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Tiny Living Challenge Idea!!

Maddy-the-PoodleMaddy-the-Poodle Posts: 7 New Member
Hello Simmers!

So, typically as Simmers, we create a Sim or a family of Sims and move into a big, beautiful house. We all do it. Don't lie.

So, I propose a new challenge for ya'll to try. It's called......TINY LIVING CHALLENGE! Yay!

Alright, so on to the rules.

CAS Rules:

1. Traits don't matter but I recommend something to help you along because...

2. You can't have a Career, but you must make money somehow. So, maybe Creative traits to help along a Painter or a Musician.

3. You can make yourself a husband/wife or you try to find one.

4. Cannot make children right off the bat.

5. You can play with the lifespan all you want, normal, short, long, doesn't matter.

House Building Rules:

1. Your house cannot be bigger than a 5x5. It can be smaller if you want to give yourself an extra challenge, but it can not be bigger than a 5x5.

2. You must buy at least one thing from every option, like a fridge from the Kitchen or a bed from the Bedroom. The exception is the Kids option. For example, if you Sort by Room, you have to buy something from each room.

3. The bed must be a big bed. This takes up some room, so be careful. But, no single beds for your first Sim. Plus, when he/she takes a husband or wife, they need to sleep in the same bed. Also, the bed must be accessible from both sides.

4. NO 2ND STORY! Only one story houses.

5. No porches. That'll add extra space, so NO!

6. Decorate anyway you want!

7. You can have a pool.

8. NO EXPANSIONS! It must ALWAYS be a 5x5 house or smaller.

9. Hobbies can be kept outside the house, like easel and violins, because they take up room and for a couple who has multiple hobbies to make money, it's hard to keep it all in the house.


11. I recommend one kid in each generation. My sister is trying it too and she got twins and she says it's so hard because she has to deal with two babies and a wife and husband in the same 5x5. But, if you want to, go ahead.

12. Once you have a child, you can move something out of the house to make room for their bed. For example, when you begin, you should have a dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and some office stuff. When a kid comes along, you can move the kitchen outside and have an outside kitchen or you can move the dining room outside and eat outside all the time. Your choice, but this should make some space.

13. Once kids become young adults, you can make them their OWN 5x5 on the SAME lot. They can't be connected, but must be on the same lot. For example, your 1st generation will have their own 5x5 and their kid and his/her spouse will have their own 5x5.

14. You must raise at least 3 generations on the SAME lot (raising consisting of Baby to Young Adult). Space will be tight so good luck. (Meaning, by the 3rd generation, you should have at least 3 5x5 baby houses.)

15. The challenge is over when the 3rd generation kid gets married OR becomes an adult!

I think that's it. This is just an idea and I'm still play testing it, but I've run into some unique problems, like item placement and Sims being unable to get to stuff. So, let me know if there's any other ideas or suggestions to add on to this, but this is the Basics!

Check out me play testing it on my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/105maddie105

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  • EuphorialQueenEuphorialQueen Posts: 4,262 Member
    edited February 2015
    This could get VERY interesting with more Sims in the household. :)
    Can the Kitchen be outside?
    Would the Outdoor Retreat tent be Ok for kids to use?
    Can you make the 25 spaces (5x5) any shape?
    Interesting concept.
  • kristinepunktumkristinepunktum Posts: 166 Member
    Ooh, this is very intriguing indeed. Uploading a video to my youtube as we speak, I recorded two last night. I love this challenge, it's so different than the other challenges around! Thanks for the rules!

    I'm not entirely sure that I did get one item from each room - from the dining room I bought a lamp. Is that allowed, @Maddy-the-Poodle ? I hope so, haha.

    Anyway, love it and going to play it allll day <3
  • kristinepunktumkristinepunktum Posts: 166 Member
    By the way, @Maddie-the-poodle , do the spouse also have to want the big happy family aspiration when created in CAS? Because I didn't give the husband that aspiration...
  • Maddy-the-PoodleMaddy-the-Poodle Posts: 7 New Member
    @kristinepunktum The spouse does not have to have the same aspiration. Thanks for pointing that out!
  • kiwi84kiwi84 Posts: 878 Member
    This sounds interesting, but I think it will get very crowded ;)
  • ZarrielZarriel Posts: 470 Member
    This sounds like it could be fun. Bookmarked. :)
  • kristinepunktumkristinepunktum Posts: 166 Member
    edited March 2015
    I'm wondering if maybe the house should be expanded to 6x6 or 5x6? Just an idea. Or what you mentioned on your video - that with each child, you are allowed to make an "outside room" (for instance, move your kitchen outside. Right now I have a grill and a patio table and a garden so it looks okay, enclosed in a fence. I love love this challenge and I'm going to complete it. Will report difficulties and suggestions along the way! I'm already on episode 6, haha.

    Also, with outdoor retreat, can the family go on vacation/camping for a few days if they can afford the cheapest cabin so nobody sleeps outside?

