the install if those messages pop up again.

    It sounds like my game version may be confusing the games b/c it is a newer patch than when Outdoor Living and Generations were released. But it's weird that the other EPs did not have any problem.
  • JustLiz87JustLiz87 Posts: 1,074 Member
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    Plus, I wanted to add that my game launcher says it is "unable to connect to EA Download Manager." So this forces me to manually patch my game.
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