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  • Re: Favorite Screenshot

    The cutest/saddest thing I've seen so far.


    "Is it..."


    "...is it gone?"

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    You guys, Otto is calling his mothership! LOL!

    "Come here, my friends!"

    *2 mins later*

    "Hey, Uncle Kyle, you wanna look at the stars later on? The skies are clear tonight!"

    "Sure. Just finish eating your dinner. I'll meet you downstairs."

    "What a dumb dumb."

    "Oh, Otto was right about the stars..."

    RIP, Kyle. :D :joy:
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    She just wants to be alone for a minute, all right?


    I never noticed this "Talk to Stranger" interaction before; it's so adorable!


  • Your in-depth ideas to make each Sim more unique!

    Someone started this discussion on the Sim Reddit and I just loved the topic and fully agreed. Sims 4's main weakness is that each Sim tends to act the same due to the emotions overriding the weak traits and the reactions to death, divorce, and other drama is weakly executed. I am just going to start by copying my response from that discussion and ask everybody to lend their specific ideas for ways to make each Sim unique from the other!! Hopefully the gurus will read our multitude of responses to get ideas! Anyway here were my ideas:

    We simply need a pack based on personalities/drama/consequence. I feel something like this could be a game pack and of course a mix of free updates. The perfect free update is allowing for the same amount of traits that Sims 3 did and maybe a couple new and very strong traits such as jealous. "Jealous" is the most noticeable trait in The Sims 4. You literally can't have your partner simply TALK to another sim without the jealous sim getting angry and letting you know. A trait shouldn't just be a random moodlet and boost here and there. This pack could contain reputation system, hobby enthusiasm, attraction system, likes/dislikes, wants/fears, strong reactions to many situations that arise AND reactions based on traits/mood of sim. Use the emotion system to coincide with your sim's traits and then have them react! For example, a hot-headed sim could get really nasty and fight both partner and cheater if they walked in on them Woohooing. Perhaps a "gloomy" sim would have an emotional breakdown of crying and screaming without the rage. I also always thought they should add quirks! The pets get a quirk like being afraid of the TV. I imagine a Sim quirk would be "Snores", "Picks nose" (I feel this should have been included with Parenthood for "Bad Manners" Sims!), "annoying laugh", "rolls eyes constantly" or whatever you can think up . A pack based solely on deep customization of a sim that truly matters would be AMAZING! The Sims 4 is not a lost cause in this department whatsoever. I hated toddlers in the past and now I enjoy them more than children sometimes! This game does so well in a multitude of areas but unfortunately is weakest in what your game should spring from: deeper sims and reaction to the world around them!
  • Re: What do players mean by "gameplay"?

    For me personally the sims 2 as an example has a lot of game play. What I mean by that is the game has a lot of different activities for my sims to do and there is a lot of in-depth game play which to me is vital in a game like the sims. No two sims with different personalities should have the same reaction to say an event. An example being a shy sim should feel uncomfortable and should be visibly shocked if walking by a hot tub and the people inside are naked but an outgoing sim shouldn’t care and should get in without their clothes.

    If I tried to make that scene in the sims 4, the two sims would have the exact same reaction and for me it’s boring. There’s no game play in that. Half the fun of the sims is watching how they react to things and when in the sims 4 the personalities are so dull and bland? It doesn’t make for interesting game play.

    Another major factor that makes good game play for me is depth and not surprisingly an area where the sims 4 falls on its backside. Depth is a staple for me for all the games I play not just the sims. I have to care about my characters (in this case the sims) and the more depth they have the better. Again case in point the sims 2. While I can decide their hair colour, body shape and other physical features the game assigns them their own “natural talent” they decide if they have chemistry and attraction for the Sim I make for them or if they have the hots for the guy/gal next door and while I can steer them away from something I don’t want them doing like maybe harbouring a crush on the guy next door when I really don’t want them too with the sims 2 sims if there’s no attraction there your sims will be quick to show it. My sims 2 sims have memories and I love that a few weeks after a burglar break in they will still be thinking about it, sometimes still getting upset at the memory. I love that relationships aren’t equal and that unrequited love is a thing. That never happens in the sims 4, if your sim has a crush on another sim and they have a relationship bar at 50 the other sims is identical. Dull and unrealistic. Not to mention a huge game play killer for me anyway. Family game play is still the best in that game as sims react appropriately to family events (like cheating), the relationships seem the most natural and believable and they act like a family. None of it’s fake or for show.