    I highly recommend deleting some money before starting your challenge, if you want to make it even harder. I did and it made for some interesting episodes ;)
  • NaralynnNaralynn Posts: 60 Member
    edited March 2015
    I love this idea! I was actually incredibly interested in RL tiny living so this could be fun for me to try out :D
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  • NaralynnNaralynn Posts: 60 Member
    edited March 2015
    I started my house! After everything I was left with $2. Eep!

    Building a Tiny House!
  • EvieMaiye95EvieMaiye95 Posts: 36 Member
    Really good idea, quite different/ unique
  • HeyBailsHeyBails Posts: 672 Member
    This seems like an interesting challenge to try, but I think I'll follow all of your stories first!
  • HeyBailsHeyBails Posts: 672 Member
    This seems like an interesting challenge to try, but I think I'll follow all of your stories first! Once my simself's daughter grows into a young adult, I'll start it with her and her boyfriend. I'm super excited!
  • Juliee101Juliee101 Posts: 470 Member
    This sounds quite cool, bookmarked for possibly a future challenge.
  • HeyBailsHeyBails Posts: 672 Member
    I decided that I'm too excited for this, so I'm starting now. xD
  • MultiapplecatMultiapplecat Posts: 16 New Member
    I like this idea, it sounds different from other challenges. I'll definitely try it out when my game installs :D
  • HeyBailsHeyBails Posts: 672 Member
    I do have a few questions though.

    1. Can the spouse get a job?
    2. Could the children sleep in the parents' bed? I really don't think I have room for a kid's bed anywhere.
  • Maddy-the-PoodleMaddy-the-Poodle Posts: 7 New Member
    Answering Questions! (I'm soo sorry)

    @HeyBails No, the spouse can not get a job. And, 2......hmmm....all these questions are really good! lol ummmm I guess they can. I never really specified it so yeah, I guess.

    @kristinepunktum Of course they go one vacation!

    I'm soooo excited to see so many other people interested!! Yay!!!
  • HeyBailsHeyBails Posts: 672 Member
    Oh no.. Lacey had twins. *panic* :|
  • SavannahSavannah Posts: 174 Member
    This sounds so funny! I think I might try to casual play it and see what happens for a generation and maybe do an actually official version of it based on how it goes :]
  • HeyBailsHeyBails Posts: 672 Member

    This is Lacey. Her aspiration is Big Happy Family. Her traits are Perfectionist, Romantic, and Creative. She just had twin boys whose names are Skyler and Easton. She gardens and crafts things at the woodworking table, and occasionally plays her violin.


    This is Adonis. His aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire. His traits are Family-Oriented, Perfectionist, and Creative. He just paints. All. The. Time. Every once in a while he'll go around the neighborhood looking for precious gems or fossils.
  • SavannahSavannah Posts: 174 Member
    edited March 2015
    I decided to start a fresh game to try this out. I find myself having time throughout the day for short bursts of play rather than more lengthy blocks of time, so I figure it's short and sweet enough to work on whenever I'm not working on my blog story :]



    This is Meredith, she's a painter and that is how she will provide for herself until she finds a partner who can hopefully help contributing to the finances. That's her house that you see in the background, it's small but cute :]


    This is inside of Meredith's tiny house. I was surprised how small 5x5 actually was but once I moved around I thought 'oh hey, not too bad'. Until I realized she's currently alone and that won't stay that way forever xP

    Oh yeah.. I'm broke too haha. Turns out I spent the last money on some plants and whatnot for the outside area so I am now - or Meredith rather - flat broke.


    I plan on making a better introduction for Ms. Meredith here tomorrow sometime and then update in bits and pieces from then on as things progress. I'm pretty excited about this and can't wait to see how everyone else's doing in their games too!
  • SavannahSavannah Posts: 174 Member
    I just realized that I have a question too. Can we use the outdoor furniture to cook with, such as the grill, or is cooking strictly restricted to the kitchen only?
  • HeyBailsHeyBails Posts: 672 Member
    Oh, another question! Are there certain restrictions for Aging Up? Like in the 100 Baby Challenge, you can't age up a baby until it's their birthday, and you can't age up a child or teen until they have an A in school. Is there anything like that for this or do we just have to wait until the game forces the age up?
  • Maddy-the-PoodleMaddy-the-Poodle Posts: 7 New Member
    I'm soo excited to see everyone's story. It looks fantastic and I hope you have a good time with the challenge!

    @HeyBails Aging up is however you like, except maybe child to teen. I understand Baby to Child because babies are a hassle and you wanna see what the kid looks like so you can age up the Baby to a Child, but I would stop after that. Also, good luck with the twins!

    @Savannah Grills can be used and are encouraged. =)
  • Maddy-the-PoodleMaddy-the-Poodle Posts: 7 New Member
    I'm soo excited to see everyone's story. It looks fantastic and I hope you have a good time with the challenge!

    @HeyBails Aging up is however you like, except maybe child to teen. I understand Baby to Child because babies are a hassle and you wanna see what the kid looks like so you can age up the Baby to a Child, but I would stop after that.

    @Savannah Grills
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