    With depth comes consequences and again this for me is probably the sims 4 weakest area because the game warns you of impending doom (assuming you make it that far) I don’t want my Elder sims to get a warning about too much woohoo too quickly or the cowplant too. always give a second chance by spitting the sim out the first time. I’m not the type to go about killing my sims on purpose but if they are doing something dangerous like going into a tomb or repairing an electronic item whilst standing in a puddle of water knowing that there’s a chance of something going wrong makes for some interesting game play. I care if my sim is starving whilst deep in a tomb, i care if it’s day 5 of my apocalypse challenge and my sims are starving and the fridge is facing the wall and can’t be turned round till the new day. I want my sims to survive and I’ve played enough of the previous games to know the game might decide to throw a cat among the pigeons.

    With the sims 4? What danger? What consequence? My Apocalypse challenge sims are happy. All the darn time. I can’t play that challenge in 4 because of that. I love it in the sims 2 but there’s no gameplay in it in 4. All my sims have the same reactions to “bad events”and if they don’t care I have a hard time caring. The sims 4 has a lot of repeated socials and socials that don’t do much or mean anything. Best example is “show photos”exact same animation as “show off selfie”that teens can do. There is a heck of amount of grinding in the sims 4 to me at the expense of game play. Not to mention a lot of repetition, if I had a dollar for every time I have to click away “look for vampire info” I would be a very rich woman. In th previous sims game occasionally my sims get a wish for perhaps a certain career or to try a certain dish if I ignore it and click the wish away the game won’t push it and will most likely never bring it up again. The sims 4is stuck on a loop for all sims to have the same whims irrespective of traits (and sometimes age; children getting whims to buy dishwashers, adult sims with the hates children traits getting whims to buy puppet theatres?! ) it all feeds into game play or lack of. Once you have seen one sim do an interaction there’s not much incentive to watch their sibling do it. Same behaviour, different sim.
  • Re: What is the deal with the "stop stealing" on the gallery?

    Because some people put work into their sims and builds. It is not fair to the creator, plain and simple.

    If I download a female sim, change her daytime outfit from red to black and re-upload it as my own, thats not right. Someone else spent their time, their creativity and their effort into making her, not me. Now, if I take that same sim, change her make-up, her skintone, her hair color, her traits, her name ... that is different. I used my time, my creativity to make her as I needed. Upload her away as she has been changed.

    Same with a build. If I download a restaurant and I just change the color of the seats and upload it. Thats wrong. Someone had their design, their idea, their creativity, their time to build it, name it, hopefully check it to make sure it is working. They should be credited for the time that they spent. If I take that same restaurant, cause I like the look of the outer building shell, gut the inside, change the bricks on the outside and re-build it as to fit my game ... that is different, it is my time that I used, not someone elses.

    It isn't about the sim or the building, it was that persons time. To have someone else take something they made, change one thing ( if that much ) and reload it back as their own tells that person who made it their time meant nothing.

  • Re: Pets and Seasons Renders (Not Official) NEW 1/12/17

    They did it again... Seasons is coming.
  • Re: Pets and Seasons Renders (Not Official) NEW 1/12/17

    Dreagen1 wrote: »
    Kids opening presents on Snowflake Day - Seasons Render ❄️

  • Re: Sims 3 logic vs real life

    A sim visiting your house does something inappropriate or their reputation tanks and you find yourself just not liking them as much as you used to. But...you are a baby and were in your crib the entire time.

    You are using a computer that is in need of upgraded graphics and choose to express your frustration by repeatedly banging your face into the keyboard. As everyone knows, that feels really good and will help immensely.

    Your idea of a tremendously fun afternoon is spending it in a skimpy swimsuit running through the sprinklers in the middle of winter.

    You think that Watching the Stars with your mother/father/son/daughter-in-law is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.
  • Laundry Day Features

    Some of the features in the Laundry Day Stuff Pack

    Slob sims generate clothing piles.

    Cats will jump up on washer/dryer.

    Sims can watch laundry. Spin cycle will make them dizzy.

    When normal sims (non-slobs) change their outfit or shower the clothes are automatically deposited in the hamper.
    No dirty clothing piles. Hamper does not need to be in the same room as the sim. Just needs to be on the lot.
    Hampers can hold about 20 changes of clothes.

    Sims gains a bit of fitness when using the wash tub.
    Not enough to make big muscles.

    Can see wet laundry dripping when move it to the dryer.

    When the clothes stop dripping they are dry.
    Cats can play with the waterdropplets.

    Water in the washtub gets dirty and has to be drained and refilled.

    Over time the state of a laundry pile will change.
    Frum clean, to used, to dirty, to filthy.
    There is a cheat available in options to change the status of a pile of clothing or folded clothing.

    Toddlers can splash in the washtub.

    Kids gain responsibility when doing the laundry.

    Washing machine can overflow. Causing puddles.